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Charlotte Smith, August 2020

Very friendly knowledgeable trainers who are also very patient.

Debbie Nunn, August 2020

Friendly, patient & helpful staff. We had previously got turned away from 2 other dog training companies due to our dogs behaviour, but have seen a massive improvement since we joined Barking Mad.

Stella Wardrop, August 2020

Fantastic team. Both my dogs currently attend different groups . My dogs love their training and have greatly benefited from the teams training experience - well done all !

Dorothy Clarke, August 2020

Always positive encouragement even when you or your dog mess up. Happy faces on all the dogs, ours loves going.

Jess Thomson, August 2020

Just lovely people, brilliant with dogs and loved by dogs and their owners.

Gemma Raven, August 2020

They are amazing. The experience of training for both my dog and myself is relaxed and open. It’s the highlight of my dogs week. Also they are forever expanding and evolving. We love them!!

Amelia Willard, August 2020

They have an amazing lovely team, training is so much fun.

Ruth Whiting, August 2020

These guys go more than the extra mile they do the marathon for each and every dog and their human. I’ve lost count in how many ways they have helped and supported me and Groot understand each other better. What I love is that it’s not just “your” trainer that knows you and your dog, they all do. I’ll take Groot into doggy day school with Abbie and pass Julie and she will ask “ hi Ruth, how are you and Groot getting on” They all know what you are doing and are genuinely interested! Groot ( my EBT) loves them all so much, his tail is like a helicopter propeller when he gets out the van here! The fact that my dog can’t wait to get inside and greets everyone happily tells me all I need to know, they are fabulous ?

Louise Playford, August 2020

My dog loves doggy school, his tail doesn’t stop wagging as soon as we pull up! Fun training methods easy to take home and continue. Friendly staff.

Kirsty Harvey, August 2020

Best dog training club around.

Rebecca Brock, August 2020

Great teachers led by a very experienced owner! Our dogs absolutely love going and doing various classes to help them!

Sue Baggott, August 2020

Happy, friendly, patient trainers, happy customers, and very well behaved happy dogs, all done with love of their job.


All the staff are very friendly, kind and caring. They are amazing with the dogs and get to know each one personally. They all obviously enjoy their jobs and are totally committed to the dogs' welfare whilst also ensuring the dogs have fun. After every doggy day school an individual personalised diary is put together and shared with me. Is takes a lot of time and effort on their part in their own time. They are a well respected, much loved part of our community.

Steve Lord, August 2020

Been with them for 3yrs with my Ridgeback. There's always a family atmosphere, great instruction, lots of variety and fun to ensure your dog has the best chance of participation and success. They never turn anyone away, no matter what breed or temperament.

Emma White, August 2020

They really help and understand the importance of a well behaved and well trained dog and make you feel comfortable and confident even when your dog doesn't get it right

Rachael Stanfield, August 2020

Fantastic advice and service at all times.

Frances Betts, August 2020

A great outdoor space with friendly knowledgeable trainers. Our dog has benefitted no end with their help.

A big thank you to

Rich and his team.

Martin Saunders, August 2020

Very friendly team which will always make you very welcome. No matter how your Dog behaves they work with you to achieve your goals.

Ginette Bragg, August 2020

Wow, where do I start. The help and support of the team with my over anxious border collie cross has given me and Bella confidence and are now able to go on walks without avoiding anything that breathes. I had two previous trainers that had told me there was little hope! I really can't thank them enough for heir friendliness and patience.

Christine Nash, August 2020

It’s such a friendly place to learn in and they really know their stuff. Both me and my dog love coming to classes.

Jane Monbs, August 2020

Great team of trainers. Very knowledgeable, friendly and very patient

Cindy Vickers, August 2020

Kind , friendly, informative, patient.

Wonderful staff.

Brilliant with the dogs.

Tracey Fairs, August 2020

Absolutely fantastic at what they do. The staff are all so friendly, kind and amazing.

Hannah mayne, August 2020

They're amazing at Barking Mad.

Jade Bowdidge, August 2020

They Taylor anything to yours and your dogs needs, and are always open to help and support you. Love them all so much!

Dan Lind, August 2020

Relaxed friendly environment with top notch advice/training.

Heidi Francis, August 2020

They have been absolutely fantastic with our ebt puppy ...everyone is amazing and such a lovely bunch of people x

Sarah Wicks, August 2020

An absolutely fantastic club with extremely knowledgable trainers. They cater for all dogs big and small, from puppy classes to the most serious of behavioural problems and with positivity and understanding.

Anna Baggott, August 2020

The Barking Mad team are amazing . Happy dogs and happy customers.

Anna Baggott, August 2020

The Barking Mad team are amazing . Happy dogs and happy customers.

Jo Leonard, August 2020

Fun training in a relaxed environment. Lots of exciting things to try. We love the place.

Anne Ayers, August 2020

Great place . Friendly fun and most of all my dog is a much happier fur baby now his little dog syndrome has gone due to to brilliant training he’s had.

Alice Hall, August 2020

Turned my unruly Labrador into a loveable teddy. Credit everything to them.

Emma Ginn, August 2020

We love our class and have learnt so much, Bella being our first family dog! Our trainer always helps with advice when we need it.

Cathy Forster, August 2020

Everyone is so friendly and Richard and Natalie are the most amazing trainers

Sam Hill, August 2020

Best dog training company in the country! Fantastic trainers, amazing dog knowledge, and wonderful with people. They have the whole package.

Barking Mad changed my life and I will forever be grateful.

Mary Hickley, August 2020

Best ever dog trainers! Fantastic outdoor training, a huge variety of training and activities available. The team are super friendly and welcoming and are so generous with their advice. Training at Barking Mad is a life changing experience for dogs and owners!

Lucy Thurston, August 2020

A fantastic club to train with!

Mike smith, August 2020

These guys make training fun, so much so, even my stubborn Bully enjoys coming here!

Donna winter, August 2020

Truly amazing company. You are not just a customer to these guys. You and your pets are part of a large family and nothing is ever to much trouble.

Claire Coman, August 2020

These trainers are brilliant, so knowledgeable and really helped me with my crazy puppy. Both me and Fred love our sessions each week

Linda Clay, August 2020

The staff are all amazing, professional and very friendly! I always received great advice with my grumpy dog, and now not so grumpy! We've learnt a lot, so very grateful!

Neil Chapman, August 2020

Our rescue dog Bella was severely traumatised by both neglect and abuse from her previous owners. We knew this when he got her but had no real idea of how bad she was, people, dogs and most loud noises were triggers for Bella , and she reacted by pulling and barking with fear when on the lead. We went to Barking mad for help and 18 months later we will soon be tested for our Silver Star award. After a lot of hard training from us and Nat at Barking mad, Bella is now a confident and friendly dog, who can now confidently meet people and other dogs on our daily walks. Bella my wife and I have made many friends at Barking mad both human and dog, and i can not recommend them enough.

Carol Richards, August 2020

I was panic tricken when my daughter bought a German Shepherd puppy as l consider them very intelligent, confident and strong and I am non of those. Nor am I very consistent for that matter. Despite our mismatch, the staff at BM have been so supportive and encouraging when we go to class. Professional, knowledgeable, upbeat, friendly and fun they make you feel part of a family always there for you,

Jackie Blanche, August 2020

Great training facilities and trainers - nothing is too much trouble. Caters for all breed types, with specialty classes available if you want to try something a bit different. Really fun and relaxed environment for both dogs and owners

Wendy Fox, August 2020

Great trainers , lessons fun with lots of things to learn

Laura Bruce, August 2020

Very friendly trainers, always ready to listen and help with big or small problems. Attention to detail with every aspect of training.

sheila pettett, August 2020

It is the best training school ever, and I have been to a few, the dogs never get bored and neither do the humans. The dogs love all the new tricks they learn and they are so much more obedient and responsive.

Sarah Mccluskey, August 2020

Such lovely trainers in such a lovely environment. Have a dog that I've found difficult to deal with but thanks to them I've built the confidence to deal with her and love my walks now. Love my Saturdays there training.

Julie Morgan, August 2020

Kind,caring staff who genuinely love the dogs. Saved my life with my latest rescue.

Daycare with Abbie is the best ?

Jayne Brown, August 2020

Very friendly group. Loved going for group classes and agility.

Heather Vaisey, August 2020

I adopted a very scared and panicky Romanian rescue dog with severe separation anxiety and if it wasn't for the help and advice of Barking Mad i don't know what i'd have done. Their support was invaluable. We now go to weekly classes and Charlie, our dog is going from strength to strength. He loves the classes and so do i.

Gillian Maguire, August 2020

They go out of their way to make training your dog fun for dogs and their humans.

Gemma Lord, August 2020

Barking Mad are amazing-they have been with us on our journey with our first dog Merlin from the very beginning. Always happy to offer help and advice. Family run and literally the best bunch of trainers around.

Ruth and James Howlett, August 2020

Very friendly and helpful people who love and understand dogs, treating dog and owner as individuals to get a happy and contented dog and owner using gentle and encouraging methods. All training is adapted and changed if necessary, not a one size fits all.

Everyone is always happy to see both dog and owner not just your particular trainer. The training area is well organised and set out with different areas for different types of activities. Everyone is very happy in what they do which makes it a pleasure for us and our excitable dog to visit. We have made huge progress with our GSD which we didn't think possible in such a short time. We are very, very pleased we found them.

Lindsey Plant, August 2020

Great fun, lovely knowledgeable instructors and wide variety of training offered

Lynn Paul, August 2020

First class in their field!

Zoe Muggleton, August 2020

The team are professional, effective and treat everyone as individuals but most importantly everyone has so much fun including the dogs!

Jade Jermy, August 2020

so friendly and knowledgeable! Me and my dog love it there!

Cheri-Anne Beech, August 2020

Because of their professionalism and dedication

Heather Prophet, August 2020

My boy is not the best behaved at times but his trainer and everyone else at Barking Mad are just brilliant. They embrace my dogs character and don't make me feel stupid if something goes wrong. Training is as much fun for us humans as it is for our pups at Barking Mad.

Bob Baggott, August 2020

It may not be possible to find a dog training school where the trainers have so much experience,knowledge,and patience.

Elaine Viney, August 2020

They are just brilliant friendly knowledgable and just make you feel so welcome

Meg Summers, August 2020

Barking Mad is my first experience of a dog training company and what a first experience it has been. The staff are knowledgable and welcoming. The facilities are such a good variety. Myself and Otto thoroughly enjoy going and will continue to. Thanks Barking Mad ?

Catherine Westgarth, August 2020

Great team. Love going and learn such a lot each week

Sue page, August 2020

because my dog loves going there n he is the expert x

Emily Goodwin, August 2020

I have a cocker spaniel puppy and she is just under 5 months old, she is such a well behaved little puppy and it’s all because of her dog school once and week and my puppy training I attend on a Saturday. The team are so supportive and really positive with all my hard work! They’ve made me feel so comfortable and we both look forward to our training every week!

Judy Broadley, August 2020

Excellent training

Lesley Lodge, August 2020

The training is undertaken in small groups so is in depth and personal. The facilities are exceptional and the trainers very competent and welcoming. You can move through awards and train with incremental improvement with your dog. It is never boring. At other classes I have attended elsewhere there were too many in a class and many weeks you left feeling you had got nowhere. This is never the case at Barking Mad.

Sally Francis, August 2020

Amazing staff very knowledgable. Nothing too much trouble. Amazing classes .

Paula Head, August 2020

They helped my dog over come his fear of people and made him more confident through positive training, he loved going every week.

Sascha Cantini, August 2020

They are friendly, helpful and patient. They really love what they do!

Kay Fleming, August 2020

Brilliant school, brilliant instructors, fantastic facilities.

Alison Sharpe, August 2020

Friendly, supportive trainers. Knowledgeable. Wide range of activities.

Maxine Bye, August 2020

Fabulous facilities and great trainers for fun and worthwhile Training

Louise Clarke, August 2020

Fantastic place to learn with my dog. All instructors are positive and supportive. In less than 6months I have noticed a really difference in my dog and so have family & friends.

Claire Wicks, August 2020

Great friendly team that caters for all your dogs needs can’t recommend them highly enough.

Will Smith, August 2020

Great dog training facility and very professional. Great staff and management. Our dog Nelson loves his time here, has tried out most services it offers and has come on leaps and bounds!

Shaun Lark, August 2020

Friendly staff. Excellent training.

Vicki Bidnall, August 2020

Fantastic trainers and excellent results to date from the sessions I have had. Always

available with advice and support to help me achieve my training goals.

keith hurrell, August 2020

Best training and behaviour group we have been to great

Jo Sanders, August 2020

All of the trainers are friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. I know i can ask any dog related question, no matter how silly, and have felt very supported as a dog owner.

Julie Morgan, August 2020

Helped me so much with my rescue dog when I arrived there in tears .

I wish I’d lived near when my other 5 needed training

Natalie Daniels, August 2020

They have been great with helping us train Leia

William Bird, August 2020

Great fun and a really welcoming atmosphere


Went to a previous dog training group...which was a waste of time. Been with Barking Mad group now for a while..during which dog has improved a great deal up to Gold standard. Trainers...all of them very friendly..helpful.nothing too much trouble at all. A thoroughly good group to be with.

Allison Barrett, August 2020

We rescued a dog last year and she was bonkers! She hadn't been treated very well and didn't know how to play or respond to basic commands and she was extremely hard work!

We had taken our 1st dog to Barking Mad a couple of years ago and we had always found the classes fun and all of the staff were always helpful and supportive.

So when we decided to rescue I had no hesitation to go back to Barking Mad as I knew that we would be welcomed back and as we were facing so many challenges with our rescue I knew the support and help would be there and in a few short months the progress has been huge! She is doing so well and is a huge part of our family.

There is still a way to go but we wouldn't have been where we are now without team BM!! They are all awesome!

Jane Mobbs, August 2020

First-class, very knowledgeable, kind trainers. Super duper training facilities. Strongly recommended. Barking Mad Training has changed my life with my best four-legged friend Maddie. Team Maddie!

Stacy Lind, August 2020

Such a great bunch

Jackie Blanche, August 2020

Great outdoor environment, my dogs love coming here, excellent trainers - nothing is too much bother, very friendly environment - and good fun

Ruth Whiting, August 2020

We went to Barking Mad with our new English Bull Terrier puppy. We had read books and were sure we were ready for our EBT. We really weren’t! Barking Mad have walked with us every step of the way, guided us, trained us as well as Groot and always with a smile, a laugh and totally positive and rewarding for the dogs. They’ve taught us what we didn’t know we didn’t know and made our home an enjoyable place again. All the trainers know Groot and he is so happy to go to Barking Mad especially to doggy day school! I can’t praise these guys enough, nothing is too much trouble, they are always available for advice and always have a smile. Every dog owner should have their number on speed dial!!

Mary Hickley, August 2020

Professional, friendly trainers who make a real difference to dogs and owners.

Marie Walker, August 2020

I've been training there for a short while, but its great fun, for dog, and owner, while being professional.

Nicola Carney, August 2020

Expert advice, amazing facilities, friendly & fun.

Caroline Munn, August 2020

I intended to just do a few weeks puppy training. 18 months later I still go every week with my whippet and have also done recall courses, agility, flyball and dockdiving. Never was dog training so much fun. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated.

Anna Cockburn, August 2020

Because their trainers are wonderful, and their method works. And because the dogs benefit so much from classes.

Sandra Spooner, September 2020

I can highly recommend them. We have our Cockapoo Amba very well trained thanks to Natalie. We are just about to start again with our new Poochon puppy Bella.

Sarah Cousins, September 2020

Amazing Company. The training and advice is spot on. Richard and the staff are all wonderfully friendly and helpful. The Nutritional advice has helped us tremendously. A happy place to be with your dog! 10/10 ?

Debra Leggett, September 2020

Fantastic place, fun and friendly, and learning lots!

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