Cumbria's Larl Canine Co. Reviews

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LaurieAnn Kearns, September 2023

Maz is fantastic! She has such a natural, intuitive way with dogs. She is a truly dedicated lover of dogs, and they know it, which is why they respond so well to her. Maz also makes sure the owners are completely part of the process too. We just loved the help and confidence she gave to us and our boy Milo.

Zoe Hampton, September 2023

Marianne has given me the skills I need to help with my dogs reactivity. Not only that but she doesn’t make me feel like I’m a bad owner. Not only is she helping my dog but she’s giving me so much encouragement and confidence so I can start to enjoy being out with my dog again. It’s going to take a while but I know Marianne will continue to support us and help me and my dog build trust and a better relationship when we’re outside of our home.

Candice Heys, September 2023

Marianne is excellent she totally understands dogs and sees the world from their perspective she has taught us so much and given us confidence and tools to be better dog parents

Gemma Goulding, September 2023

Great dog friendly trainer and cater, totally trust with my dogs

Kelly Lamb, September 2023

Marianne is amazing at what she does, she isn't harsh and understands a dogs body language an how to respond effectively.

Alison Brown, September 2023

She gave me excellent advice on walking my visla

Vanessa Payne, September 2023

Attended a puppy class which was extremely helpful, very friendly and enjoyable.

Ruth Hellen, September 2023

As a first time dog owner, I gained so much insight into my dogs behaviour from working with Marianne. Her guidance gave me hope and confidence to work through difficult times. So many people now comment what a relaxed dog I have!