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Bonnie McCauley, November 2022

Mel is an awesome lady who dedicates her time to dogs & rescue. She deserves the world & more.

Julie Wilson, November 2022

It's fab!

Susan Lewis, November 2022

Wonderful secure field where my 3 can run free with no risks, VIP shelter great and with a coffee machine, good parking, equipment and in warm weather cool off pools

Larry Fitzgerald, November 2022

My dog loves the field

Sophie Allsup, November 2022

An amazing secure field for any dog, our dog loves going to fieldtastic. Amazing value for money and everything is well thought out to accommodate everybody!

Tina Bastow-coultiss, November 2022

A great place where I know my dogs are safe and secure and can run and play with no interruptions ❤️

Sharon Maistre-Welsh, November 2022

It is a wonderful area for dogs to enjoy off lead, in freedom and safety, so owners can relax in the knowledge that the dogs are having fun but safely. Lots of stimulating activities and toys available for visitors, plenty of water for the dogs, an area to wash off mud easily before the dogs get back in the car, even an area for owners to sit and have a hot drink comfortably. They really have thought of everything. Also I love the fact that they support a local dog rescue, provide the facilities free of charge for rescue foster dogs and regularly raise money for the Rescue. Wonderful organisation. ‼️

Kelly Reynolds, November 2022

Excellent facilities and friendly owner

Angela Elliott, November 2022


Alice Baker, November 2022

Such an amazing safe space for dogs. The owner Mel is so kind and always happy to help

Sarah Wheble, September 2022

Fieldtastic is the perfect safe place for us to take our 6 rescue dogs for a full on loon out!! They love it.

Due to our fur babies poor start in life a couple of them are reactive to other dogs so we don’t often get the chance to run around. At Fieldtastic they can run and play together which for us is priceless. Thank you Mel for this wonderful venture.❤️

Christine Noyce, September 2022

Fieldtastic is an amazing secure field. You can get a coffee & walk around with no worries at all that your dog is in any danger. The next users stay in their cars until you have gone. So if you have a dog that doesn’t like other dogs (like mine) it’s perfect. We come weekly it’s Amazing!!

Jean Fitzgerald, September 2022

A brilliant field for my dog where he can run free in a safe environment, excellent

Charlotte Bennett, September 2022

It’s the perfect place to let your dog run around off lead. They’ve thought of everything - somewhere for your dog to have a dip & get clean, benches, even a sheltered coffee station for the dog parents!

Scarlet Leatham, August 2022

It's a joy to take my dog somewhere that has every care catered to and where they are always adding extras to improve the experience for dogs and their owners.

Jenny Weston, August 2022

Excellent secure feild, agility equipment, doggy bath, safe environment, for dogs. Pooh bags and treats if you forget yours. Well maintained.

VIP summer hut, various benches, hot drinks available for owners,

Excellent, friendly and communicative owners.

A real gem and fantastic value.

Clare Hyde, August 2022

A wonderful secure field to let your dogs run in with agility equipment to channel their energy & improve connection between you and your dog, Very tidy & clean with fresh water for the dogs and a shelter for the owners if needed.

Linda Humphreys, August 2022

It is the perfect place to let dogs play safely without them being able to run off. Mel is lovely, always thinking of things to make the dogs experience fun and interesting with agility things and everything you need for the dogs and owners. Thank you Mel

Sam Nash, August 2022

Thanks to fieldtastic, Maggie is able to have an amazing time running around safely. She particularly loves running through the tunnel.

Mel literally thinks of everything. It’s a great set up & gorgeous surroundings.

Antony Manners, August 2022

Lovely field with great facilities

Pauline Travers, August 2022

Fieldtastic is amazing safe place for dogs to run free and safe . Mel is kind thoughtfull goes above and beyond to make this place safe and fun and friendly

Samantha Hennessy, August 2022

The location is beautiful with nothing but the rolling countryside as far as the eye can see, easy to get to and plenty of parking. The field is safe, huge, and with plenty of activities, toys & treats for your pooch it’s a fun day out for all involved. A piece of heaven ❤️

Victoria Scott, August 2022

Mel has tried so hard with this business, free treats, poo bags, a bath, agility equipment and everything you need to have a great worry free time with your dog. My boy is a rescue and it’s lovely to see him able to run and chill without a worry

Alison, August 2022

My rottie Bob and i have been going to fieldtastic for over a year, not only is great for my bob but it's a down time for me.

There tea and coffee machines there ,first aid kit for the dogs,bath ,plenty of place to sit and pooh bags of course is a must.

Mel the owner is absolutely brilliant, her customer service is second to none,its lovely that Bob will be having his birthday party in the field with 4 more doggies and owners who I have become friends with.

Anna Campbell, August 2022

Fieldtastic is just a fantastic place for slightly nervous dog to run off lead, safe in the knowledge there won't be any run-ins with other dogs. Mel really has thought of everything and the field is so well equipped. Agility equipment, a paddling pool, toys, a supply of treats. And for the humans there are places to sit, a picnic table, shelter from the rain and even a coffee machine! Oh, and umbrellas! The fact that it's in a beautiful setting with lovely views is just a bonus. A lovely calm, safe to take your dog and play, chill out or do some training. So grateful to have it so close to home and Mel definitely deserves an award!

Helen Tucker, August 2022

Great location, and nice set up. I've contacted Mel at various times with questions and always had a nice response. I had a reactive dog and knowing I could go somewhere safe that was frequently checked and maintained was such a relief. All the fencing and equipment was regularly checked, and there were the nice extra touches for people, including hooks for hanging leads, beautiful hanging baskets, treats and poo bags, along with the new addition of the coffee machine and umbrella for the table. It really is a great spot.

Maisie Tidmarsh, August 2022

One of the only places my dogs can finally be free and safe, we love it

Lucy Gallagher, August 2022

Fantastic field and facilities. Easy to book, and great value for money.

Darcy Hawker-Jones, August 2022

The field is fantastic, I have 4 reduce ex hunting hounds this is amazing to be able to let them off their lead while enjoying a hot drink.

Jamie Sharp, August 2022

Fieldtastic is just fantastic!

It’s a beautifully cared for field with equipment for all dogs and a shelter for the people. It even has a coffee machine which is a great idea.

Very secure, tidy and has some beautiful views.

Mary Flower, August 2022

My reactive dog loves it here! He can run till his heart is content with no worries of running into anyone else! Toys galore agility equipment and super easy booking! Highly recommend

Hannah Tyson, August 2022

Amazing!! Such a nice place to relax with the dogs, got everything you need and more

Alison Andrews, August 2022

Just brilliant- my dogs have fun and are safe off the lead. It’s a win win for us!

Magdalena Pol, August 2022

Great, peaceful and safe, secured place. Our dog loves it and we love it.

Mandy Larmar, August 2022

A fantastic space. Gorgeous views. Our Greyhound Alfie loves it.

It is well maintained by the owners . The best secure field we have been to 😊😊🐕‍🦺

Cam Hatcher, August 2022

Amazing local facility and Mel is brilliant.

Ann Mallett, August 2022

Mel has provided lots of thoughtful extras, especially shelter and brollies. Love the dog bath and dog pool when it's hot. Our dogs can't wait to get out of the car for a wonderful run around. Lovely setting too. Love it!

Bella Horrocks, August 2022

The perfect place

I have a reactive rescue dog with no recall. Fieldtastic gives him the space to be him and run and run. Mel has thought of everything … paddling pools, toys, treats … I can even enjoy a coffee in the shelter when it’s raining. This has to be the BEST secure field I have used

Hannah Baker, August 2022

Mel goes out of her way to make sure that dogs and humans have a great time while using the field. A very special place for many dogs.

Joanne Elliott, August 2022

An amazing set up with everything you need for pooches and humans! Perfect for secure puppy time but also ideal just to let 15yr old collie wander and feel freedom to do her own thing. Recommend to many and Mel goes out her way to help if she can with bookings etc…

Alice Smith, August 2022

Amazing dog space! Lots of toys, amazing agility! And our dog loves it! Will be regular visitors for sure!

Sam, August 2022

This our Patterdale Jacksons' fave place in the world (apart from bed).

We are so lucky to have such a well run facility so close to us, run by a genuine dog lover....and well Mel loves people too as there's even a coffee machine!

Nicola Bowerman, August 2022

Amazing space and we'll kept. They have great equipment and even something for the owners. It goes above & beyond your average dog space. We'll done Mel

Faye Smith, August 2022

Great equipment for my dog. Thoughtful added extras for humans. Awesome communicator. Community feel environment. Excellent.

Laura O'Neill, August 2022

Safe and secure field I can let my 4 dogs off lead with no worries. Plenty of extras for dogs and humans and great value for money.

Debbie Stevens, August 2022

Great place for my dog to have a run with his friends

Susan Lewis, August 2022

A great place to have all 3 of my working dogs off lead, a stress free exercise, they love it, so do I 👍

Caitlin Weeks, August 2022

Fieldtastic is a wonderful place for all dogs, and especially my reactive boy. We feel so safe in this field, and love using the agility equipment

Ronan Jeynes, August 2022

Amazing facilities and amenities. A wonderful place to bring your dog

Tracey Parker, August 2022

Easy to book, find and get access. Great communications from Mel. Lots of agility equipment, access to toy box, doggy bath, even a hot drinks machine for the humans. Really couldn't wish for more.

Jenny Mcdouall, August 2022

Great location for classes and 1-2-1 training sessions with clients

Claire Ward, August 2022

Honestly the safest best dog field I have ever used. Great service. Easy booking system. Clean tidy and fun!

Dogs love it so much. Great for dogs that are fearful or nervous

Angela Knight, August 2022

The owners have provided a space for all dogs' needs with no expense spared. The rules ensure that owners can relax in this secure field and enjoy the peaceful location for their allotted time. Fieldtastic really is fantastic!

Gabrielle Petch, August 2022

Fieldtastic is such a great place to exercise my naughty beagle, he loves it and Mel is so thoughtful and always open to comments on how to improve it.

Linda Steele, August 2022

It's a lovely field in a lovely setting

And always clean

Easy to book

Mel has made sure there is every thing you need to have a nice walk even a coffee machine

Emily adamson, August 2022

Amazing field! Secure, clean and easy to book

Joanne Smith, August 2022

Great facilities, well managed, Mel is fab.

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