Whistle and Wag Dog Training Reviews

36 Reviews

Cathy Hill, October 2023

A friendly and knowledgeable approach to training your dog from a puppy to adulthood. They are always willing to offer help or give advice.

Alison Goodchild, October 2023

Having just completed the foundation skills course with our puppy, we can highly recommend Whistle & Wag ..Jemma & Nicci, they are both professional, knowledgeable and have made training such fun!

We have all learnt a lot and will continue now on the gun dog training course.

Louise Evers, August 2023

Ecellent systematic training and teaching. Tailored to owner and dog need.

Irene Stewart, August 2023

Amazing and creative dog trainers!

Nicola Kenny, August 2023

Because they work really hard to ensure that clients needs and their dogs needs are met and that every day is a good dog day

Julia Holdcroft, August 2023

They know their business without question. Excellent training

Jenny Clark, August 2023

Great, professional, passionate and knowledgeable team

Ella Reade, August 2023

Knowledgable trainers who will train the dog in front of them using their wide breadth of knowledge in dog training and behaviour.

Tim Matthews, August 2023

Nikki and the team help me so much training, my puppy, Billie during over enthusiastic and slightly stressful times!

Liz Swansborough, August 2023

Welcoming & friendly. Built my confidence so much with my two dogs. Made our time at the classes enjoyable & fun. Always there with help & advise 🐶🐶

michelle rodgers, August 2023

Friendly, responsive trainer (Gemma) works with handler as well as pup/dog. iWorks with realistic expectations and full of praise and passion for what she does.

Cherise Evans, August 2023

Excellent trainers. Wealth of training experience without any belittling. So much respect for all those attending and it is proper training for real world issues rather than just tricks.

Philippa Brathovde, November 2022

Such a great team, made training fun and learnt so much

Pauline Martin, November 2022

Excellent training for unruly lab.

Claire Denyer, November 2022

Amazing training

Hilary Flack, November 2022

Nicci and Jemma always give very sound sensible advice, which is easy to follow.

Julie Vaughan, November 2022

They understand the principles and translate the dog language

Helen Cooper, November 2022

so understanding to the individual needs, also very patient.

Julia Holdcroft, November 2022

Experts in Their field and So friendly

Abby Jelley, November 2022

The ladies are friendly, knowledgeable and have a genuine love for what they do which shines through in every class they teach. Our dogs enjoy the training and the homework, and help sheets they provide are invaluable. Highly recommend these lovely ladies.

Christine Marshall, November 2022

Jemmy, is insightful. Gives great advice on how to take your training forward.

Sarah Barnett, November 2022

Nicci is always my first person to go to for advice. She’s knowledgeable on both diet & training. We now have a happy well behaved puppy.

Carol Marlow, November 2022

Jemma and Nicci both great dog trainers and have such a lovely friendly approach

Zerina Bagwell, November 2022

Jemma is fantastic with dogs and gives very valuable advice.

Robyn Brunning, November 2022

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Always there for advice.

Pauline Morgan, August 2022

They ALWAYS have time for perosonalised, sound advice, no question is overlooked = brilliant team!

Sophie Simmons, August 2022

Jemma was amazing, offered such good advice and training for our dog olive . Cannot thank her enough .

Rachel Whitmore, August 2022

Highly recommend.

Pauline Martin, August 2022

Excellent well qualified trainers with a wealth of first hand experience

Barry Clinch, August 2022

Nikki & Gemma are fantastic and really know there stuff.

Lisa Darby, August 2022

Straightforward easy to understand approach with a good measure of humour and understanding when pups are just being pups. Worlds apart from any other trainer I’ve experienced.

Sarah Barnett, August 2022

Invaluable advice, great training & a happy dog/puppy equals a well behaved pet.

Alison Wareham, August 2022

Delighted with the 1:2:1 session I have helped a lot getting my puppy into great habits and stopping any bad ones from developing- would highly recommend to all dog owners

Lisa Chinnery, August 2022

My 6 year old cocker spaniel had become very nervous and lost all confidence after a situation at home. We went to jemma and Nikki's 8 week course and it was the best thing ever. The first week she didn’t come out from under a chair, by the eighth week she was so very happy and confident a totally different dog. Our walks are an absolute pleasure now, fantastic recall, and obviously I learnt a lot too! I can’t thank them enough.

Loretta Greenacre, August 2022

Brilliant training exercises and advice on nutrition have helped our puppy to become a calm and sociable dog.

Simone Beadle, August 2022

They have given me amazing help and advice with our rescue schnauzer, she is a different dog with so much more confidence and so much less bark!