Pongone – Refresh Your Home

We have been using this air freshener product created by a small British Company over the last few months.   And we highly recommend it.

When we find a product that works, we like to shout about it and if possible, get it onto our web shop so that you can try it.  This is definitely one of those products.

Whilst most air fresheners rely on trying to “overpower” a scent and have to be applied again and again… Pongone triggers a reaction that mineralises odoriferous molecules at the source. This means bad odours can be eliminated (not just masked) in a matter of seconds.

Non-Toxic & Pet-Friendly Odour Remover
Having an enjoyable environment shouldn’t have to mean using nasty chemical products or spraying tonnes of “air freshener”. Because Pongone uses a powerful plant-based active ingredient, it’s completely non-toxic and safe to use around the home.

Small Out and About (50ml) and Larger bottles (200ml) available




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Weight 0.3 kg

200ml, 50ml


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