The Ipswich Dog Trainer Reviews

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Carolyn Shelley, October 2023

They have made such a difference to our little dog. Thanks Guys.

Charlotte Smith, October 2023

Fantastic dog trainer, wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Mayhew Amanda, October 2023

Because she's am amazing dog trainer and person.

Toyah Angell, September 2023

Can’t describe enough the effort and hard work Leanne puts in day in and day out.

Her care for each and every dogs needs is heart warming.

Jo Withey, September 2023

Leanne and the rest of the Ipswich Dog Trainer team have been fabulous with our dogs. We had three rescue spaniels, and Leanne was amazing helping us to integrate the third and unpick his issues. Sadly we lost him after eleven months but we still see Leanne and the team at the regular socialisation walks and wouldn't hesitate to enlist Thier help with any of our dogs in the future. An amazing team who all have the best interests of the dogs as a priority and have so much experience helping people to understand the needs of their dogs.

Sadie Kempster, September 2023

Amazing company and know what they are taking about and helped with Getting my nervous puppy confident again thank you

Tracie White, September 2023

Amazing team who work tirelessly.

Jade Symonds, September 2023

Had 6 months worth of training from the Ipswich dog trainer and we now understand our dog so much more which in turn has led to much improved behaviour. Our dog is now much more confident, happy and content with great skills. We worked on nutrition, confidence, reactivity, understanding behaviours and much more! If you need a dog trainer these are the people to go too!

Richard Kingdon, September 2023

I'm a retired senior training assessor and I've been on a few of Leanne's training courses, she points out all the positives that you and your dog are learning. Always has time to discuss any issues you might have with your dog, she's an all round very nice person and certainly knows what she's on about. If I was doing an assessment on her training I doubt I could find fault.

Hollie Podd, August 2023

Brilliant trainer, so much love for the dogs, helpful, positive and so friendly.

Margaret Baxter, August 2023

I am so grateful David has helped my 5 month old Maltese and my senior old dog has shown interest watching pups training.This is just what I needed as coming to my house is so much better for me.As transport is a problem.Also good value for money .

Lara Lucas, August 2023

Brilliant trainer who really knows her stuff and goes the extra mile to help

Donna Osborne, August 2023

Both Leanne and zee worked wonders with Derek our Labrador retriever puppy. They gave us clear information and tools on how to carry on with his training ourselves.

Yvonne Dixon, August 2023

Great advice and training for my puppy in the pandemic

Gemma Gill, August 2023

Friendly and able to give lots of helpful advice.

Katherine Eagle, August 2023

Learned and team have helped me to have a calm controlled dog, through their calm and constructive training

John Randall, August 2023

Because Leanne delivered my Puppy Training for our Frenchie Mr Frank, she was amazing as were her colleague, I have learned so much!

Kay Maisey, August 2023

Patient, friendly and very professional.

Colin Benham, August 2023

I love the fact they are fully force free. Being an unregulated industry means anyone can be a dog trainer but Leanne, David and Zee are happy to show their qualifications.

Karen Read, August 2023

Leanne takes a very personalised approach to dog training

Sharon Hume, August 2023

I worked with Leanne for 2 years with my rescue dog who had not been properly socialised. .. Suki has come a long way in that time!

Sam Ellingham, August 2023

Excellent dog trainers

Denise Hedges, August 2023

The ipswich dog trainer is so good at her job. Went to her classes for dog training and she was knowledgeable of many things. She is such a natural. Keep up the good work.

Louise Baldry, August 2023

Very knowledgeable leading to fun, positive, training sessions where both dog & owner feel relaxed & learn lots! Classes are an excellent size so all can be kept an eye on for any help during the session.

Cheryl Chandler, August 2023

They were exceptionally knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I can’t fault them! The two training courses me and my dog completed were affordable and effective. I still use the training I was taught today.

alan Speed, August 2023

Very friendly and very professional trainers, always have time to talk about dog issues and always gives great advice. Their experience shines through.

Zoe Kentfield, August 2023

We've been working with The Ipswich Dog Trainer for 8 months now and it's completely changed our life's as dog parents. Reggie had come into own as a teenager and we needed help fast. I can't fault the training, resources and support we've been provider by Leanne, David and Zee

Susan Whetton, August 2023

A very enjoyable experience for me and my puppy. He has learnt new skills and we have plenty to build on in the weeks ahead. Thank you!

Amanda Lysons, August 2023

Great company. Very friendly and amazing with dogs!! Thank you

Wendy Matthews, August 2023

We have had the help of Leanne,Zee and David with our energetic Labrador puppy and they have been excellent and very friendly. Cannot praise them enough.

Rosie Pocock, August 2023

Great friendly and informative and a good range of services

Maria Ellis, August 2023

Leanne has helped us a lot, especially with our little boy Simba. She has given us plenty of positively-based training and distraction techniques and advice. She has helped us a tremendous amount and we could not be happier with the support she has given us.

Darren Jones, August 2023

Leanne was absolutely amazing and a credit to the industry that she works in.

Gemma Cunningham, August 2023

Leanne is so friendly and accommodating and helped me to reschedule dates when life became tricky. She was so understanding.

Penny Bloss, August 2023

I had 1 to 1 puppy classes and found our trainer David kind, supportive and positive in teaching us how to train our 10 week old lab puppy. All of it was so helpful and we and our puppy leant so much. Going back in September for beyond basics.

Andy Cowell, August 2023

We took our newfoundland for puppy training classes with The Ipswich Dog Trainer, and they were absolutely fantastic! Loved every session!

Dionne Bond, August 2023

Highly knowledgeable, friendly and always put dogs safety and well being first. Helping owners and dogs have build a strong bond and teaching owners to read the dogs ques is the foundation of what they do at The Ipswich dog trainer, Leanne and her colleagues are all fantastic and I know myself and my dog are in safe hands working with them.

Richard Kingdon, August 2023

I've done quite a bit of training with leanne and all positive for my dog and I shes always on hand if you need any information or help.

I am also a qualified senior Training instructor assessor and I can not fault her.

Louise Bradshaw, November 2022

We use her to train our dog so friendly and helpful. She’s very knowledgeable in dog behaviour

Jo Withey, September 2022

Leanne has been amazing with our rescue spaniel and helping our existing dogs get used to him being around. She has also been so supportive to me. Really looking forward to getting on with the 1:1 sessions and the classes!

William Mayall, September 2022

Leanne uses methods that help both dogs and owners to be friends. The older methods once so fashionable for training, like forcing a dog to comply using harsh treatments are definitely not used by Leanne as those measures are based on force and fear. The, "Top Dog" approach based on a group of dogs unknown to each other finding their own leader to the detriment of all the other dogs is also not allowed. She advocates a dog being a friend to and part of the family group. Happily enjoying and growing up in a loving environment.

Sharon Hume, September 2022

Leanne is very knowledgeable and has helped us train our rescue pup.

Very much recommended!

Tina Culley, September 2022

Great training methods.

Gemma Noble, September 2022

Fantastic online training with my new puppy very knowledgeable gave advice on so many aspects of developing a confident dog.

Justine Jenvey, September 2022

Dedicated & knowledgeable, always having the dog’s best interests at heart.

Kenny Noble, September 2022

Leanne has been amazing with our pup Bonnie 😃😃

Sue Pack, September 2022

Excellent 👍

colin benham, August 2022

the training methods are great,

David Cowell, August 2022

I wanted to train my rescue dog with positive reinforcement and leanne is the most knowledgeable trainer I've met.

michelle rowe, August 2022

Exceptional knowledge in the field of dog training

Justine Garner, August 2022

Offers outstanding service to clients.

Always happy to help with any advice needed. Would recommend to anyone!

Kay Maisey, August 2022

Puts so much into training and understanding dogs.

Angela Bakun, August 2022

Leanne is amazing. She is so passionate, caring and knowledgeable.

Julie Bailey, August 2022

Leanne is an amazing trainer and not only has she helped us with the reactivity and nervousness of our dog, she has provided us with the understanding of our dogs needs.

You can 100% see the passion and knowledge Leanne has for her training and ensures you have the best support for you and your dog.

Louise Bradshaw, August 2022

Very knowledgeable and supportive

John Stacey, August 2022

Took puppy class and then beyond basics lessons

It's not just the training, lots of help and advise plus confidence building for both of us. My labrador was off lead at 4 and a half months and I had total faith in him and his recall. I had never used positive reward training before but am now 100% in favour.

Richard Kingdon, August 2022

I have been on nearly all the training courses including UK sniffer dog, Leanne and her team are genuine friendly dog lovers and help you and your dog become best freinds.

Leanne will help you with ALL You and your dogs needs anytime.