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Sophia Krywycz, October 2020

Best daycare ever! Professional and dog’s welfare is the most important thing!

Anita Harper, October 2020

The whole team at Barkley are fantastic from the Saturday puppy meets where our journey with Barkley started right through to doggy daycare where our happy little furry boy attends now. He gets excited when we are at the traffic lights before he can even see doggy daycare as he knows where he is going, he will have fun and excitement for the day with all the other furry ones. The Friday agility classes are fantastic and to see the updates on Facebook are a brilliant idea. Keep up the good work we are definitely 5* fans of the Barkley team

Sophie Harper, October 2020

My dog peanut has been coming here for around 7 months and he absolutely loves it! It’s his favourite time of the week, they take the best care of him.

Michelle Buttle, October 2020

This is an amazing, safe, happy place to send your furbabies. Lots of fun times had by all everyday.

Victoria Wardley, October 2020

My rottie Odin is so well looked after and loved at Barkleys. And super tired after a session!

Rebecca Dorman, October 2020

Nina my border terrier/patterdale cross loves it!

Vickie Foster, October 2020

My dog Boadie loves coming to doggie day care. It has made an enormous difference to his shy character :)

Joely Dorman, October 2020

I have taken my dog their several times and she always has a brilliant time, coming home exhausted. Dogs get to socialize more at Barkley and co than they do anywhere else.

Francine Farnill, October 2020

Lovely friendly place a real home from home for the dogs.

Joseph Hunt, October 2020

Cos beth Morrison works there

Marian Moran, October 2020

Very friendly and professional

Muriel Meehan, October 2020

friendly staff/dogs love it here

Sarah Storey, October 2020

Friendly and professional company and they deserve to win this award

Julie Musgrave, October 2020

Provide excellent care and love to our precious pooches

Bee Musgrave, October 2020

Excellent service and look after the pooches amazingly.

Bethany Morrison, October 2020

They are an amazing place, which always puts the dogs first! Love it here

Sara Sharp, October 2020

I was very anxious about leaving my puppy Jess at daycare but the team at Barkleys knew how to put my mind at ease. They would send photos to me to show how much fun she was having and how well she had settled which I really appreciated. Jess is now almost 2 and loves to go to daycare. She will tear across the car park to get through the door! The staff at Barkleys are so good with the dogs and I would never consider sending Jess anywhere else. 5 star from me, well done Barkleys and Thank you!!!

Rebecca Cusworth, October 2020

fantastic business

Amy Quinn, October 2020

Absolutely fantastic place. My dogs love it. Couldn't ask them to do any more.

Kathryn Dickinson, October 2020

The staff especially Beth and Chloe are absolutely amazing they care so much for the dogs

Adrian Carr, October 2020

They are absolutely fantastic. I've taken all 3 of my dogs to their puppy classes, recall classes and excitable dog classes and their training was first class. I have no problems with my dogs anymore. They attend day care 4 times a week and are perfectly stimulated and socialised. I've never had a problem with any of their staff and it is clear they have the best interests of your dog at heart.

Chelsea Webb, October 2020

Brilliant place for dogs

Tracey Whitfield, October 2020

They are amazing!

Kelly Denning, October 2020

Great place, great staff and very well organised. Would definitely recommend.

Debbie Ackroyd, October 2020

The dogs are at the heart of everything they do.

Lee Broadbent, October 2020

An amazing place to take your dog to! Mine loves it

Lucy Burton, October 2020

They are a fabulous doggy daycare! Innovative with their ideas & events. Love the photos & updates! My pooch just loves his time spent there, he can’t wait to get out of the car once in the car park. It’s a happy second home to him which makes me a very happy dog mama!

John Hilton, October 2020

Great place great stall.

Chloe Hancox, October 2020

Absolutely fantastic service. All staff ensure they meet the personalised needs of every individual dog in their care. My dog loves attending this setting

Kate Davey, October 2020

Because they are simply the best! My doggies are so happy going to Barkley & Co. They truly love the staff (who are wonderful and obviously love dogs so much), and they cannot wait to get in there each day leaving me able to go to work knowing that they are safe and so so happy. I couldn't ask for a better place to leave my doggies.

Will Parker, October 2020

Oatie's favourite days of the week are her days at day care. A picture a day lets us know she is having a great time and they are constantly thinking of creative ways to keep the pups active and entertained. From being a pup little legs has had nothing but care and affection from Barkleys. The only downside is she doesn't want to come home at the end of the day.

Thank you for everything you do and keep it up.

Anne-Marie Oliver, October 2020

My puppy loves it the highlight of his week.

Alyson Ronan, October 2020

Doris the pug has been going to Barkleys Day Care since it opened and it’s a wonderful place where she is cuddled and treated like the princess she thinks she is.

Jana Harris, October 2020

Wonderful place that has helped us socialise our cockapoo puppy! We’ve also attended classes that have been extremely useful. The team are such a friendly bunch, you can ask them anything and they’ll try their best to help. Really enjoy bringing our pup to Barkley and Co!

Elaine Barnett, October 2020

Fantastic place!

Denise Moss, October 2020

My dog skye comes here and always loves it

Hayley Fairhurst, October 2020

Great facilities - day care, socialisation and training. Fantastic staff - always super helpful and amazing with the dogs. Lenny absolutely loves his time here!

Stacey Rawlings, October 2020

Their puppy play school and day care facilities are amazing. Extremely friendly and knowledgable staff!!

Neil Bentley, September 2020

Great indoor doggy daycare facilities. Our dog loves it. The staff go above and beyond and regularly put on special events for the dogs. Doggy pool parties were a hit this summer.

Connagh Smith, September 2020

All I can say is Rocky absolutely loves it - what more can I say than that!? Happy staff, happy puppy :)

Aileen Armour, September 2020

Amazing facility with great staff who adore all fur babies, go the extra mile and Teddie is always so excited to be left here and shattered and content when comes home x

Debbie Crowther, September 2020

Staff very knowledge & care about every dog.

Louise McKelvey, September 2020

They have changed my dog Luna's life, she used to have terrible separation anxiety. She's now a confident, charming, friendly dog. I owe them so much. I wouldn't be without them. The staff are amazing and treat her like their own.

Lyndsay Agus, September 2020

They are really friendly and my pooch Jesse loves it at Barkley and co..!

Great place!

Sami Carey, September 2020

Fab staff. Efficient. Genuinely care. Well trained.

Abbie Mozer, September 2020

Best dog centre I’ve ever been to

Lynne HARDY, September 2020

Great staff great facilities. Cracking place!

Jess Holland, September 2020

Amazing puppy classes and day care! Staff are all so friendly and my pup can’t wait to get through the doors!

Charlotte Johnson, September 2020

Amazing staff who have a real love and passion for the dogs.

Jennie Higgins, September 2020

Excellent team, super friendly and really helpful.

Lisa Bell, September 2020

My doggy Hugo just adores visiting Barkley and Co, the staff are all wonderful and look after the dogs amazingly. Hugo is always shattered after spending the day there, zooming around with his doggy friends. They do loads of themed events which the dogs (and owners) enjoy immensely.

Tanya Roberts, September 2020

Great place for the girls. They all love it when they visit.

Becky Marsh, September 2020

The best in the business. Gus is very lucky to have such a great daycare facility to go to!

Steven Hamilton, September 2020

Excellent daycare facility with fantastic staff. Our pup is shattered when he leaves and has clearly been well entertained all day. We get plenty of photos showing us what he is up to and can he he gets spoilt rotten with plenty of cuddles. We don't know what we would do without them.;

Helen Noble, September 2020

A lovely safe environment to take your doggy to meet other dogs and socialise. The staff have time not only for the dogs but their owners too.

Lesley Senior, August 2020

Great staff with a caring attitude

Kylie Hadaway, August 2020

Because they are simply the best doggy day care around!

Kelly Johnson, August 2020

My pup goes to Barkleys every week for one day of play and socialising and he loves it! Always come back shattered and the staff are so friendly and personalise your experience.

Priyanka Patel, August 2020

Assessed my dogs thoroughly before allowing them, and were honest enough to say they didn’t think it would be appropriate for my older one

Abigail Rooney, August 2020

My puppy loves going to Barkelys play school so gets excited on the walk round! The people who work there are always so kind and lovely towards all the dogs (and owners).

Susan Green, August 2020

Winston loves going to doggy day care and loves the activities.

The staff are very nice and helpful and wonderful with all the dogs.

Chloe Carter, August 2020

Its amazing

Sarah Myatt, August 2020

My working cocker loves every minute she spends at BarkleyandCo. The team are so invested in your dogs, they play, teach and socialise them brilliantly!!

Ted Newton, August 2020

Amazing staff, great facilities and really are great at what they do...

claire Wharton, August 2020

Fantastic place! The staff are all very friendly & knowledgeable.

Carol Wilson, August 2020

Its fun packed for dogs, games, agility fun in the sun with little pools.

Friendly, helpful staff who are brilliant with the dogs of all shapes & sizes.

Would definitely recommend u.

Suzanne blessed, August 2020

We started with the puppy socialisation on their Saturday puppy play hour through to weekly day care for our labrador. The site is large and secure and the team are amazing. We recommend them to everyone we meet.

Elizabeth Murphy, August 2020

It offers complete peace of mind! The dogs are so very well looked after and the staff are all amazing and brilliant .

Julie Purnell, August 2020

Fantastic doggy setting, just like a childs nursery but for dogs

SUSAN JOWSEY, August 2020

simply the best for our dog

Emma Hirst, August 2020

Because they are a fantastic facility, my dog loves going every week, it's really helped with his socialisation and he loves playing with so many different dogs, it's just like a nursery school for dogs.

Nicola Miller, August 2020

My 6 month old puppy absolutely loves his half day sessions once a week. It’s been great for his socialising skills!

Nat Tabisz, August 2020

Great service, very kind and caring. Facilities A*

carol lockwood, August 2020

for there care and devotion to all there little four legged friends.

Deborah Iggleden, August 2020

Barkley & Co Doggy Daycare - are amazing! We have taken on a 2 yr old SBT from rescue with separation anxiety and they are working with us to support her needs, with the most amazing day care facility. We have also undertaken the basic behavior class, and wait in anticipation of the agility, everything for us and our fur-baby.

Philip Pickard, August 2020

Amazing place

Emma JODRELL-BHATTI, August 2020

Because the noise and excitement from my dog every time we pull up to drop him off is deafening! That tells us how much he loves Barkley & Co

Nicola Woolley, August 2020

Because they have made Nova very welcome and she loves going

Victoria Lyons, August 2020

It’s a fabulous facility in Wakefield they really do care and love dogs

Georgia Sawyer, August 2020

Amazing staff and facilities. Treat every dog like there own and always do many activities to keep the dogs entertained

Judy Atkinson, August 2020

Brilliant day Enriching care for dogs

Rose Armitage, August 2020

My dog goes to them 2/3 times a week and he loves it! They’re such a great bunch and always look after my little pal really well.

Georgina Mathery, August 2020

Brilliant place where i take my Cockapoo. She loves daycare, had puppy lessons here and now does agility as well. Groomers next door is really useful too - everything in one place! Staff are lovely and clearly adore the dogs.

Karen turner, August 2020

my dog Bear went as a young puppy and loved it nearly dragging me in!

Keelie Hepton, August 2020

Honestly everyone at Barkley & Co is absolutely lovely and so wonderful with the dogs. My puppy practically rips off my arm trying to get in every time I take him, he’s so excited to be there. I’ve witnessed the team directly with the dogs and they are so considerate with them and you can tell they all genuinely love being with the dogs, they make a real effort with them and run round like maniacs playing with them and keeping them entertained. I have no concerns leaving my puppy with them

Dawn Yarrow, August 2020

The staff are absolutely fantastic. They look after our precious fur babies like they are there their own. There facilities are first rate. I had never used doggy daycare before and now recommend Barkleys to everyone I know who has a dog. I can not recommend them highly enough. My dog Molly loves going. Owners know that they are being loved and taken care of whilst they are there. Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say to them all ?

Adele Hesford, August 2020

Brilliant doggy daycare centre

Alison Ramsey, August 2020

Amazing staff who treat dogs like their own and do so much to help anyone.

Natalie Gazeley, August 2020

We have attended both training classes and puppy power hour here with our first dog. They are friendly, knowledgeable and fabulous with the dogs.

Emma Bevan, August 2020

Extremely dog friendly and very professional envoiroment. The dogs love it.

Rosemary Read, August 2020

I’ve used them on many occasion to dog sit my dog!!! Friendly staff, fantastic availability and good price. First class service received everything time x

Kim Gembicz, August 2020

Lovely place to leave your dog and know she will enjoy being there

Jo Field, August 2020

I trust them with my most treasured girl Izzy! I trust no one else. She always has a great time there, lovely personable staff. I am quite opinionated when it comes to my animals and they are very accommodating. Always clean and tidy with lots of enrichment.

Christine Black, August 2020

They are just amazing. Never seen dogs so happy and playing so well together. All the staff love the dogs and you can tell. It's a fantastic centre.

Gemma Fox, August 2020

They are an amazing doggy daycare, so friendly and so wonderful with dogs and offer training too which is fabulous!

Chris Coy, August 2020

It is all about dogs, friendly and safe

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