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Erica Benton, September 2022

It’s not about money with these guys it’s about helping you get the best for your pet in my case my dog .Sacha and Suzanne are amazingly patient and kind they reassure you and support all your pet needs . My Benji dog loves his visit to his sweetie shop

Chris Elliott, September 2022

Fab service

Chloe Benton, September 2022

Our dog adores going to this shop. The owner is very kind and has become a good friend of my mums just from visiting. Exceptional service.

Megan Doyle, August 2022

They always go above and beyond, catering for the needs and requirements of their customers. In addition, they are welcoming and kind.


Our Somersham Pet Shop is the place to go for pet items and informed advice. Nothing is too much trouble for them

Dave Linford, August 2022

Lovely people.

Joan Young, August 2022

They are simply the best!

Tony Watts, August 2022

Brilliant shop. So friendly. Will go the extra mile everytime. Stocks only the best.

Claire Parker, August 2022

This must be the most friendliest,helpful pet shop ever. They have so much choice of natural chews and toys basically anything you need.our dog absolutely loves going here and is always made a fuss of.

Deborah Brown, August 2022

Always friendly, welcoming, and kind. A great place for fitting harnesses. Excellent range of dog foods and snacks!

Kirsty Merry, August 2022

They are awesome. So friendly and helpful. It's like an Aladdin's cave.

Victoria Alden, August 2022

Always helpful, friendly and able to offer advice.

Bryanne Impey, August 2022

Super dog friendly, and spent extra time look through ingredients and food options when I needed s specialised diet. They definitely went the extra mile to make me and my pet welcome.

Anthony Gouldthorp, August 2022

Fantastic shop lots of variety and they spoil the dogs when they go in.

Claire Kimpton, August 2022

It's lovely having this pet shop in our village the ladies there are so helpful and offer very good advice.

Stephanie Aveiro, August 2022

Friendly staff

eleanor watts, August 2022

There’s no place like it! It’s like Willy Wonkas chocolate factory for pets! Jam packed of treats, toys, beds, collars, leads harnesses!

Every time we go in our dog is treated like royalty, we’ve had the shop shut for us to have a harness fitting, lots of treats being given the whole time! It’s just amazing you can tell how much the ladies love animals 💕

Anna Zadorozna, August 2022

Great shop pet friendly

Sam Dring, August 2022

They go over and behind to help every customer and their fur babies.

My pup freaked at the smell of the shop but it wasn’t a problem as the owner locked up came outside and fitted her harness in the pub car park!!!!

Stacey Smith, August 2022

The shop stocks a large selection of products and the staff in the Village Pet Shop are always very welcoming and super helpful.

Michael Hedley, August 2022

Lovely store and staff. Helped our girl get kitted for a new harness and she loved the experience. We’re happy to let her wander around the store and have a good explore.

Tara Morris, August 2022

The are just wonderful! Visited with my dogs and they were so friendly and so very patient. I have rescues and they took all the time in the world helping us, so that the dogs were really calm and settled. Fab range of treats and very knowledgeable.

Patricia Massey, August 2022

I love going in this shop. They are so friendly and know the names of all their furry customers. Nothing is too much trouble

Andy Smith, August 2022

Both our rescue dogs are very nervous, and the staff were patient, friendly and helpful, and managed to successfully fit them both for Perfect Fit harnesses, so they can be safe and comfy on their walks (and swims!)

Joanne Berrington, August 2022

They provide a brilliant service and are so welcoming

Rachel Linford, August 2022

They are fantastic.

Louise Peroni, August 2022

Amazing team, always so helpful and they have great products. Really go out of their way to provide excellent customer service. All dogs are treated like VIP’s ⭐️🐾

Lucy Gordon, August 2022

Such wonderful and personal service! Nothing is to much trouble. Very friendly to us and our pet.

Eulalie Bryant, August 2022

Great knowledge, so very helpful

Chelsie Blundell, August 2022

We love visiting the village pet shop wonderful, happy and helpful staff fantastic products and dog always loves visiting lots of love and fuss.

Natalie Martin, August 2022

Very friendly staff and very helpful nothing is to much

Colin Robertson, August 2022

Friendly knowledgeable staff, great quality products like harnesses and car seat belts for dogs. They take time to make sure you and the dog are happy and the product is what you want and need. Loads of dog stuff, food, toys, treats and in a lovely little village you can walk round. They even let us test drive a dog harness to make sure it worked for Stanley, our Lancashire Heeler.

Andrew Clutterbuck, October 2021

Friendly knowledgeable staff

Megan Doyle, October 2021

The Village Pet Shop always provide excellent customer service and are happy to help with any questions or queries. They have a plethora of products in store for dogs, cats and small animals. They are friendly and welcoming to both people and pets and will order in products if they are not in stock.

Elizabeth Shaw, October 2021

Friendly, helpful & go the extra mile.

Sue Jones, October 2021

Such a friendly shop, dogs and locals love it

janet brown, October 2021

Sacha is extremely knowledgeable and friendly

Woolhead Yvonne, October 2021

Absolutely brilliant service, so friendly, nothing is too much trouble and the obviously live dogs

Leonie Hatcher, October 2021

Amazing service and treats my pupper like her own and gives lots of fuss and sweeties! Very knowledgeable as well

Gouldthorp Anthony, October 2021

Always fantastic service and great with my dog Clive, full of advice which is lovely.

Siobhan Scott, October 2021

Lovely people

Paula Peck, October 2021

They are part & parcel of the community, fun, friendly & helpful, making them an integral part of our dog friendly village.

Cooper Yvonne, October 2021

Exceedingly helpful.

Tracey Day, October 2021

Warm welcome and amazing service

James Crampton, October 2021

Lovely well stocked little shop with owners that are always helpful if you want advice about a particular product or even a good local dog walk. So much more personal that the bigger chain pet shops.

Richard Fryer, October 2021

Such a lovely place with kind and friendly staff

Rob Ellinor, October 2021

Always friendly and helpful and have a great range of dog food, snacks and toys.

Michelle Seddon, October 2021

The service they provide is like no other. They are super friendly and accommodating

They closed the shop out of hours to fit my puppy’s harness

Pricing is also really good

TANGYE Gail, October 2021

So kind and helpful when I turned up with my newly arrived rescue dog. We left with fully fitted harness and lead, training treats and expect to visit again soon

Sharon Hewison, October 2021

As a trainer and owner of a local Dog Club I recommend this shop to all my clients when looking for harness fittings and leads etc. They are so amazingly patient with dogs and clients, nothing is too much trouble and their range of treats including natural ones is outstanding for a small independent shop. Both ladies knowledge is fantastic and comforting to know that everyone who visits is in safe hands. It's more than a shop it's like a central hub of a community for pet lovers ❤️

Louise Mason, October 2021

Lovely shop with wide selection of products. Lovely friendly staff.

darren jessop, October 2021


Holli Miller, October 2021

The village pet shop has helped me in and my dog so much. They also donated goods to the charity where my dog came from so that many dogs gets a present this Christmas

Julia Henderson, October 2021

Having a partially sighted dog they couldn’t be more helpful stayed open late fitted brilliant harness of which I have recommended to so many people and thank you very much again

Kristie Wilson, October 2021

We buy our raw food from The Village Pet Shop, not only are they the only stockist in the area which cater to our dogs needs, but they also go above and beyond to tailor and make up special orders for us!

The owners are super friendly and have helped fit harnesses and given advice on products! Would recommend to anyone!

Lin Finn, October 2021

The owners are so friendly, very knowledgeable & really care for the animals. They are always ready to give you friendly, helpful advise x

Sheena Fisher, October 2021

Nothing is ever to much trouble for the owner with dog help and advice.

Rebecca Dodds, October 2021

Really helpful staff , got a harness for my puppy which was fitted perfectly,

Maureen Murfin, September 2021

Very friendly and proactive in promoting care for dogs.

Francesca Wort, September 2021

Sacha and all the other lovely people that work for the village pet shop are wonderful, the most dog friendly place we have ever been to. Our boy Juno loves it in there.

Tracey Flack, September 2021

Always friendly and helpful. Helped me when I found a list dog. Took the dog and helped find the owner👍

Vanessa White, September 2021

Friendly personal service every time you go in. My dog tries to get through the door every time we walk past!

Angela Nixon, September 2021

Amazing friendly customer care service. Nothing is too much trouble. If u need something which they haven’t got which is rare as they are jammed pack with goodies they will find it for you from somewhere else and get it for you. They are a joy to visit and make your pet dog so welcome and special too.

Nikki McEnaney, September 2021

After hearing so many amazing things about this shop, we decided to pay them a visit with our noisy, bouncy schnauzer puppy. The owner was amazing, she measured him for a perfect fit harness, she gave him treats to keep him calm and interested and no amount of jiggly about or barking fazed them. the raw feed they have in store blew us away....we bought loads of pig snouts, rabbit ears etc., to take with us on holiday and I seriously now wouldn't go anywhere else...The shop is clean and the warm, friendly atmosphere you receive when entering fills you with complete confidence...It takes a lot to earn my loyalty and this shop cracked it after the first visit.....This is why I honestly feel they deserve this award.....

Joey Bird, September 2021

The best staff and love dogs

Run by mother and daughter

Dorothy Siggs, September 2021

They always go the extra mile to get what you want and your dog is guaranteed to be spoilt. Lovely owners

Tim Barber, September 2021

So friendly and helpful. Will always go out of their way to help, even offering out of hours visits with nervous pets to shop with ease. Wonderful!

Simon Jones, September 2021

Friendly, well stocked and organised a collection of dog bits to take on my last trip to volunteer at a shelter in Crete

Shannon Wilkin, September 2021

So friendly and helpful but also a great sense of community.

Paul Lewis, September 2021

Very helpful and friendly shop

Clara Boothroyd, September 2021

Our 11.5 yr old staffer has the bounce any energy of any young pup, and that is down to the quality of food and treats we have purchased from here since we moved her over 7 years ago. She LOVES her visits to the shop for treats and cuddles. Sacha even walked her with her pooches when we had to isolate through Covid. Really would recommend TVP Somersham!

Kimberley Carter, September 2021

Always so helpful and friendly

Iris Bell, September 2021

Always a queue of owners with their dogs

Anna Chivers, September 2021

Friendly local

Melissa Loughran, September 2021

It has so muchvariety at reasonable prices.

Sharon Mason, September 2021

Such a friendly, knowledgeable owner of the pet shop. Popped in for advice on food, treats and harnesses for our new fur baby arrival and nothing was too much trouble. Offered a service of ordering food on a regular basis so it is always ready and available. Also offered a harness fitting out of hours so can have a one on one service. Truly an amazing pet shop and wonderful staff!!

Stephen Hawkins, September 2021

Amazing and friendly service plus a wide range of goods for your pets

Felicity Ash, September 2021

So friendly, helpful, nothing is too much trouble for them.

Maggie Shopland, September 2021

Huge selection of everything dog related- friendly service goes above and beyond to find what you want always very welcoming huge selection of natural food - if you want itthey will try and get it - love it

John Morris, September 2021

Excellent friendly service with knowledge we needed about the product. Will definitely be our go-to pet shop.

Marianne Brock, September 2021

The ladies are so helpful and friendly and always love to see the dogs.

Tasha Matthews, September 2021

Wonderful small buisness

Kerry Fielder, September 2021

Very friendly , very good with dogs , always such a lovely atmosphere

Louise Peroni, September 2021

Brilliant service, so friendly and knowledgeable!

Lesley Young, September 2021

This shop is so helpful and always friendly and welcoming to owners and pets alike. Sasha come and did a home fitting for our puppy bringing lots of harnesses for her to try in her own environment. They really deserve this great stock and customer service for a small shop

Cathy Fletcher, September 2021

I feel quality if I go to The Village Pet shop without my dog, they absolutely adore all their furry customers. So well stocked, always helpful and friendly, nothing is too much trouble for them. Have a healthy, natural and very extensive treat and chew range for all sizes of dogs. Highly recommend (as I always am to my friends). Just amazing!!

Diana Cann, September 2021

My dogs love this treasure trove. It has an extensive range of pet foods and accessories. They stock my dogs’ frozen raw food and put aside my order for collection each month, such friendly owners — nothing is too much trouble for them.

Susan Mills, September 2021

Excellent dog friendly service it’s like a sweet shop for dogs

Lydia Dench, September 2021

The ladies are so helpful and friendly. They don’t just pay full attention to every customer but to every pet too. We travel out of our way, time and again to shop with them. They deserve every success.

Josephine Brown, September 2021

Best pet shop ever!!!

Louise Ebers, September 2021

Great selections in the shop. Super friendly, super helpful service-nothing is too much trouble

Rebecca French, September 2021

I cannot recommend The Village Pet Shop highly enough for all they do. They are just so fantastic, they are friendly, informative and helpful while never influencing a decision or purchase. My favourite shop, Sue and Sacha are the best!

Susan Durman, September 2021

Always there to give helpful friendly advise.

David Straughan, September 2021

Super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.. can always spare time to answer questions, help with ordering and give great advice even if it’s letting you know you may need to go elsewhere. Awesome team

Andrew Blackhurst, September 2021

Fantastic range of pet supplies and super helpful staff

C Inman, September 2021

So friendly to owners and pets and have lots of knowledge

Clare Edgar, September 2021

Always a warm welcome from Sacha, to both dog and owner.. the treats help too.

Ian Holmes, September 2021

Fantastic staff that really helped us with their knowledge and advice. Great selection of food, treats and toys.

Beth Daniel, September 2021

They are the most dog friendly shop I’ve ever been too - they even allowed us in out of hours so our anxious dog could visit.

Jane Cozens, September 2021

Friendly, personalised service and nothing is ever too much trouble. During the pandemic when we couldn't get out to the pet shop, they delivered our dog food order to our doorstep.

Olivia Watson, September 2021

Always so helpful & lovely! My puppy loves it here!

Dawn Flack, September 2021

They are so friendly and cannot do enough to help you & are very knowledgeable

Gill Meningen, September 2021

There's always a bowl of water out for your dog and you can take them into the shop to choose

Carolyn Roe, September 2021

Always good advise given on all sorts of problems/ questions

A lovely shop to look round to see the latest toys available for my dog

Katherine Quinton, September 2021

Spent so much time with my dog ensuring that he couldn’t Houdini out of his new harness. Sized to perfection and put my dog at ease

Debbie Rawding, September 2021

Great service and friendly.

Chloe beer, September 2021

Lovely shop with knowledgeable staff

Cheryl Pomfret, September 2021

Recently had to get a new dog harness. This shop created one made to measure. Couldn’t have been more helpful! Great with the grandkids too!

Bryanne Impey, September 2021

It’s a wonderful welcoming environment, as soon as the dogs realise that’s where we’re going there’s no stoping them. Staff are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond to help and advise

Clare Elliott, September 2021

Every dog is made to feel special!

Sharon Button, September 2021

Always friendly & polite and great knowledge of products.

Ruth Moor, September 2021

Always welcoming and friendly. Have a wide range of high quality products. Provided a great service all over lockdowns. Will often contact me personally if they think I am running low on food for my dogs. Have gone out of their way to offer home delivery free of charge on odd occasion I can't get to them. They just offer the best customer service I have ever had. An amazing little local pet shop.

Trisha Wiggins-Browne, September 2021

Extremely friendly and welcoming to everyone whether on four legs or two !

Michele Wallace, September 2021

Fitted my puppy with a harness simply by running hands over her. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Veronica Tye, September 2021

Very impressed with the service

Tam Marshall-Watts, September 2021

Knowledgeable, friendly, happy team! Really welcoming with great advice and a beautifully well stocked shop.

Den Bainbridge, September 2021

Such lovely owners, greet every dog by name and super helpful.

Kim Latimer, September 2021

So friendly and helpful

Sarah Briggs, September 2021

Always friendly and helpful. Great harness fitting advice and a great range of products

My cockerpoo loves visiting here

Judy Notarnicola, September 2021

Such lovely owners who would go out of their way to make you feel welcome & help you find exactly want you are looking for. Their shop is packed with all you should need but if not an order is placed immediately

Such super stars

Jacky Marsden, September 2021

So helpful and so friendly, Millie is made very welcome.

Kathryn Hales, September 2021

The staff are just fantastic, always have time to help you with fittings and suggestions for leads, coats, collars etc - you can try them out and go for a walk, just to make sure they are the right fit for your fur-baby. Lots of variety for snacks and food, just a great place to shop for quality and fare pricing. We love going their for the individuality of products and availability.

Nikki Mcenaney, September 2021

Used this shop several times since getting our puppy, staff are amazingly friendly and will do everything possible to help and support your needs.

Kyle Christie, September 2021

Excellent local business who have both a great range of products and more importantly caring staff who are always happy to help

Anne Ephgrave, September 2021

Always so helpful and friendly. Greets our dog by name and he loves visiting. Great advice given too.

Laura Jo Harrison, September 2021

Very friendly, helpful shop

Alison Ralph, September 2021

Always friendly and so helpful

Fiona Shatwell, September 2021

Always so helpful

Cheryl Grant, September 2021

So friendly and helpful. Also a local cat waits by the door everyday (after crossing a few roads) to spend his day meeting people in this lovely little village pet shop.

Tiffany Evans, September 2021

A fab small family run business. , nothing is too much trouble.

Louise Mason, September 2021

Lovely shop. Staff warm & friendly, also very helpful. For such a small shop it stocks a wide range of reasonably priced products.

Vicky Gardner, September 2021

Excellent customer service.

Nurturing and knowledgeable staff

Great selection of quality products

Chelsie Blundell, September 2021

Wonderful shop fabulous products from big brand to small business brands and the most friendly staff always happy and go above and beyond for their customers.

Lynn Gordon, September 2021

Because nothing is to much they help so much and always make time

Janet McGlade, September 2021

Lovely, helpful and friendly ladies. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

My dog loves visiting just for a fuss every time we walk past.

Sarah Milne, September 2021

Amazing service and super dog friendly- Teddy loves going for treats and cuddles!

Lorna Blackhurst, September 2021

They are unfailingly friendly, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with.

Erica Benton, September 2021

Such friendly and helpful people own this shop. Always on hand for advice and you and your dog are always given such a warm welcome. Can recommend them highly enough. Great people, fantastic shop and amazing advice

Gill Hughes, September 2021

They are very friendly and helpful if I go there on my own or with the dogs. Great advice too for me being a first time dog owner. The dogs always get made a fuss if and get treats. Water bowl for dogs outside shop too

Vicky Biggs, September 2021

They go above and beyond to help everyone ❤️

Sara White, September 2021

They are brilliant and know their stuff. The patience they had when fitting my rescue dog with a harness was incredible!!

Frances Dmith, September 2021

Lovely friendly village pet shop who are very knowledgeable and always happy to help.

Kay Palmer, September 2021

They have a wonderful range of dog and cat products. Absolutely nothing is too much trouble they will go to any lengths to help you and always makes you and your dogs feel so welcome.

Roberta Gibbs, September 2021

Such lovley staff cannot do enough to help and when my order was delayed they sent a box of treats for my two dogs free of charge to my house such a lovely gesture great customer service

trudy Hooks, September 2021

Always go that extra mile to make the customers happy. Including home deliveries during COVID a lockdown.

Lisa McConville, September 2021

This is a fantastic local business who always have time and knowledge for everyone especially our four legged friends. My dog literally crosses the road to get to this place :) x

Abi Nightingale, September 2021

They are very friendly and helpful when asking for advice. I take my dog in there and he is allowed treats. Their natural dog treats are a good price and have a wide variety.

Holly Gibbons, September 2021

Also so friendly and helpful, nothing is too much

Kailea Cotton, September 2021

Always helpful, friendly and go above & beyond!

Erin Bellamy, September 2021

Exceptional staff and service, so knowledgeable and brilliant with the dogs

Elaine Stevenson, September 2021

Went way beyond other stores in searching for a particular toy I wanted. Friendly, great selection of toys and other pet. Requirements

Bethany Smart, September 2021

Fantastic little village shop where nothing is too much to ask 🥰

Niamh Clark, September 2021

Always amazing service here. They do harness fittings which was amazing for my odd shaped spaniel. They also let him try different chews when I was looking for new enrichment. They have a great selection of stock for dogs and cats. Definitely my go to shop ☺️

Agnieszka Sokol, September 2021

Absolutely lovely place. Owner and staff very friendly. My Lucky always welcomed and spoiled.

Lynda Fisher, September 2021

Run by lovely friendly people always willing to help. Happy to make a home delivery when I couldn’t get to them. The shop has an amazing range of pet foods , treats and everything your pet could ever need.

Deb payne, September 2021

When the dogs of the village know the route to the pet shop you know its good!

Julie Swallow, September 2021

They always do their most to help, with nutrition advice, harness fittings buying products and treats. They are always pleased to see you…but more importantly they are thrilled to see your dog!

Marie Burton, September 2021

They are so friendly, have fantastic products and always spoil the boys when we go in. They remember everyone’s name and you really get a personal service. It’s my boys favourite place to go. They drag me down the street once they realise where they are

Sharon Hewison, September 2021

They provide such a personal knowledgeable service. Nothing is too much trouble. Dogs for fittings are handled with care and attention and for anxious ones out of hours fittings are carried out to ensure the dogs welfare is put first. A huge variety of toys, food and accessories for different animal varieties. I promote this pet shop for our Dog Club Members to go to and they always come back saying how much they love it.

Nicola Jennings, September 2021

Lovely ladies who go above and beyond to help keep our dogs fit, healthy and happy.

Stayed open during Covid lockdowns at risk to themselves to support the local community.

Lauren Annies, September 2021

Always so welcoming and get to know all their customers both 2 legged and 4! very helpful, very knowledgeable and supportive, especially during the pandemic. We would be lost without them.

Sacha Rayner, September 2021

The Village Pet Shop, Somersham

Tony Watts, September 2021

Always amazing with all animals. So knowledgeable about pets. Personal service. Pet friendly. Goes beyond.

Lesley Young, October 2020

Always helpful great range of items and very pet friendly.

Simon Jones, October 2020

The shop supported my volunteering trip to dog rescue in Crete with donations and a collection point for the village to help.

Madeline O’Rourke, October 2020

Friendly service, great variation of stock and my dog always comes away with a cuddle and a treat.

Angela Nixon, October 2020

Brilliantl. So welcoming to owners and animals alike. Well stocked with everything you would need from treats to workers etc. Can weigh your dog. Nothing too much trouble. Wonderful customer service. They will research your requirements and obtain if they don’t already have it. Help load your car. Can’t praise them enough.

Janet Brown, October 2020

Friendly and amazing service

Sarah Landon, October 2020

Incredible service, really friendly and helpful staff, lots of amazing products and your pet (and you) are given such a lovely warm welcome - nothing is too much trouble! Our Bulldog pup ‘Beryl’ is a massive fan!!! x

Cathy Fletcher, October 2020

Always friendly, extremely helpful and they love ALL the dogs that shop there.

Barry Keeble, October 2020

The staff genuinely love every animal that comes through their door, the customer service and free treats for dogs show how much they care, they really do go the extra mile here and can not rate them high enough, totally deserve this award

Susan Mills, October 2020

Kind friendly family run business. Dogs are spoilt with lovely treats when visiting.

Agnieszka Aniol-Motak, October 2020

Healthy dog food, wide variety to choose from, always helpful and friendly staff, we love to go there. The best pet shop!!!

Emma Strong, October 2020

No other shop comes close to the passion for dogs in this shop

Scott Cowdrey, October 2020

Most amazing and loving shop ever !!!!

Paige Clark, October 2020

They are fantastically friendly and are great with advice and support! They are well priced and very well stocked!

Alison Ralph, October 2020

So friendly and always helpful my dogs love going in x

Dorothy Siggs, October 2020

They have all you need for your pet and are so friendly and helpful. Small but perfect!

Judy Notarnicola, October 2020

Shop is bright & inviting with everything that's needed with friendly staff who go out their way to help you

Kirsty Meadows, October 2020

They have a fantastic range of products and always sooooo friendly and helpful

Clare Harper, October 2020

Friendly. Knowledgeable. Always willing to help. All the dogs in the village love it and drag the owners in. Managing to provide excellent service even in these troubled times.

Tom Burton, October 2020

Extremely welcoming and friendly staff. Visited after receiving a voucher from crufts and they were the only place in the area that stocked it. Used to shop at pets at home. Haven’t been there since our first visit here! Won’t use any other pet shop despite being a 20 min drive away! These guys deserve to win for sure!!

Rachel Waterworth, October 2020

They have an amazing selection of toys, treats, food and accessories for lots of different pets. The staff are always welcoming and helpful. It's such a lovely experience to visit the shop.

Nickola Hulme, October 2020

The most helpful and well stocked pet shop I have ever been too. Nothing to much trouble.

Ollie Tregunno, October 2020

They care about each dog (and owner) that walk through their door wether they be a long time or first time customer. Ive seen dog get excited just walking past the shop front in the hopes of going in. Customers come from near and far and nothing is too much hassle, big or small. They have a great wealth of knowledge and an always growing range of products and are happy to work with the owner to determine the best product for their pet. You never feel pushed into a product and are always happy to research or purchase products at owners request. The village has a lot of dog owners and we are all greatful to have such a welcoming, friendly, loving pet shop to boost about.

Sue Tyson, October 2020

Well deserved for being so helpful especially during Lockdown months .

Nothing was too much trouble .

Helpful advice and friendly service

Alex Challinor, October 2020

Friendly staff, excellent service and great selection even for the fussiest of pets!

Diana Cann, October 2020

Friendly, personal service by dedicated pet lovers. An Aladdin’s cave for my dogs!

Holly Gibbons, October 2020

Always warm friendly welcome and always happy to help

Darren Wailes, October 2020

Nothing is to much for these guys they are proactive in the recent dog theft awareness and helping people with their pooch related issues superb!

Hannah French, October 2020

The most friendly mother and daughter run this shop. Always happy to see you and the puppy, offer free services, harness fittings, readjustments etc. Have endless advice on knowledge on their products and never fail to help. Dogs always get a treat when there (with owners permission) and have been amazing in lockdown, delivering to those who can’t get out. Definitely deserve this award

Dawn Flack, October 2020

Great friendly service and dogs are made to feel very important in the shop which caters for all their needs

Andy Smith, October 2020

Really helpful and friendly for our dog and cat needs, and we love seeing all the other pets that come to visit, via their social media posts.

Mark Turner, October 2020

Always have time for you. Will deliver if you are in isolation. Carry heavy bags to car. Always have smiles and amazing amount of stock in a small shop.

Nina Lucking, October 2020

They are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, have a fantastic range of stock and clearly LOVE dogs and what they do. Really personal experience every time. Can’t rate highly enough.

Paul Dunbar, September 2020

Very friendly and helpful staff, they genuinely love the dog customers, giving them a lot of attention, remembering their names!

The staff are also very knowledgeable and always make time to give advice when needed.

In summary the customer service and friendliness is outstanding, always making visits here a real pleasure.

They also have a birthday scheme whereby dogs will receive a little gift on their birthday.

Erica Benton, September 2020

Superb service really friendly helpful and you are made to feel welcome . We are new dog owners they have helped us with all our dogs needs along with honest advice they never oversell either . Our dog really loves Sascha one of the owners she always has time for a cuddle with him and gives him a treat. Wish all shops cared as much about their customers as they do. Great family business

Shellie Wilson, September 2020

It does exactly what it says on the tin! A welcoming little shop in the heart of somersham. It’s like going down the local for a chin wag and a pint! Except they don’t serve beer... :-)

Jane Cozens, September 2020

The Village Pet Shop offers excellent and friendly customer service. They kindly delivered our weekly frozen dog food order on several occasions during the C19 lockdown when we were unable to collect it. Nothing is too much trouble for them, we are lucky to have such a wonderful pet shop in Somersham.

susan o'toole, September 2020

Always very friendly, extremely helpful and good knowledge of products .

Felicity Livingstone, September 2020

Amazing staff!

Sue Millard, September 2020

Love my local pet shop, owners & their staff very friendly and helpful when taking my pooch in for treats & her food. Excellent advice and always a treat to please my dog.

Mark and georgina Frogley, September 2020

Very helpful and friendly,

catrina Ford-asprey, September 2020

Kind friendly helpful, went over and above during lockdown to look after locals

Stacey Roe, September 2020

Amazing independent pet store, always super helpful with anything you need, full of knowledge and fabulous customer service, wouldn't recommend anywhere else.

Margaret Cross, September 2020

All pets whatever their size, shape, are always made welcome as well as their owners, Great delivery service during Covid 19 lockdown for those unable to go out for their pets requirements. Always helpful - nothing is too much trouble and for a small shop the variety of goods available is second to none.

Tracey Horne, September 2020

Always friendly, helpful and going out of their way to assist.

Amy Moore, September 2020

The Village Pet Shop are such a friendly shop and my pup loves to go in to see Sasha for lots of fuss and treats! So lovely to have such a fantastic local family run business so close by.

Julie Swallow, September 2020

They are always welcoming and pleased to see you and your dogs wether you are shopping it just popping in to say hello! They are knowledgeable about their products and helpful making suitable recommendations based on what you need. I do dog training and hydrotherapy and recommend them to my clients all the time.

Dee Abrahams, September 2020

So very friendly and always go out of there way to accommodate you.

Andrea Harrison, September 2020

Very friendly and knowledgeable, will go out of their way to help you find what you need. Above all very dog friendly!!

Julie Burrows, September 2020

always very helpful on every visit. Customer service at its best, plus Murphy loves to visit too

Cheryl Grant, September 2020

Lovely friendly pet shop in a small village

Charlotte Tregunno, September 2020

Amazing service and always friendly and helpful! If they don’t have anything in will order in and always go the extra mile to help!

Emma Cannon, September 2020

They are most friendliest and accommodating pet shop I’ve known. They go out of their way to help with full knowledge and advice.

Cary Hooks, September 2020

Amazing family run business with a huge range of products. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Carl Asprey, September 2020

The Village pet shop has everything you need family run business with amazing people great knowledge on pets and if they don't know they will help you find the information you are looking for

5 star customer/Dog service

My Dogs love them x

Helen Sherwood, September 2020

Very friendly, individual service. Dogs welcomed into the shop and fussed over

maisie dean, September 2020

We absolutely LOVE this pet shop. Our dog gabriel always wants to go in there and the staff are so friendly too. They helped us choose our dogs first harness, they have a great rewards scheme and so many affordable tasty treats. They truly love all animals who come in.

Kirsty Merry, September 2020

Customer service is second to none. All the dogs love going in there as they get loads of fuss

Frances Sewell, September 2020

Always very welcoming and knowledgeable

Gail Ison, September 2020

Really friendly, helpful staff . Every pet is made a fuss off , nothing is too much trouble.

Jasmine Colton, September 2020

Great shop and even better staff!

Ella Jeakins, September 2020

They helped me fit a blue and pink perfect fit harness. My older girl has started to get lumps and they was so kind towards her

Kailea Cotton, September 2020

Completely and utterly dog friendly shop and owners absolutely love seeing all their customers with paws

Rebecca French, September 2020

They are LITERALLY THE BEST!!! Nothing is too much or too small, I can go in and make sure that all my dogs needs are catered for. They are friendly and helpful at all points, even during Covid. I couldn’t recommend the village pet shop more. They know my dog inside out and recommend different products as well as point ime in a different direction of a product is not suited.

Love them ?


Eve Hulme, September 2020

They have been exceptional with helping my springer spaniel Murphy get everything he needs, and they always give him lots of treats which I’m sure he enjoys!

Lauren Annies, September 2020

Amazing staff, and great variety of stock. Fabulous customer service always and especially during the pandeminc. A joy to visit!

vicky thompson, September 2020

such a great dog friendly service, really make a fuss of your dog when you take them in, lovely staff

Nicola Williams, September 2020

So friendly and helpful. I tested out the harnesses before choosing what to buy and they practically have pic n mix for dogs in Terms of goodies

claire kimpton, September 2020

my dog loves going to the pet shop its like his sweet shop and the staff in there are so friendly and helpful and love having the petshop in our village they totally deserve our vote

Annabelle Dunbar, September 2020

We always have the best service here, Rufus our dog gets so so much fuss and we’re always given a nice welcoming too!

Very friendly shop owners and are always there to give advice on what’s best for your dog should you need it, from food to harnesses! Rufus’s favourite shop by far!

Katie Ixer, September 2020

The staff are super helpful and friendly, the dogs are always spoilt and even get birthday presents!

Terrie Wilmott, September 2020

The owner is very knowledgable and friendly. They take time talk and make sure you are purchasing the correct items

Aga Sokol, September 2020

My lab is always welcome in the shop. There is always a bowl with water and lovely treats. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Lovely village shop.

Lori Wilson, September 2020

They are so friendly and accomodating. All staff know what they are talking about and are happy to help you.

Abi Neave, September 2020

Very friendly staff and great customer service! The staff knowledge about what’s best for your dog is outstanding & they’re always happy for you to try on/taste anything! My dogs love the special treat they get when they arrive! Definitely recommend this pet shop

Leisha Green, September 2020

A fantastic small family run business who are always willing to help and so appreciative of their customers. Been shopping here for years and won’t shop in any other pet shop. Good luck girls!

Chloe Burke, September 2020

I took my 6 month old dog to the pet shop for a harness fitting, lovely staff and made us feel very welcome. My dog loved in there and decided to make himself comfortable and laid down for a nap .

Stephanie Prior, September 2020

The Villlage Pet Shop are an amazing local amenity. Nothing is too much trouble for them and if they don't have something in stock they will order it in for you. My pup loves going into see them and always get spoilt with some treats. It's always a pleasure going in to see them!

Marie Burton, September 2020

They are the best. So friendly and have the best stock. The boys love going as they get spoilt when they go in with treats and cuddles.

Liz Reid, September 2020

The Village Pet Shop is just fantastic! Amazing stock and items, with a super range of natural foods. It’s a joy to visit and always greeted so warmly. My little red Dachshund loves visiting and is especially grateful for the treats given to her by Suzanne. Outstanding personal service and a wonderful, caring local independent shop, run with such care. A terrific gem and asset for Somersham and the local area! Thank you for all you do!

Maggie Shopland, September 2020

Very helpful and friendly has a huge range of everything for pets - amazing !

Hilary Watts, September 2020

So friendly+helpful for us humans + an Aladdins cave for our dogs! Suzanne + her daughter have worked tirelessly during the lock down to help owners keep all their pets needs met. It's a great little shop!

Nicola Jennings, September 2020

Amazing ladies. Always there to offer advice with their extensive knowledge. Their love of all animals shines through.

Only problem with COVID is we can’t hang around and chat for longer due to them keeping us all safe during this testing time. Dogs still get a treat though. It’s like an old fashioned sweetie shop for dogs!

Gillian Foster-Cooley, September 2020


Clara Boothroyd, September 2020

Our dogs fav shop. She loves her weekend visit, cuddles and treats. They care for pets through selling only healthy, nutritious food. Our girls is 10, and still full of puppy power and I firmly believe it is because has never known food from elsewhere since we moved to Somersham 6 years ago.

jeannette rowden, September 2020

Always friendly, always helpful and knowledgeable. They truly love dogs, wouldn't go anywhere else.

Sue Cornwell, September 2020

So helpful every day x

Frances Smith, September 2020

They are always friendly and helpful

Sarah Milne, September 2020

Super friendly service. Go out of their way to help, above and beyond. Nothing is too much trouble. Great with Teddy

Isabel Daniels, September 2020

They obviously love dogs and are very welcoming and helpful

Lisa Wakelin, September 2020

Ever so friendly and helpfulto dogs and humans

Rachael Daniels, September 2020

Wonderful staff and an incredible range of treats.

Martin Cannon, September 2020

They are always very interested in your dogs even when they are not with you.

Sam Appleton, September 2020

Fantastic local family run shop .