DogFriendly | Frequently Asked Questions

DogFriendly | Frequently Asked Questions

Bullet Arrow What is
DogFriendly is a web site designed for responsible dog owners who want to go on holiday and want to take their dog (or dogs!) with them. Once on holiday you will of course want to go out and take your dog with you. As a member of Dog Friendly, you can search for dog friendly hotels, cottages, camping and caravanning sites, pubs, days out and in case of an emergency, you can also search for vets and dog wardens.

Bullet Arrow Why do I have to pay for full membership?
Keeping the databases up to date costs money. Our staff telephone every partner on the site at least once a year to ensure that our records are absolutely accurate.

Bullet Arrow I had full membership now I can't access everything
This is because your membership has expired. To upgrade please login into your account, then click on upgrade.

Bullet Arrow Can I recommend a dog friendly venue?
Yes most definitely. We encourage members to recommend dog friendly venues. Simply email details of your recommendation to:

Bullet Arrow What is the difference between Full Membership and Guest Membership?
Guest membership enables you to search basic details on all of the Dogfriendly databases. If you would like to find out more about each venue, then you will need to upgrade your membership to Full Membership.

Bullet Arrow Can I advertise a dog friendly event on the web site?
Yes we welcome advertisements for dog friendly events on our web site. We do not charge for this service. Please email details of the dog friendly event to:

Bullet Arrow Cannot access the site?
Please make sure that you enter your email address as your username name. If you still have problems please contact dog friendly.