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Wendy Broadbent, August 2022

100% positive experience for my dogs and all of us which resulted in the most brilliant photos. The end result takes pride of place in our home and brings us joy everyday....priceless.

Sharon Rose, August 2022

Excellent experience, Joe is brilliant.

Theresa Taylor, August 2022

Great with the dogs & produces wonderful photos

Sue Staddon, August 2022

Very imaginative photography

Phil Riley, August 2022

Photo quality is second to none. Joe is amazing with the dogs.

Katie Froggatt, August 2022

Does a good job.. must be an excellent photographer to manage to entertain BamBam

Sarah Bain, August 2022

The standard of photos is excellent. They’re unique in style and very artistic.

Donna Ball, August 2022

I voted for Bounders because Joe made the photo shoot a brilliant entertaining positive experience for myself and my dog Bam Bam

Donna, August 2022

Jo is an excellent photographer. He spent more than 3 hours with my English bulldog Bam Bam. He had so much patience and made sure Bam Bam was happy and content throughout. He made it a very playful.entertaining and positive experience for Bam Bam and myself. I would definitely recommend .

Bryan Hammonde, August 2022

Brilliant photographer

Louise Sherrington, September 2021

Joe is an excellent dog photographer - second to none, hereally captures a dogs true spirit, whatever the weather, and puts both human and doggy family members completely at ease. He and Debs work so well together, Debs is so organised and communication is great. We've had photos of our dog taken and then booked Bounders again for some of her litter of pups too - not only is Joe the best photographer he's also a magician getting a line of 8 weeks old pup to sit still, next to each other and look at the camera.....truly amazing!!

Karen Lovering, September 2021

Just love all the photographs and the work that goes into them.

julia buckley, September 2021

Because Joe is awesome and my dogs loved and trusted him, if they love him and trust him that's good enough for me.

Oh and he takes the best photos ever 😉

Rebecca Marie trickett, August 2021

Not seen our photos yet of Bailey, but the snippets we have seen look amazing.. joe was amazing with Bailey (I was a bit nervous with him off the lead, other dogs etc) but he paid no attention only to joe and what joe wanted him to do.. 100% recommended for your unique doggy pictures

Natasha Humphries, August 2021

Absolutely stunning photography certainly bringing out the best in the dogs and the range of breeds

Mim James, August 2021

Amazing natural shots of dogs having fun. ❤️

Diane Scott, August 2021

They always capture the natural actions of our furry friends making us smile when we view their work..

James Raby, August 2021

Had the most excellent time with Joe @ Bounders, got some excellent pictures of our Dog Tess which are still hung on our living room wall now!

Tess enjoyed it and so did I, it was a really enjoyable afternoon

Liz Hales, August 2021

Awesome pictures

Donna Preston, August 2021

They are so friendly and were fabulous with our dog, getting the best photos from our time with them. Super service!

Cara Barton, August 2021

Had 2 shoots with 2 different dogs, both had lots of fun and were shattered after the time and effort Joe puts in

Jenny Buckley, August 2021

We had an amazing day , the photos taken captured our dogs personalities as well as their beautiful faces, Joe put the dogs at ease within the first few minutes and they were happy to go off with him and pose for their photos,x

Tarian Kye, August 2021

Joe's work is amazing. He captures the personality of every dog he works with.

A true craftsman and talented photographer.

Tracy Roman, August 2021

We had a fantastic afternoon with Joe and can’t wait to return for a second time!!

Jennifer Kye, August 2021

Joe's humility and phenomenal photography, along with his absolute love for and patience with dogs makes Bounders an all round amazing brand.

Sara Hickman, August 2021

Joe has an amazing talent, as well as being extremely patient, he worked with our dogs to build their trust and confidence, and the photographs really do have the

“Bow-Wow” factor.

Carl Bunting, August 2021

Great experience and brilliant photographs with a fantastic personal touch from Joe

Jordanna Roberts, October 2020

Enjoyed the experience and we did like the photos by Joe! We found the up-sell a little awkward and the price was quite scary to purchase anything. Would recommend if you have plenty of money. Did love the images though just a shame we couldn't get more!

Greig Chambers, October 2020

They were beyond talented, and exceptional with the dogs. Friendly, professional and dedicated. I look forward to using them again, and recommend them to everyone

IAN CHAMBERS, October 2020

Brilliant quality photography from Joe, a good day getting the shots and fantastic finished prints.

Louise Sherrington, October 2020

We had an amazing photo experience with Joe and Debs - they both put us and our pooch at complete ease which resulted in some great photos to hang on the wall. From start to finish they are friendly, kind and courteous, completely dog focused, with lots of yummy treats, nothing is too much trouble and they really do go the extra mile to ensure your dog enjoys the session.

Bryan Hammonde, October 2020

Talented photographer

Mark Fenton, October 2020

Just the best, Joe has such empathy with the pups and his use of lighting is extraordinary 5 stars!

Mick Powers, October 2020

What a unique experience we had with Bounders, the mounted photos we had were absolutely fantastic.

Bryony Smith, October 2020

Absolutely beautiful photos of my dogs.... Joe is amazing!!

Hayley Yorke, October 2020

Exceptional photography and customer service!

Rebecca Dillingham, October 2020

Absolutely perfect service, so brilliant with every dog they work with and the end result is always incredible.

Kathrine Jensen, October 2020

Joe is an amazing photographer. My dog had the best time with him and the photos were fantastic!

Wendy Bontoft, October 2020

Joe is fabulous with the dogs and has the knack of getting fabulous pictures of even the most camera shy dog. He is so helpful with the choosing of the finished products and his pictures are outstanding. Would definitely recommend him to everyone

julia Buckley, October 2020

Because Joe is awesome, patient and kind. The dogs are always his priority and he gets the best photos possible from your dog. Our dogs would have happily followed him home, they both fell in love with him x

Debbie Gregory, October 2020

We used Joe to photograph our 16 month old Boston Terrier earlier this year. He was amazing with him - patient, encouraging and an ovwrall dog whisperer! He got Olly eating out of the palm of his hand.

The photographs after were absolutely fantastic, capturing Olly's character in every shot. It was so hard to just pick one photo for the wall. We would most definitely recommend Bounders.

Carol Smith, October 2020

My dog is very nervous and was patiently put at ease before her session a very pleasurable experience which I would not hesitate to recommend

Hayley Cockshott, October 2020

Absolutely loved our photos

Karen Lovering, October 2020

Love looking at all the amazing photos you take.

Sarah Whitton, October 2020

We had the most amazing day during our shoot and the photos really captured Luna’s personality

Milton Haworth, August 2020

These pictures are unique and obviously taken with great forethought, patience and care.

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