MeeraPuppins Reviews

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Alison Holroyd, August 2023

Great trainer. So knowledgeable and lovely too.

Sandrs Martin, November 2022

Meera is so kind, with her clients best interests at heart. I have recently set up my own dog grooming business, and Meera has been so supportive- she deserves to win

Sophie Wiseman, November 2022

Meera is knowledgeable and professional and takes time to get to know your pup and their individual needs to come up with a suitable training plan.

Claire Maddocks, November 2022

So knowledgeable and so friendly, you can tell she absolutely loves what she does and the doggy’s love her too

Neil Farr, November 2022

She's just fab

Carla Hayes, November 2022

she’s the best!

Abi Swarbrick, November 2022

Amazing service

Niki Lee, November 2022

Lovely 🥰

Maxine Knagg, October 2022

Experienced, knowledgeable and understanding. Calm and professional approach. Awesome!

Simon Maguire, October 2022

Because meera goes above and beyond when it comes to training puppies. Meera s kindness shines through her puppies to give them amazing skills for the future

Vicky Quinn Fraser, October 2022

Because she’s kind, funny, caring, brilliant, and her approach is wonderful. She deserves to win!

Carmen Roldan Blasco, October 2022

Meera is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated.

Michelle Pickup, September 2022

Such a kind welcoming and knowledgable trainer. Life changing for some pup owners.

Michelle Woodruff, September 2022

Excellent dog training and socialisation in a safe manner

Sarah Ball, September 2022

MeeraPuppins is amazing. So easygoing and knowledgeable about anything doggie. If you have worries about your pup she always helps put your mind at rest and the dogs just love her

Susan Stulberg, September 2022

Meera was a great help with her training and advice when we got our puppy

Nathan McManus, September 2022

Meera has been great, from day 1 she asked us what our parameters for our Pup was and worked all the training around them. So now we have the perfect pet without the aggro of telling him off all the time. She is a genuine dog lover, all the dogs we've seen her with adore her as she's gives them so much attention and love.

Steph Carlisle, September 2022

Her support and dedication has been invaluable to us as we negotiate life with our first puppy and I can't recommend her services highly enough.

graham Hampson, August 2022

We took our dog Bram on her puppy works and she was brilliant with all the dogs there. She was able to give expert advice from how teach your puppy to what treats are best to use for there health.

I would fully recommend her to anyone looking to socialise and train your new puppy

Jan Farrington, August 2022

Meera is currently working with us to help socialise our Springer Spaniel. She has taken things slowly aiming to get to know us and our dog first. She is caring and puts our dog's needs first. We will continue to work with Meera for as long as it takes. There's quite a lot to do with our dog and her obsessions and Meera gives us the confidence that our dog will be able to deal with things gradually.

Lucy Sherliker, August 2022

Meera is great and helps provide advice and training that is relatable and easy to use in a real life environment rather than all theory based.

Mark Old, August 2022

Meera is exceptional at what she does and goes above and beyond. To meera this is not a job its a calling. She loves her four legged friends so to her what she does is not a job its a passion.

GARY TEGGARTY, August 2022

Meera is fantastic! I can't thank her enough for helping our Labrador learn to accept our new child.

Thank you Meera!

Trudie Julien, August 2022

She is different, she is simply the best!

vera sermon, August 2022

Very friendly and knowledgeable

Richard Rainford, August 2022

Meera has helped massively in getting us as a family into the mind of our puppy. Benji has become a well rounded and loveable dog since going to Meeras puppy socialisation dog walks and 121 training sessions!

Tig Tay-George, August 2022

Simply put, Meera is amazing. She has been helping us understand our teenage dog, and then later, the younger additions. We are not local to her, so we have consultations via phone and email. She speaks in a language that’s easy to understand and doesn’t ‘blind you with science’. Her enthusiasm is infectious and it is very clear that she is incredibly knowledgeable and absolutely loves the pups!

Christine Halliwell, August 2022

Meera was very helpful, friendly and professional. She gave us great advice and tips to train our new puppy.

Kat & Phil Reid, August 2022

Has been a fantastic support with our Miniature Dachshund, Arthur 💙

Steve Lea, August 2022

Excellent puppy trainer who takes time to understand your dog and train them in a positive way

Alison Holroyd, August 2022

She's great with our dog, and so supportive.

Phil Reid, August 2022

The transformation Meera has made to our young puppy Arthur is remarkable in such a short space of time.

Priya N, August 2022

Meera is dedicated and has a real passion and energy in all that she does with dog training and socialisation. She has taken wellbeing of dogs and owners to another level and has set a high precedent. Very impressed.

Sarah Ball, August 2022

Meera is amazing. She is punctual, helpful, so knowledgeable and always caring to our pups

Emma Golpys, August 2022

Meera is wonderful to work with for pups, she cares so much and has so many tips and advice, working alongside her at The Golden Ball has been a great addition to our dog friendly offering. Meera helps with training tips, socialisation and how to settle your pup in a pub environment and much more

Gemma Lea, August 2022

Meera provides a truly unique and fantastic service in our area. She has been a fantastic support helping us to train and socialise our puppy. I don't know what I would do without her!

Charlotte Holland, August 2022

Meera has been working with us, as first time puppy owners, since Dec and has been amazing. Enthusiastic, kind, knowledgeable, professional and most of all my dog loves her. We use all her services from training, socialisation, puppy adventures and home visits. She offers great advice, that works, when we have hit speed bumps and we are all happier and more content because of her. Oh and it’s fun too!