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Susie Jones, October 2021

Very caring & professional

Helen Davies, October 2021

They are amazing!

Thatcher Sarah, October 2021

Suzy and her team are amazing with my mums dog. Lucy always has a lovely time with them. Suzy sends photos and videos of Lucy out amd about my Mum loves Waggles. I could recommend them highly enough

Shaz Twining, October 2021

Always heard great things about Waggles .. will use them when i need them ..

Deborah Marsh, October 2021

Friendly and caring

Juli e Taylor, October 2021

Excellent well run amazing staff.

Barrett Sylvia, October 2021

Always very helpful.

Rachael Cant, October 2021

Love the work these guys do and true animal lovers with such care for animal welfare, they are my go to people for any advice :)

Tina Ashley, October 2021

Wonderful service and a great Facebook support group

Maggie Luscombe, October 2021

Waggles AKA Suzi , s just so caring and works very hard to make sure all her walky friends are happy and healthy. She prepares boxes to donate to local animal charities and always keeps her walky friend's owners up to date on the day's activities by posting on facebook.

Jennifer Cooper, October 2021

Because they’re fantastic! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Claire Winter, October 2021

Pure love and joy for their job. Great care given.

Deb Rowden, October 2021

An excellent, dedicated & family orientated company.

Natasha Hayes, October 2021

Absolutely 💯 💕 pooch perfect 👌.

Definitely highly recommended.

Sarah stephens, October 2021

Because they are so friendly and helpful and even raise money for charities a real community business

Rebecca Prewer, October 2021

Waggles have helped my boy with his socialisation skills and his adjustment to UK life, after arriving from East Africa. Their dogalised AKA personalised approach in all they do from understanding dogs anxieties, grouping suitable temperaments, stimulation games to lots of cuddles and love mean they deliver the job of dog walking to a whole new level - they are excellent and deliver from the heart. They truly deserve this recognition for their hard work and dedication to helping dogs and dog owners.

Diane Werker, October 2021

An amazing family run business who truly care about dogs and all aspects of their wellbeing.

Kirstie Thorns, October 2021

Waggles is absolutely brilliant, my parents dogs have been walked by them and they love the dogs like they are their own


The community they habe created on Facebook is amazing

Nikita Dixon, October 2021

Suzi is absolutely fantastic and the whole vision and mission of waggles is brilliant. They very much deserve this award

sharon smith, October 2021

they are always on hand for all types of advice very friendly

Susan Smith, October 2021

I know the wonderful caring couple who walk and love every single dog in their care

Amazing walks and huge dedication

They love each and everyone of the dogs who are entrusted to them

Nobody could wish for better care and devotion

Jacqueline Roach, October 2021

They go above and beyond and their love for dogs is beautiful to see.

They have recently donated 2 of their fantastic waggle boxes for me to use as raffle prizes to support the rescue charity I help run. The also support local charities.

They help and support people with their Facebook page giving people the opportunity to share stories and seek advice from one another.

Steve Comley, October 2021

A great dog loving support group.

Alyna Agnew, October 2021

Great local company really caring for the dogs!

Emily Prowse, October 2021

Our dog Woody loves Suzi, Russ and Jess! He gets so excited when he knows it's his walk day!

The dogs are so well cared for and they work hard to cater for the needs and special ways of each dog. We get told when Woody has been picked up and when he's home again followed by pictures and videos of his adventures! As well as the amazing walks/runs Suzi is also helpful at offering advice with anything dog related. We are very lucky to have found them!

Sophia Loxton, October 2021

Because they always go the extra mile

Hayley Lowcock, October 2021

Waggles offer more than dog services….a wonderful support for owners is such a friendly positive way

Barbara Wrigley, October 2021

They try very hard to help…they really do go the extra mile..

Jane Flynn, October 2021

Very friendly, helpful and supportive group.

Jayne Brooking, October 2021

Waggles go above and beyond for all the dogs they care for. Very, very happy dogs.

Waggles also help promote businesses which sell dog related products and on top of all that they help animal charity's.

100 doggy shoe boxes donated at Christmas, amazing!

Sally Comelio, October 2021

Waggles is so much more than a dog walking business. They reach out to their local community and beyond to provide and facilitate support to owners so they can provide the best possible care for their dogs. In addition, their daughter works tremendously hard to gather and deliver gifts to local animal shelters at Christmas time.

Jane Hamlyn, October 2021

So supportive to owners and clients. Run a great dig friendly Facebook page too. Always have the animals welfare at the heart of what they do !

Annette Zaffiro, October 2021

They have worked hard to build a very supportive and informative group on Facebook. Community minded and helps to get other businesses out there. The dog walking business is well supported locally and their waggle boxes are imaginative and full of great fun for dogs.

Jess Davies, October 2021

Yoshi looks forward to his walkies every week with Waggles. A font of doggie knowledge and such lovely people!! Would recommend Waggles to every one with a doggo!

Kamilla Dack, October 2021

They are amazing and not only do they take care of our amazing dogs but they also do so much for the community and their 4 legged friends, including helping at rescue centres.

Jacqueline Annis, October 2021

Such a friendly and knowledgable team. Any niggles or worries I have I know they will listen and try to help me sort things out. Oh, and the dogs just love it when they are with their friends.

Ali Beaman, October 2021

They are reliable, friendly, trustworthy and great value for money.

Kerry Young, October 2021

First time leaving my lab puppy with someone else, and Waggles looked after him better than we could have hoped for! He had such a lovely time, and the whole family adored seeing the photos and videos that followed his walk 🥰x

Judy Whitlock, October 2021

A lovely family business where caring for the dogs they walk is ‘centre stage’.

Jessica Clemence, October 2021

Waggles are a fantastic dog walking service. My cockapoo Rupert absolutely loves it when Suzi comes to the house to pick him up to go and play with his friends. He is always so excited and happy to see her. We get photos and videos after every walk which is lovely to see the dogs playing.

Becki Dixon, October 2021

Suzi, Russ and Jess are all wonderful.

Our puppy was really quite nervous, he was so unsure of a lot of things. Suzi came to visit a few times before he started leaving with them. They really put our minds at ease and we’re so patient with him.

Barney now loves his weekly sessions. He has the time of his life. They love what they do and it really shows.

Louise Hayward, October 2021

The Waggles team are dog-mad! They have had their own dogs for many years and treat every dog as if it’s their own, plus it’s a real family business with their daughter joining them when she’s not at school. The group they have founded is a great place to find advice or just chat about dogs. They have built up their business from nothing and do so much to help others too such as fundraising for local dogs’ homes. They really deserve to be recognised for all their hard work and dedication to all things dog!

Angela George, October 2021

Waggles love the dogs they walk they are very professional, come rain or shine the dogs in their care have the best time

Emma Teagle, October 2021

They are fantastic, they give so much care and attention to my dog while I'm at work, she loves her walks with Waggles. 100% Recommend.

Jenna Stubbs, October 2021

They’re amazing helpful and Hugo has the best times with them!

Tony Brooks, October 2021

They are absolutely wonderful people, and they treat your dog like it was one of their own

Daniel Chew, October 2021

The Waggles team are excellent! The wonderful relationships they have built with each individual dog clear to see.

Lucy Searle, October 2021

Waggles are the best there is!

Leonie Yeoman, October 2021

They are brilliant when walking our dog. They look after her as if she were their own family pet and Gracie loves her Waggles walks!

Sue Graham, October 2021

Waggles are an amazing team. My two dogs adore that team. I know my dogs are in safe hands. The dogs get fantastic walks and are matched perfectly with other dogs for their walks so lots of fun is had! You only have to look at their videos and photos to see the enjoyment the dogs and the team have together.

Amanda Neal, October 2021

Excellent dog walkers very professional service

Rebecca Robinson, October 2021

Our dog Otis has been with Waggles since he was a pup. They love him like their own. He adores going for walks with them all

Kate Fitzhugh, October 2021

Waggles are the BEST - they care passionately for all the dogs. It is the highlight of my dogs day going out with them!

Jade Foale, October 2021

Waggles are just the best! They have had our girl since she was a pup and now she’s 3! She loves her waggles walkies days, knows and waits patiently for there arrival. Waggles don’t just walk our dog they love her and care for her as if she were one of their own. I can ask for advice and they are always happy to help. We love waggles very much! They are just the best!

Sue Brooks, October 2021

Because they are the most loveliest people I know and trust them implicitly with our puppy Toby. They always take great care for his welfare and send great videos and pics of our baby thoroughly enjoying himself under the careful watch of suzi and russ

Carol Handsley, October 2021

Very reliable, friendly, kind dog walkers. Always cheerful and work hard to provide the best care for Noah.

Wouldn’t know what to do without them.

Christopher Harrison, October 2021

Suzi and Russ are amazing. They are passionate, friendly and reliable. Our boy LOVES his time with them!

Stephanie Allen, October 2021

I use waggles for my dogs they love going

Waggles are such lovely people and love your dogs as if they were their own

Charlotte Burdett, October 2021

They are absolutely amazing people. Genuinely kind and lovely and their love for the dogs is immeasurable x

Kim Chew, October 2021

Waggles have walked my dogs Wilbur since he was a puppy. The care and attention they give is fantastic. When they found that Wilbur had eaten chocolate, they took him straight to the vet without a thought to how it would disrupt their plans. They have also accommodated his extra health needs exceptionally well.

Emma Cook, October 2021

Suzi and Russ are absolutely brilliant with the dogs - knowledgeable, caring and professional.

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