Scampers Natural Pet Store Reviews

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Ariana Williams, August 2020

They're compassionate & animal orientated.

Tess Swan, August 2020

They are so welcoming and kind! I have 5 big dogs who all love to have scampers time. They get strokes. Treats and samples. This is doggy heaven. The staff truly love dogs. They interact with them. They understand them. Very knowledgeable. One of my dogs is well known. His favourite place to visit is scampers. He gets VIP Very important pupper treatment. But actually they all do! All of us highly recommend this store. Its simply the best. Treats and special greets make this store stand out a mile.

Xavier Lam, August 2020

Friendly and welcoming to all pets (and humans). All staff are knowledgeable and they have a huge range of pet products. If Scampers don’t have it, you don’t need it!

Fiona Torbet, August 2020

This store has everything from a dog wash to gourmet snacks & everything in between. Knowledgeable friendly staff & owners who care.

Lisa patten, August 2020

if i was a dog this is where I would shop, not only are all the toys tried and tested they have the best food for your best friend, no nasties and always samples on offer which no dog ever refuses.

Robert Lovsin, August 2020

Great products, wonderful service and bigger dog lovers you will not find anywhere.

philip wright, August 2020

This is the friendliest store ever, all the staff are welcoming, happy and very knowledgable. It is the most clean hygienic store with super wide aisles. It has adapted to Covid 19 adding new services and ensuring all customers are safe, going beyond minimum guidelines. Dogs are welcomed in store rather than having to wait in cars outside and there is water provided for them. The product range is enormous, they have a vet on the premises and their company ethos is ethical. They host events such as meeting Fabulous Finn the police dog which had given us Finns Law, photograhers and new product nutritionists. Never seen a better managed store that gives such an all round enjoyable shopping experience.

Anna Patus-Sykes, August 2020

best store in east anglia with wide range natural range for not just dogs.

Bernice Emanuel, August 2020

Great staff very helpful

Shop which sells everything

Dorothy Freeman, August 2020

Professional and very knowledgeable but more than that...their absolute adoration, devotion and love for all dogs.

Jacqui Wright, August 2020

Great products, lovely staff

Kim Dhillon, August 2020

Great staff, extensive range, very knowledgeable.

Ana Hall, August 2020

They are the best

Valentin Chardome, August 2020

Great knowledgeable staff. Nicely laid out shop and good quality products.

Kate Priest, August 2020

They are inherent dog lovers! And their own are so cute! So kind and friendly x

Gemma Wardell, August 2020

Absolutely love this store, everything you could possibly need. Staff and owners are so lovely and welcoming. Would recommend to everyone to visit.

Kristina Galiniene, August 2020

Could not think of better place

Scarlett Brown, August 2020

They have the most amazing store with so many wonderful products. The staff are so friendly and my dog just loves the treats and lots of attention.

Tess Brown, August 2020

Nothing compares to Scampers. Way above and beyond everyone else. Quality of products, attention, kindness and communication from staff and their open arms welcome to all dogs. .

Pearl Hamilton, August 2020

They are caring and knowledgeable, also supportive to their customers and suppliers.

Wendy Lunn, August 2020

They are always so helpful and their staff really know what they sre talking about

Lorraine Grainger, August 2020

Great place to take a puppy for socialisation as well as having everything you need.

Beth Wakefield, August 2020

They have been so helpful with my Shih Tzu, she’s extremely fussy and the staff have been so amazing, letting her try different foods! We have found the perfect food for her now and it’s all thanks to them! She used to refuse to eat for days but now she can’t wait for dinner time. She is also an especially small Shih Tzu and the harnesses they have available are cute and always the right size because they help you fit and try them out! Amazing place

Beverley gale, August 2020

The staff are all welcoming, and friendly, and very knowledgeable. There is a massive range of foods, treats and other products. Products are "safe" treats created with chemicals. Great communication through regular emails on new products, and events.. Customer loyalty program with money off.. . Staff are keeping store well stocked and constantly cleaning. Love the dog wash facility and my German Shepherd loves the attention (and treats!) he gets when he comes in. My first stop for anything dog related.

Vaida Baker, August 2020

This is the best pet store I have ever been to! Talking to the owners and staff you can feel how much passion and thought is put into every product that goes on their shelves. Every dog that comes through they door is greeted with smiles and cuddles - you couldn’t ask for more.

Simon Brinkler, August 2020

Good range of natural pet food and good service.

Joanne Baker, August 2020

They are lovely helpful people with extremely good knowledgeable about all of their products. The dogs lovely visiting too

Caroline Salfati, August 2020

Favorite dogs store!

jackie brinkler, August 2020

I work at Scampers and love my job . I have been here 13 years and counting! Everyone is so passionate about all aspects of thier jobs and it is a fantastic place to work :)

Douglas Tsutsui, August 2020

Because they are the most Dog Friendly Pet Store!

Angela Woodcock, August 2020

Never known anywhere better.

On top of all things new.

Amazingly informative and welcoming.

Gillian Bottoms, August 2020

Simply the best. They have an incredible range of products something that’s suits everyone. The assistants are very knowledgeable and are always able to give good advice and of course my dog loves going into the store.

Russell Cross, August 2020

Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff plus they have a wide range of top grade pet food.

Jayne Bearman, August 2020

It is a pleasure to go to Scampers natural pet store. They have everything a dog needs... friendly to humans too.

Ben Dodd, August 2020

One of best pet shops we’ve visited! We travel from Kent to visit the store and they are always super friendly and have a lot of knowledge. Great place for a day out with the dog lol

DAVID ALTON, August 2020

Great service and great prodcuts

eddie milbourne, August 2020

Its amazing!!

Marc Abraham, August 2020

Not just an ethical pet shop not selling live animals, but they actively campaign for animal welfare too. Please make an example of them!

TINA BYRNE, August 2020


Ryan Winwright, August 2020

Scampers have a team of extremely knowledgable pet lovers, who are always friendly and willing to go the extra mile. A huge thumbs up from me!

James Langan, August 2020

Stockist of great range of added value products !

Ben Windeatt, August 2020

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Bethany Jones, August 2020

Brilliant customer service provided by the Scampers team.

beverley panter, August 2020

Great store, great team

Martin Monkhouse, August 2020

Amazing store and staff. Such a wide range of products and a great layout. Love the tasting station which makes our dogs visit even more exciting, great to be able to take her in with us when shopping. Staff are really friendly and so knowledgeable. Always clean and with the current Covid situation we feel very very safe when visiting. Well done Scampers

Barbara Hanly, August 2020

Love staff, products and everything about this store

Victoria Allen, August 2020

What a wonderful place to visit. Staff are great and they have the most incredible choice on dog foods and everything else you could possibly need. My dog Foster loves to visit. The dog wash is great too.

Julie Butcher, August 2020

Huge range of products, amazing service and so dog friendly!

Gurmail Singh Pabla, August 2020

Very helpful and passionate in what they do.

Leigh Smart, August 2020

I've been going to Scampers for well over 20 years & it's always been a treat for us & our dogs. Wonderful & thoughtful product range & knowledgeable staff always ready to help.

Peter DiCesare, August 2020

Best products and dedicated staff!

Stuart Brown, August 2020

The staff are super friendly and very knowledgeable. I love shopping there whilst other customers are walking around with their dogs. It's also, the cleanest, tidiest shop in the UK!

Andres Rodriguez, August 2020

They a great!

Anita Constant, August 2020

Scampers make shopping for my dogs fun and interesting. There is always something new and exciting in-store to see and the team are always happy to give advice. I trust that everything I buy from Scampers has been tried and tested and is great for my two pugs Milo and Betty.

Karen Rodger, August 2020

Fabulous store well trained friendly staff.

Karen Rodger, August 2020

Fabulous store well trained friendly staff.

Sara Whittaker, August 2020

I've known these guys and their perfect pet shop for 20 years or so. Still doing sooo well.

John Borland, August 2020

Great products, great staff and great service!

jay Patel, August 2020

They are simply the BEST!

Ted Hume, August 2020


G L Smart, August 2020

Everything stocked is for the benefit of the pet - not for the mark-up.

NO animals sold.Trained , knowledgeable staff make it a pleasure to visit.

Sophie Bard, August 2020

I have worked at Scampers for 19 years and have had many dogs in that time that have all thoroughly enjoyed going to work with me, they have gotten to try out many of the new treats and toys before they even hit the shelves. Scampers dogs are definitely spoiled dogs.

Aimee Cinderby, August 2020

This is an amazing pet shop, so much choice and so pet friendly

Sharon Gilbert, August 2020

The biggest and best pet shop around! We love visiting Scampers, and so does our dog with the free treats and foods to sample. Always new products to browse and friendly and helpful staff at all times.

Ben Moore, August 2020

Best independent pet store in Uk, staff very friendly and knowledgeable and everything you need under one roof!

Tracy Hadley, August 2020

Fab store, excellent products and great service from the whole team. All very knowledgeable and helpful.

James Milbourne, August 2020

Superb knowledge and staff.

Paul Barber, August 2020

Very good service and a great range of products to suit every dog.

staff always willing to help and they give excellent advice.

Gerard O'Mahony, August 2020

Their passion and knowledge for all things pet related is matched by their great customer service when you're in store. One of the best, no doubt.

Cecily Chardome, August 2020

Always extremely helpful and the quality of products is amazing!

Nicky Butterworth, August 2020

Lovely store with huge choice , great people and so very dog friendly .

Sharon Daly, August 2020

Totally dog friendly, lovely and very knowledgeable staff.

I wont shop anywhere else, im always made to feel welcome and most importantly, my dogs are. These guys sell anything you could want to spoil your pups. 10 stars from me!

Jonathon Moyce, August 2020

Fantastic store! A great range of natural product available. Always putting pets before profit.

Well educated team, polite with the best customer service.

And last but not least, All round great people!!!!

This is your winner!

Kate Reeder, August 2020

Every time I visit they are helpful and thoughtful. They gave great advice over food. Sam, my dog, loves visiting. They make a good fuss of him but don’t overwhelm. And he loves being able to pick his own bed and toys!

Sam Heap, August 2020

Unbelievably good service , friendly staff who make a real fuss of my dog when he comes in!

Teresa Cargill, August 2020

Uber-helpful, friendly and knowledgeable too. Just a wonderful pet store with super people

Marion Horscroft, August 2020

Scampers is a fabulous store for absolutely all your dog’s needs. The staff are so friendly and seem to know everything and they’ve always got time to chat through any concerns I have. You can’t get more dog friendly!

Sarah Nightingale, August 2020

Always great advice available and so much choice!

So welcoming to our boxer dog lulu

Simon Harris, August 2020

excellent staff who are very knowledgeable and always make my dogs feel welcome

Anthea Woodcock, August 2020

Welcoming, friendly and very knowledgable staff. Pets and owners can browse through their massive, wide-ranging stock for as long they like and get all the help they need to choose what’s right for them. Samples of foods are always available for fussy eaters and four-legged customers are always spoiled by the lovely staff in Scampers.

Vicky Jeffries, August 2020

One of my dogs is very nervous and all the staff at scampers take time to make her comfortable and a bit braver. I have found them to be really helpful when I’ve asked about products

Karen Francis, August 2020

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. During COVID crisis they have provided stress free shopping for all your pet needs. Finally huge choice of merchandise. We would be lost without them.

Satah Mcgowan, August 2020

Very knowledgeable staff, so friendly and just an all round wonderful store filled with natural products and no nasties!!

Judith Borland, August 2020

Scampers are the most dog friendly store I have ever shopped in, the staff are wonderful, polite, helpful, caring and extremely knowledgeable about everything in store. I love Scampers

Rose Sayers, August 2020

The staff are always welcoming and friendly. We travel over 30 minutes to visit as our dog loves their products. Truly recommend!!

Sansra Pemberton, August 2020

Always friendly and greet you when you walk in. A member of staff is always near by if you need help. They always fuss the pets and have a treat for them. Fab discounts schemes as well which is a bonus.

Dawn Barlow, August 2020

The customer service is fantastic, the staff are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. The product range is amazing I wouldn’t shop anywhere else for my pets needs.

Lucy Brentnall, August 2020

Been trading for years and they have a great reputation. The owners have an unquestionable passion for dogs and want to do everything they possibly can to help owners give their pets the best possible life.

Garland Wilson, August 2020

Simp/y the best, everything is so neat and tidy.

Rhiannon-jane SMART, August 2020

always helpful with lots of advice. They always make a fuss of the dogs and have a fabulous range of food and toys.

Kevin Halls, August 2020

Amazing place for any pet owner, friendly knowledgable staff great choice of products and always a warm welcome specially for your dog.

Keeley Harper, August 2020

All the staff are so knowledgeable and helpful. They were so helpful when my older dog had diabetes, helped me to find a suitable good quality alternative. Now I have a puppy and the help and support they have provided has been amazing.

Heather Smart, August 2020

Such great friendly service - my dogs love going for a visit there. They're always made welcome and invariably come away having had something tasty to eat.

Guy Gibson, August 2020

Because the dogs feel even more at home there than the humans do!

Jeff Woods, August 2020

Abby's favourite store. She loves every minute she is in there, from walking in and getting a treat or so to checking out all the goodies and even likes the dog wash, definitely hers and our favourite store. Thank you Scampers..

RUTH MARLEY, August 2020

From the day we walked through the door with our puppy we felt like family. The staff are super friendly and super knowledgeable. The variety of products is amazing (with planet friendly choices), the store is so bright and well laid out, they have a tasting table to try before you buy and Scampers have really empowered me with my raw feeding journey - they make it so easy! Honestly though...I go mostly to catch a glimpse of the famous Chief Testers Rooster & Sardine. I love them.

Lucy Percival, August 2020

Super friendly, always happy to see the animals, nothing is too much trouble. So much knowledge in the team and only top quality food!

louise smalley, August 2020

me and my pooch love scampers. The range and variety of products, always new things to try. Staff are forever helpful and have never not been able to give trustworthy and knowledgeable advice. Scampers over chains every time.

Janet Haddock, August 2020

Amazing store with lots of great goodies for dog's very friendly staff to help you look for what you need

Pippa Care, August 2020

Friendly helpful and caring store. One of its kind

Carole Hussein, August 2020

My mum's cat Boris has some fantastic food from scampers.

Margaret Cooze, August 2020

Amazing range of products. More importantly staff are welcoming to human and hounds, and knowledgeable about animals and the products they sell.

Superb owners who know their customers and always welcome two and four legged visitors with more than a smile!

Gary B Wilson, August 2020

Friendly and knowledgeable staff with a love of animals

Lucy Fraser, August 2020

They are committed to selling only the best products for your pet and are always on hand with advice; their knowledge is excellent.

Peter McLeod, August 2020

Outstanding servcie and quality...

Charlie Langley, August 2020

Super friendly, highly knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to go the extra mile for their customers! Very clean and hygienic store, stocked full of great quality products, natural food and treats. Truly one of a kind Pet Store!

Ann Mason, August 2020

The most friendly pet store I have ever been to

Vicky Jonas, August 2020

Brilliant pet store with lots of good quality food, treats and toys for our dog. The staff are really helpful and happy to offer excellent advice.

Dave Knott, August 2020

They are extremely friendly and very helpful

Susie Talbot, August 2020

Local friendly and caring petshop. Always willing to help and provide expert advice.

Jennifer Thomas, August 2020

Staff are absolutely fantastic and so knowledgeable, suggesting suitable products without a hard sell. They have a great range of products and we can always find what we need there. It’s our dog’s favourite place, probably because they will always give her a treat. Or two.

Thomas Dixon, August 2020

Always welcoming, great advice, all staff are knowledgeable and know their products., Bernie loves his trips there, mainly for some free treats!

Darren King, August 2020

Scampers is probably THE most dog friendly store on Earth! It's apparent that all of their staff are passionate about dogs and they never fail to make a fuss of my boy Storm and spoil him with delicious treats. It's one of Storm's favourite places to visit because of all the love and attention he receives. Highly recommended by me! ;)

Nadya Peet, August 2020

The store is inviting, clean & very dog friendly - the staff love seeing their 4 legged friends & are really knowledgeable & helpful, also us hoomans are also made to feel welcome. They have done amazingly well during the covid crisis & have remained open so our 4 legged family members were able to continue with the same brand of food that they have been used to.

Thank you to Piers & all of your team for all your hard work

I really hope that you win this award as you all so deserve it.

With lots of love & licks


Paulette Hamilton, August 2020

They are a friendly and independent pet store who always support others, especially the street animal charity I work for in India. Good people, good ethos, good shop.

D Bard, August 2020

Knowledgeable compassionate staff always ready to help and give advice. The store is wonderfully pet orientated. It's lively to see people who really live animals.

Charley Northwood, August 2020

My pooch Dalma, is voting for Scampers its one of her favourite places and is spoilt with cuddles and natural wholesome treats every time she visits.

Angela Ingrey, August 2020

Super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff, and our pups love being spoilt by them. Even through covid restrictions, staff have given socially distant treats. We wouldn't consider shopping anywhere else

Sandra Wiles, August 2020

Friendly service and excellent advice is given by the staff. The selection of food, beds, leads. collars well everything really is amazing

Peter Ford, August 2020

The pet advisors are brilliant. So knowledgeable and approachable, nothing is too much trouble for them. On top of that they make so much fuss of my Misty she adores going there and can’t wait for her post COVID cuddles.

Louisse Zehms, August 2020

We love scampers because all the staff are always friendly, helpful, and gives lots of love to our dog, Toast. Everything is always well stocked and there's lots of choices as well. Staff also recommends products without bias and explains all the advantages and disadvantages, super knowledgeable. Toast loves going to get extra loves and treats from everyone.

Christa Schwarz, August 2020

Brilliant customer service, knowledge polite friendly staff. Good selection of everything your pet needs. Good prices.

Richard Woodward, August 2020

Always a friendly welcome, and not just for the dog ! staff have great product knowledge as well

Sophie White, August 2020

Scampers, the land of dreams for all 4 legged furries.. a place where they can socialise, fill up on very much needed treats and cuddles and owners get the peace of mind that everything in this store is of the best quality and is all natural. I’ve worked at scampers for 2 years now and have been visiting long before that and I have always had amazing experiences. The staff have always been so friendly and knowledgeable and if they can’t answer a question you’ve got they will always find you someone that can! You best believe I have one very spoilt dog

Jayden white, August 2020

They always have plenty of treats and samples on hand for all doggos. The toy range is absolutely phenomenal, 2 full Isles to choose from! The staff are very friendly and welcoming and the store always looks so clean and tidy.

Saffron Bailey, August 2020

The best selection of animal food around... you will always find EVERYTHING you need!!

Phil & Ros Daley, August 2020

Excellent service by Charlie for looking after our Miniature Labradoodle Laura today.

Hayley Keeble, August 2020

They are truly amazing not just with my dog but always make my children feel very welcomed too, they deserve to win

John Blackman Northwood, August 2020

I was socialising my 7 month old Dobermann, who was a little fearful and apprehensive when entering the store. The staff were very accommodating, tolerant and helpful.

Lori Grant, August 2020

They genuinely love and care about animals

Lisa Sharkey, August 2020

Always excellent help from friendly and knowledgeable staff

Great range of items

Loyalty scheme is very good

Angela Guy, August 2020

Fantastic place to visit with everything you need for your four legged friends, wonderful staff and owners well done to you all ?

Dave Evans, August 2020

Very helpful and friendly staff. Store very clean and tidy. Store is laid out very well. Lots of products to choose from and stocked well. Easy access with lots of parking. With the current current Covid-19 it is very well done and feel very safe shopping there. Keep up the great work guys. So happy to have this shop so close by.

Agata Ciesielska, August 2020

Amazingly dog-friendly, even for my reactive pup. Staff are always welcoming and they always have some new delicious treats ready for their four-legged customers. Exceptional choice of great and healthy pet food.

Joanne Awbery-Maskell, August 2020

We started visiting Scampers before our puppy arrived, the advice and help on every visit has been excellent, friendly staff and it is always a pleasure to shop there. It is a bit of a journey to get there but we feel it is worth the trip for the personal touch we always get.

Andy Bank, September 2020

Scampers has a huge variety of dog products which they have tailored to their customers. If they don't believe in it, they don't sell it, which means I'm not going to be offered a product which is just being heavily promoted. The staff are knowledgeable and customer focused and it's clear that the whole team love working at Scampers. There is no other pet shop with the range of product or atmosphere that yo uwill find at Scampers.

paul finger, September 2020

simply best pet shop

Dick Boughen, September 2020

They love what they do!

Catherine Hannen, September 2020

This is by far the best pet store I have ever been in! It has everything you could ever imagine in stock.... the range of natural products is amazing.

The staff are friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable.

stephen potter, September 2020

very helpful

Liz Dove, September 2020

My dog and I love shopping there. The best quality food toys treats and dog accessories. And the staff are lovely

Lynne Morris, September 2020

Welcoming and full of good advice.

Claire Mann, September 2020

The team at Scampers have given us invaluable advice on our journey to become new puppy owners. They have been so welcoming and helped with so many questions. Nothing is too much trouble and we love visiting the store on a regular basis.

lisa Ingram, September 2020

We love scampers, always friendly and helpful. Staff give love and attention and lots of fuss to all the dogs that go in.

Ingrid Brown, September 2020

Fantastic selection of food, treats and toys and knowledgeable staff.

Bert Bailey, September 2020

My Mummie takes me to Scampers for special treats. I'm always welcomed and she is very patient when it takes me ages to decide which new toys I want. And of course their food menu is huge and yummy and keeps me healthy and my coat shiny. It's my favourite place! Bert the Staffie

Alison Thompson, September 2020

Fabulous range of stock, friendly animal loving staff and you can take your dog in the store.

Helen Steels, September 2020

They are fantastic! The staff are always really helpful And they always make time to talk to you and welcome you. They make a big fuss of my gorgeous greyhound which she loves.

ROB YOUNG, September 2020



Sylvîa Mallion, September 2020

I have been visiting scampers for many yrs with all my dogs,all rescues. They always seem to enjoy it and my old dog who passed away three yrs ago used to love her Sunday outing to choose a toy or treat,new coat or harness,she loved clothes and scampers always have a great choice.

Kathleen Lewis, September 2020

Friendly staff very knowledgeable it was through Scampers I got introduced to Gentle dog food which my dogs have remained on and have thrived. If you need anything for your pet Scampers is the place to go.

Lucienne Bently, September 2020

Excellent customer service, friendly atmosphere, superb range of products and always welcome my Dobermann who's my Assistance Dog.

Susan Hyland, September 2020

my rescue dog was terrified and food fussy. Scampers staff are all always friendly, have time, patience and understanding. They give us plenty of attention, treats and trials with helpful advice and unique solutions. Phoebe is happy to go in and see whats on offer now and i personally prefer one to one friendly service where i can ask any question and get helpful , useful answers. their knowledge is amazing, as is their range of products. 100% satisfied dog and owner and would recommend Scampers and their staff to any person with a fur, shelled or winged friend.

Julie Dickerson, September 2020

There is always a smiling face waiting to greet even through the tough times we've had recently.

Thank you

Karen Cox, September 2020

Our rescue dog loves Scampers, she's so excited to be in the store she takes us all around the store and lets the staff stroke her and that's big as she has trust issues. As for the treats she's given by the staff these have to go back to the car with her before she can eat them, perhaps one day she will be able to eat these in store who knows. Scampers are the best.

Cheryl Reeve, September 2020

Very helpful staff & they love to see your dogs in the store

Paul Murfitt, September 2020

Awesome staff amazing range of products that are the best quality

Anne Burton, September 2020

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff in the store, as well as plenty of choice for the four legged members of our family. It really is a welcoming place for all.

Ursula Garrett-Jones, September 2020

All staff always friendly and helpful

Jeanette Barnes, September 2020

We love going to Scampers as the staff are very friendly and there is so much variety in dog food/treats bedding and all dog equipment that we need for our best friend.

Paul Ingrey, September 2020

great store, friendly and knowledgeable staff, lots of samples for pups to try! we dont go anywhere else.

Laurie Teal, September 2020

Best pet shop around, very friendly and knowledgeable staff with a fantastic range of natural foods, toys and accessories. It caters for all yours and your furry friends requirements!

Josephine Davies-Warner, September 2020

We've been customers of Scampers since we got our puppy, Heidi, in December 2019 and they are just fantastic! The staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and clearly genuinely love dogs. The range of products they stock is also brilliant, with a focus on natural gentle which we love. Scampers really do deserve this award!

Debbie Hitchings, September 2020

Nothing is to much trouble at Scampers!! Staff are fantastic & so welcoming when you walk through the door & even Merlin is treated when he comes in too!!!

Yvonne Jordan, September 2020

Good products and always helpful assistants

Trevor Edwards, September 2020

Great choice of quality items at competitive prices, and the knowledge, friendliness and helpfulness of staff is amazing! Wouldn’t go anywhere else, and travel 30 mins to get there!

Richard Jones, September 2020

Really friendly. Ramps for easy access to pets and humans. Can’t do enough to help.

Marylea Kupyn, September 2020

They're brilliant! (Scampers).

Toni Kupyn, September 2020

great service

Tina Kupyn, September 2020

Great natural products

Emma Hawksford, September 2020

Great range of natural food brands, raw food and treats (they don’t stock the rubbish you get in the supermarkets). Lots of lovely toys, beds, leads, coats etc. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Innovative products and regular demonstrations/samples. Well worth driving to for their superior stock range.

Roxanne Rutter, September 2020

I have been welcome with my dog at every stage and advice on product purchases has always been about his well being. Very well informed staff who clearly love their dogs and ours.

Sarah Beddington, September 2020

They are the friendliest and the very best pet shop!

Cristina Douglas, September 2020

Kindest pet store!

Claire Flowers, September 2020

So dog friendly

Tim Hickling, September 2020

A great store and the staff are amazing

Mandana Vaughan, September 2020

Very friendly and helpful with any questions no matter how strange!

kimberly Irwin, September 2020

Kratu The Goodest Boy Ever Recommended you

Cath Atkins, September 2020

I have used Scampers for 17 years, my Basset Hounds are always very welcome and we often meet other owners with their pets, the Staff are obviously true dog lovers.

Oliver Hancock, September 2020

Scampers always provide detailed, specialised, and thorough advice for each dog that passes through their doors. Their range of food caters for every and any need a dog could possibly want for, all tested by the best four-legged professionals.

Kate Carter, September 2020

They’re a good store and the workers know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about.

Matt Thrower, September 2020

Down to earth, professional but very friendly staff.

Adele DeLaney, September 2020

These guys know their stuff for sure and have great morals and ethics!

Natasha Green, September 2020

Always so helpful and knowledgable. Charlie in particular goes above and beyond with such impressive knowledge.

Lucy Harding, September 2020

Excellent store with lovely, friendly and expert staff. We regularly take our dog in with us to see the staff and the treat table - she loves it!

Alexandra Banry, September 2020

Super friendly and knowledgeable team with the best natural products. Amazing shop!

Christine Baker, September 2020

The staff are so friendly, helpful and knowledgable. They always greet me and my dogs with a happy smile and a hello.

Liz Brinkler, September 2020

Fantastic store and staff

Simon Rogers, September 2020

Our Local Store, fantastic staff who spoil our dog Brad whenever he pops in. They stock all our natural feeding requirements and constantly look for new products. No 1 Pet Store for sure!

Richard Shephard, September 2020

Friendly helpful . And well stocked

Janine Robinson, September 2020

Excellent range of food and accessories. Very friendly staff.

Birgitta Bramley, September 2020

My dog absolutely loves this store,knows where all freebies are!

Love the quality of food,treats,etc

Piers Smart, September 2020

This business has been my passion since 1985 when as a 21 year old I decided to start a pet store. My love of dogs has been the driving force behind Scampers for over 35 years and have built a team of people with equal values. It has always been my goal to be the best destination for people with dogs and most importantly for dogs themselves. At Scampers every dog is welcome and we want every one of them to be excited just by hearing from their owners “do you want to go to Scampers”? Piers Smart Managing Director Scampers Natural Pet Store #dogswelcome! :-)

Brenda Teal, September 2020

Very friendly and professional service, staff always willing to help and go the extra mile for their customers.

Denisa West-Lewis, September 2020

Always very helpful and informative and very friendly to my Jimmy. Although they always seem to be busy they find time to help and say hello.

Anthony Claydon, September 2020

The staff are always helpful and friendly. There advice is good and impartial. Dogs are very welcome with plenty of drinking water and treats for them

Sandra Stevens, September 2020

Staff always very friendly & knowledgeable. I found them extremely helpful during lockdown by arranging kerbside collections of my dog food.

Judi Burbidge, September 2020

Health and welfare of the dog always comes first! Know always good quality products and staff well trained and helpful.

Anne Stevens, September 2020

Really welcoming & helpful staff who can't do enough and they loved my dogs too.

Pet store is massive and has so much choice. Will defo be going back to get more doggie bits. It was great to see that they also sell & engrave pet tags in store.

Niki Stokes, September 2020

I've worked there for 2 years and absolutely love it :)

Clare Whitehead, September 2020

This is a wonderful store, full of tasty bits to eat and products for hupawrents to buy. Everyone is friendly and dog orientated.

Emma Andrews, September 2020

Friendly staff, great product knowledgeable and fab range of products.

David Gausden, September 2020

Great place to both work and shop for all your doggy needs

Will Bowles, September 2020

They’re always brilliant and super friendly.

April Bowles, September 2020

They are great and have been even better in lockdown!!

Sue Mills, September 2020

The staff are always welcoming, friendly and helpful and welcome our dachshund. They have been helpful with advise on treats and fitted his harness with care.

Jess Malings, September 2020

Very helpful but also knowledgeable staff assisted with finding my very sensitive dog some suitable food. Large store with a massive variety of food, treats, chews, medical needs, bedding and toys.

Dog friendly, large parking area with super easy access.

Reasonable well priced considering how expensive some places can be.

Lizz Grimwade, September 2020

Scampers is fantastic! My dog loves going there and gets treated like royalty every time :-)

Jennifer Stannett, September 2020

Huge stock of quality products. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Dogs are welcome and love to go and browse the stock. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Allison Keigwin, September 2020

From the moment I open my car door my little pup can’t wait to get into scampers , her nose is twitching and her tail Is wagging. The staff are friendly and very knowledgable, they cater for all shapes, sizes and breeds. They have a wide range of top quality products in all areas and you can find everything you need knowing it’s top quality.

gerald marsh, September 2020

friendly and knowledgeable shop assistances.

Jennifer Herrin, September 2020

Scampers has the biggest selection around of quality pet food, toys, and other supplies. Plus, the staff are super friendly.

Jo Braxton, September 2020

Scampers is my dogs’ favourite shopping destination - there is always a warm welcome........ and doggy treats to try

Bob Evans, September 2020

It is so obvious that the staff at scampers just love our dog's, they always make a big fuss of them and (with the owners permission) give them a treat.

sara barker, September 2020

very helpful, great range of products

Olivia Avis, September 2020

I have worked at Scampers for over two years now and it is a fantastic place to work. All of the staff are super friendly and highly knowledgeable. We love seeing and cuddling all of the dogs that come into store and helping their owners find everything they need.

Charlotte Young, September 2020

Amazing service! Everyone is so helpful with any questions you may have and give you as much information as you ask for! Its my dogs favourite place to go he loves all the staff so much!

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