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Patricia Black, August 2022

Both our dogs Tilly & Penny go to The Holidog Inn for daycare & occasional boarding. When they first went both were quite timid, but Carly encouraged them to socialise & become more confident with other dogs bout at their own pace. Both love going to daycare & are disappointed if they don’t go. Carly provides a home from home for the dogs & when boarding this is particularly important, there aren’t any kennels but comfy chairs, sofa’s & throws plus their own beds for familiarity. We certainly wouldn’t take them anywhere else!

Harmony Danner, November 2020

The best daycare for small dogs

Richard Miller, November 2020

Its a sausage dogs heaven lol mine loves it

Graham Clover, November 2020

5 stars

Harry Jones, November 2020


Mark Jones, November 2020

Best daycare I’ve come across

Ray or Lloyd, November 2020

Huge space for dogs

Lara Hughes, November 2020

Totally in it for the dogs unlike some other places that run similar services

Chloe Hughes, November 2020

They offer a very unique services and its fab!

Ryan Lloyd, November 2020

Fantastic. Daycare

Maggie Brooks, November 2020

Just look at the photos, the dog absolutely love it

Robbie Hughes, November 2020

We love taking the dogs here

Paul smith Smith, November 2020

Great place

Milly Burnard, November 2020

They think of every little thing your dog would need at a daycare, would recommend

Jordana Smith, November 2020

Great place for any dog

Loz Jones, November 2020

The owners care so much about dogs, we really feel safe living Jackson here, 100% would recommend

Sean Casey-Poole, October 2020

I have used them for many years now and my dog pines in the car knowing where he is going and only stops when I open the door and he sprints to meet them. That is proof enough just how good they great him and how much he enjoys going.

Jonny COOK, October 2020

Home from home boarding. Five star!

Anna Lebbern, October 2020

I couldn't have picked a better place for my dog to stay. They're super friendly and the daily updates give you the peace of mind. I love seeing photos/videos of my dog enjoying herself. I wouldn't choose anyone else to look after my pooch.

Patricia Lusty, October 2020

They are very dog friendly nothing is too much trouble wouldn't send our 2 dachshunds anywhere else.

Julie Carrigan, October 2020

Carly is great and my dogs love going there for their holidays. I know they are happy and safe there so I never have to worry about them. Carly also keeps everyone updated with lots of pics etc which again is reassuring.

Phoebe Woodward, October 2020

The most friendly place for our dogs. They just love it!

Joni Marlowe, October 2020

My dogs have been going to Carly for around four years now. They love it there and I know they are safe and happy!

Jo Glasscoe, October 2020

The Holidog Inn really is a home from home ! Our Loki is not the most confident chap but he settled in really well and had a fabulous time ! Carly and Jayne really know their stuff, , really would not hesitate to recommend. A five star holiday for your beloved pooch with very regular pics and updates so you can relax and enjoy your own break.

Amanda Kowalski, October 2020

Carly loves her sosigs And we have 2 sausage dogs and they are happy there and she posts lots of pics on Facebook so we can see our precious pups when we are away. Carly is also very swift to deal with enquiries. Safe loving home for precious pups.

Abby Gummery, October 2020

Excellent setup look after the dogs superbly and very friendly.

Joanne Serpell, October 2020

My dog loved his stay there and Carly gives regular updates on how they are doing, I felt so comfortable leaving Merlin there knowing he was safe and being looked after with such care .

Martine Bach, October 2020

We have two Bassett Hound puppies and they have never been apart from us as we got them the day before lockdown. Carly and Holidog took such good care of our girls on their trial day. Delilah is a shy dog and they went out of their way to keep us informed on how she was integrating with the other dogs and the girls had a throughly enjoyable day. Highly recommend Holidog. A lovely, caring and well managed, family business.

Deborah Warren, October 2020

my nervous dog is very happy there. she is treated as part of the family

John Kirby, October 2020

Mr Darcy has been going to the Holidog Inn since he was a puppy it is his second home loves it ?

Cath Keith, October 2020

My dog loves going to holidog inn , Carly and her mum are fab with all the dogs

Sian Higgins, October 2020

They look after my dog so well and he has such fun with the other dogs at day care and their own dogs.

Gemma Cook, October 2020

Mustard absolutely loves her holidays at the Holidog Inn, they look after her and love her like one of their own.

Sally Humble, October 2020

Great service from great people in a great setting.

Sarah Clarke, October 2020

5* from me and my Charlie! He absolutely cannot wait to get to the front door and great Carley when we arrive she’s so open and honest about his day and what the dogs have been up to! I feel 100% confident he is in the best hands on his days with Carly! And we can’t wait to return once he’s been neutered xxxx

Donna Causer, October 2020

They are a local business and have great facilities and space for the dogs that they host

Toby Williams, October 2020

Its the best dog friendly place with fabulous staff & service.

They become part of the Family.

Carley Reid posts pictures & videos

So you can see how much fun the Dogs have.

Yvonne Blakeway, October 2020

My 2 dogs are very well cared for daycare or boarding, first class service by Carly and family.

Keith Falconer, October 2020

Our little dogs (Bertie & Daisy) love their stays at Holidog Inn!

Sue Linnell, October 2020

Excellent and individual care for all dogs who stay there with video and Facebook links at least twice a day to reassure + run by two lovely ladies who REALLY love dogs.

Melissa Ward, October 2020

I feel so relieved when my dogs are with Carly knowing they are being so well exercised and looked after. Wouldn’t use anyone else now. Love the daily Facebook updates and videos

Charlotte Jefferies, October 2020

I send my Albert here, and he is obsessed with Carly and her mum Jayne, he is so excited to go there everytime we drop him off, and he hates coming home after! I wouldn’t send him anywhere else, he is truly loved by them! Amazing business! And fully deserve this award!

Anita Bartlett, October 2020

Home from home for my dog

Philippa Hunter, October 2020

Our two dogs love going there for their holidays! Carly is also amazing at keeping you updated as a pawrent with lots of photos and videos

Sarah Grayson-Dewis, October 2020

My dog always has a great time playing and socialising with all the other dogs at the Holidog Inn.

Kerry Brown, October 2020

The holidog inn are the only people I'd choose to look after my dog. Carly and her team are amazing!!

Katie Haymes, October 2020

Our two nervous boys started at The Holidog Inn a few months back. Within a couple of weeks Carly had a plan in place which has made the boys so much more confident. They love their time at The Holidog Inn and literally run through the gate without looking back. We love the fact they are happy and well cared when they are there, which is evident from the daily photo updates on Facebook :)

Kayleigh Bradfield, October 2020

Fantastic place to take your dogs

Deb Soesan, October 2020

Minnie loves going and they look after her and all the other dogs so well. There’s so much space for them to play in.

Meryl Winby, September 2020

Am always confident my dogs will be happy and very well cared for.

Cheryl Hudson, September 2020

First time l've used Holidogs what a fabulous 5. service Carly and her mum provide Bella had a great time and will be using Holidogs again with confidence.

Hayley Dowling, September 2020

My dog snoopy goes here and although it always makes me sad to leave him I feel so relaxed knowing he is with Carly- she clearly loves the dogs and snoopy absolutely loves it there! X

Carol Boyle, September 2020

Wonderful place for dogs to do daycare or boarding, we’ve used Holidog Inn for our dog Daisy for a few years now and she absolutely loves it!

Eleanor Hoverd, September 2020

Our pup was looked after like one of Carly’s own. Regular videos and photos were very reassuring and he came home one happy dog! Would highly recommend.

Leila Fleming, September 2020

Great set up all round!

Tracey Green, September 2020

Our Cockapoo Oskar, stays at the Holidog Inn and he loves every minute of it, to know he is having a great time and being cared for by lovely, caring friendly family means everything and we would highly recommend the Holidog Inn for their services

Anne Moran, September 2020

My dogs love it are always happy very well cared for nothing too much trouble for carly and her mum

Highly recommended

Sarah Measom, September 2020

They are fantastic with our dog Oscar and I trust them to look after him well. They are flexible, friendly and reasonably priced.

DEENA COMASKY, September 2020

Excellent All Round...

Adrian Bryant, September 2020

Fabulous home boarding facility. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Dogs are lovingly cared for and you are kept regularly updated with face book pictures. Plenty of room for daily exercise on site and caring, dedicated owners.

June Hudghton, September 2020

The absolute love and care both Carly and Jayne give to all their doggy guests.

Patricia Black, September 2020

Carly & her Mum provide a home from home experience for the dogs. Our dog was quite nervous when she first started going but her confidence has soared! The dogs always have a trial session first which is reassuring to all parties. Tilly goes to daycare & has spent her holidays there, I wouldn’t take her anywhere else! Say Carly’s name to her & she gets so excited! My mother-in-laws dog has come to live with us & has just started going to daycare with Tilly, again she is timid but under Carly’s care, Penny has gained in confidence. You get photos & updates on social media daily these are reassuring & you can see how much fun they are having! I wouldn’t take them anywhere else & I highly recommend Carly & her Mum & The Holidog Inn!

Julie Chambers, September 2020

This is a fantastic family run business. My dog has stayed at The Holidog Inn and has been walked by them too. I would not hesitate to use them again and recommend them to other people

Lyndsey Suddick, September 2020

Best place ever. My dog Oreo really enjoys his holidays there. He has a whale of a time. Love the way Carley is with the dogs, always putting pictures on Facebook so you can see. Brilliant place

Andy Linforth, September 2020

Professional family run business. Would recommend.

Mitch Reid, September 2020

Local family run business who treat all doggy guests like they are their own!! Lots of land for the dogs to zoom around in a safe environment.

Catherine Keith, September 2020

My dog (Norrie )has been a few times to stay over and loved it and Carly is fantastic with all the animals x

Andrea Keefe, September 2020

My 2 cockapoos had a fab time staying at The Holidog Inn for a week. Loved the photos and daily updates of how they were doing.

Patricia Rossborough, September 2020

My Cockerpoo ‘Rosie’ is my life, my world, my everything and when I go on holiday I trust Carly at The Holiday Inn 100%. Rosie gets plenty of exercise, is well fed, well cared for and I receive updates on her every day so I feel so relaxed and happy knowing my dog is happy and well looked after .

Lily Marsh, September 2020

As our 2 dachshunds go to The Holidog Inn

Helen Hughes, September 2020

The care and love that is given to our dog Milo when left at Holidog Inn is amazing - he couldn't be looked after better when we're away and he is so happy to be there. I wouldn't leave him anywhere else - happy dog = happy owners!

Matt Bevis, September 2020

Otto LOVES it there!

Lesley Davies, September 2020

Friendly home from home accomadation for dogs , fantastic place .

Tyron Graham, September 2020

My two dachshunds went to the holidog for six days , they loved it there , Carly and crew seem so passionate about the care they give and always updating you to how the dogs are getting on through out there stay , highly recommend Carly and crew. Without hesitation

Lea-anne French, September 2020

Your dogs are cared for as if they belong to Carly and her families, she loves them and gives them a home from home while your away - sharing photos so you can see how happy they are, I’d never put mine in any other place but the Holidog inn

Kerri Matthews, September 2020

Carly is just awesome with our sausages, super caring and our girls love it there!

Marie Bolton, September 2020

Professional, friendly and most of all homely ? i would trust Carly at the Holidog Inn with my dogs anytime, and will not use anyone else now I have found this wonderful place, my dogs LOVE going here.

Pam Walker, September 2020

Holidog is an excellent place to leave your dog, Carly has high standards of dog care. Would definitely recommend her

Jenny Paramore, September 2020

The best doggy day care 5 stars well deserved

Amelia Williams, September 2020

Wonderful owners who take amazing care of any dogs that board there, look after every single one like their own! Cannot recommend enough!

Caroline Darroch, September 2020

It’s best place for my boys when not at home , the best care !!

Melvin Lyons, September 2020

It was so reassuring putting videos up each day so we could see are dog was so happy. And it is run by a great team.

Carla Rhodes, September 2020

My pup cannot get in the gate quick enough when we arrive, he loves the Holidog in and i know he is well looked after and having the time of his life while he there.

Lorraine Barnes, September 2020

Holidog Inn treat our furry friends as their own. My dog adores Carly and Jayne and comes hom shattered from all the fun. Cannot speak more highly of them

Amanda Hickey, September 2020

Carly goes above and beyond for our pooches and I trust her completely. Teddy loves being there and I wouldn't send him anywhere else.

Lee Arms, September 2020

Friendly staff and never had a problem there or even heard of a problem from other people that use it 10/10 from me

Mary Taylor, September 2020

Exceptional standard of dog care, fabulous grounds for dogs to run around in. A real holiday home for your pet.

Jodi Withers, September 2020

The holidog in is the most amazing place! Carly is so lovely and friendly and she genuinely loves all the dogs that go to her. Our dog Brian loves his days at school every week and gets so excited on the drive to her house.

Clare Henderson, September 2020

They are awesome! Fabulous daycare and completely trust them with our dogs.

Dawn Martin, September 2020

It's a fantastic place to leave your dog. Dogs are happy, and are always part of The Holidog Inn family. I wouldn't send my dog anywhere else.

Leah Withey, September 2020

Friendly service and our dash loves being there!

Hana Street, September 2020

I have sent my little boy Oscar here a few times and I couldn’t praise the holidog inn enough, they treat him like he is one of there own dogs daily updates and photos to put your mind at ease

Rachael Crouch, September 2020

Safe & caring environment, lots of exercise..

Sarah Mitchell, September 2020

They are the best!!! My mini daschund loves it there, he has tonnes of friends and so much fun. He is cared for as one of the family, and I would not send him anywhere else. He has play days, and stay overs and holidays. I get constant updates on him and videos and I have complete peace of mind when he is at the Inn.

Debbie Clarke, September 2020

Our dog Hudson loves going to daycare & having his holidays at The Holidog Inn . Carly & co take amazing care of him and its such a lovely environment. Just an amazing place.

Helen Brookes, September 2020

The best day and overnight care ever!! Absolute first class treatment for your furry friends with daily updates so you know they are ok ?

Pam Lowery, September 2020

Our Corgi Queenie has been going to Holidog for almost a year and she absolutely loves it there. We know that when we leave her with Carly and Jayne, either for daycare or overnight, she will be looked after and have a fabulous time!

Louise Weaver, September 2020

Amazing holiday home for dogs, we know our 'Rocket' Ralph is looked after when he is with Carly!

Lynne Shakespeare, September 2020

You could not want for better care for your dog a home from home. So caring and you get to see updates on how your dog is doing on Facebook or on messenger. We would not leave our dog with anyone else.

Jan Bean, September 2020

Home from home, Carly goes that extra mile to treat your dog like her own, lots of freedom and lots of treats

Wouldn’t leave my daughters dog anywhere else x

Audrey Griffiths, September 2020

The Holidog Inn is wonderful home from home dog boarding where the dogs live their best life and make new friends, a doggy holiday dream

Michelle Harris, September 2020

Home from home for dogs.

Lucille Fernandes, September 2020

The Hoidog Inn being a family run business provides the love and personal service to each and every dog.. Good luck with the business.

Jill Simpkins, September 2020

Dogs always look so happy!!

Becky Crow, September 2020

Great, service, lovely friendly! Our dog barney has a blast whenever he goes.

Olivia Plunkett, September 2020

Looked after our Frankie like she was one of their own and sent us pictures and updates every day.

Louise Eccles, September 2020

Holidog Inn is a second home for my boys. They love it there and i feel reassured when i leave them with Carly. You can see that she loves them like her own. The daily updates we receive are brilliant and it is lovely to see the dogs socialising. Im so glad we found holidog inn - wouldn't leave my dogs with anyone else!

Alishia Harvey, September 2020

Carly is amazing! You won’t find a better place for your dog to stay than here. My dog was depressed when he came back home! ?

Janet Tyler, September 2020

My pooch just loves being at the Holidog Inn.

Ceri Smith, September 2020

Every time we leave our 10 year old Lhaso Apso he has such a wonderful time. We get daily updates and videos and you can see that he is cared for to the highest standard. I would never use anyone else. Can’t recommend The Holidog Inn enough

Lisa Reilly, September 2020

The Holidog Inn is amazing, Carly provides home from home care 5* service, Milo our little sausage gets so excited when I mention her name and where we are going, amazing friendly fun in a fantastic environment, lots of playtime, loves and cuddles with lots of treats, she’s treats every dog like her own. I really can’t give them enough praise just fabulous

H Smith, September 2020

Both my Mum and My Sister have used The Holidog Inn for their dogs. They had a wonderful time and settled nicely. From videos to photos you can see all visiting dogs have fun. They even celebrate their birthdays! Home from home and a joy to see.

Sonia Jassi, September 2020

My sons dog was there for a few days , we felt happy to leave him as he is our family and was worried

Terry OConnor, September 2020

Always reliable service and Zulu (our Jack Russell) always has a great time with the other dogs.

beth Foster, September 2020

Amazing service! Always updated with pictures, would never send my dogs anywhere else

Steve Edmonds, September 2020

I love them! They look after our dog so we’ll, it’s like his second home

Moira Collier, September 2020

The dogs are so well cared for and actually have a fantastic time. It's where dogs get to live there best life!

Wayne Jones, September 2020

My dog loved it there didn’t want to come home , and now will not put ALFIE any we’re else , love the owners so much trust and love for my boy

Leah Bolton, September 2020

They are the best! Our boys love going there, and they take such good care of them! Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Clare O’Farrell, September 2020

Our miniature wire haired dachshund is usually not great with strangers and others dogs but they looked after Frankie brilliantly.

Deirdre Owen, September 2020

Whenever we go away. Our sausage dog Frank always stays at The Holidog Inn. We know that he is in safe hands, as Carly treats all the dogs like they are part of the family. We get daily updates and photos which are a bonus, and she is always easy to contact, if we have any questions.

Stephanie Marsh, September 2020

Our dogs go there and they absolutely love it’s and they are very well looked after

Kelly Staite, September 2020

Amazing place