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Karen Russell, August 2022

Support dog charities in selling their gins, I have the Dachshund liquer, and their distillery is dog friendly too x

Patricia Patterson, August 2022

Very dog friendly. Excellent gin and they donate money from every bottle of doggy flavoured gin to a local charity, PADS.

Carol March, August 2022

It’s brilliant, so friendly and knowledgeable

Lorraine Crisp, August 2022

Lovely Lovely gin whichever one you choose on an enjoyable visit to the distillery. Cheers to the future.

Jessie Sheridan, August 2022

I love you gin and the work you do with Edinburgh Dog and Cat home!

Peter Stephen, August 2022

I have always been a doggy person and I also like your Gins!

Sheenagh Macdonald, August 2022

Dogs are the most important family members for this crew -!they love them all!

Julie Genders, August 2022

Persie Distillery is a great place to visit , whether you have two legs or four !!

Gordon Grosset, August 2022

Such a pleasant business to deal with.

Always helping local dog charities

Blair Drummond, August 2022

They are a shining example of how to run a business - and support charity at the same time. Their long-term support for dogs and dog charity marks them out, and I'm glad that a portion of what I pay for their excellent gin goes to PADS etc.

Paula Mcmenigall, August 2022

Fab family run business

Dot Macleod, August 2022

Lovely tour. Lovely gins. Lovely ethos of helping the dog charity too

Allison Longbone, August 2022

It was a fabby idea of a present. I got the Dachshund Gin Liqueur as an engagement present for my friend who has three dachshunds (Haggis, Neeps & Tattie).

Tony Coster, August 2022

Because it isloverly the place the people who work they are all dog lovers

nicola ireland, August 2022

Always very welcoming to dogs and their owners, genuinely interested in the dogs and ensure that their visit is a positive experience, delicious gin is a bonus for the owners!

Deborah Burgess, August 2022

Whenever we call into Persie whilst we’re up there on holiday, our Cocker Spaniels get a very warm welcome.

Christie and Simon are terrific hosts and it’s always good to know that the purchases were make contribute to dog charities.

Debbie Moon, August 2022

Extremely friendly and welcoming with our springer spaniel. She enjoyed the treats on offer while we enjoyed the gin tasting.

Lorraine Allison, August 2022

We had a 70th birthday family celebration here and were made to feel very welcome along with our two dogs. Christie & Simon were very professional and attentive. If you have not already been I highly recommend a visit.

Julie Jennings, August 2022

They make amazing gins and are so friendly and funny and are so passonate about there brand we took our dogs for the gin tasting we had a fantastic time

Hector Grant, August 2022

Distillery owners who are passionate dog 🐕 owners themselves and know what it takes to satisfy gin customers and their dogs

George Mathers, August 2022

Quality tour and merchandise.

Rebecca Bate, August 2022

It's Amazing and Pawsome.

Fiona Smith, August 2022

It's a lovely distillery, in a beautiful setting. Wide range of distinctive gins and the owners are so welcoming

Sandra, August 2022

Love the Gin's and that Persie is so helpfull and dog friendly.I'll come back the next time when I come to Scotland

Grant Ness, August 2022

Great people who have the biggest hearts towards every living creature ❤️

Gerard Watts, August 2022

Lovely people....lovely dogs!

Morag Hill, August 2022

Superb gin and excellent service with online deliveries

Karen Anderson, August 2022

They welcome the dogs first more often than the people!!!

Stuart Featherstone, August 2022

They are so lovely with us as customers but treat our collie just the same! Always return when we can.

Colin Cameron, August 2022

Totally nuts about dogs!

Shirley McGregor, August 2022

Well crafted delicious gins

I love the dog range

Bill McKelvey, August 2022

they sponsor the Retreivers at the Scottish Gamefair and Perthshire Rescue , putting their money where their heart is .

Elizabeth Campbell, August 2022

They are a very friendly gin distillery, make three delicious dog inspired gins and dogs are welcomed with great delight.

Cece Hemmings, August 2022

It wasn’t me that voted, it was my dogs!

Christine BishopExcellent, August 2022

Excellent and reliable service combined with great products.

Helen Baker, August 2022

Such a lovely taste and a very welcoming premises.

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