Alyson's k9 Grooming Reviews

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Alison Hole, October 2023

Fantastic groomer luckily I started taking my 11 year old to her 9 years ago & now she puts up with all 4 as they play with Simba her pup. I recommend them to all my friends when they get their own dogs.

Ruth Taylor, November 2022

I was put at ease immediately. They really cared about how Holly was managing as she’s an anxious girl when being groomed. They cared about what she could cope with.

Claire Davies, November 2022

My dog is groomed every 6 weeks by Alyson. She has been going here since she was a puppy and she’s 8 years old now. Excellent service and care

Emma Thomas, November 2022

They are the best!

Hayley-Anne Cart, November 2022

Only groomers Iv known to not mind me staying with my dog while they groom him. Excellent and very kind and patient with him

Rhianna Marcella, November 2022

Amazing patience and skill

Kelly Pym, November 2022

The best around

Phil Howells, November 2022

Simply the best, so much care and attention put in on a 1-1 appointment basis. No cage drying, dogs treated the way they should be with love.

Sharron Terry, November 2022

Always put the dogs needs above anything else

Philip Thomas, November 2022

Very friendly groomers dogs been going here for years

Gail Scott, November 2022

Alison is so loving and caring and we wouldn’t take our dog Jake anywhere else

Kiera Mont, November 2022

Amazing people, Alyson and Gareth have been grooming my dog for many years. He is not the easiest but he is much calmer when I’m with him and they are the only groomers who let me stay. Iv tried numerous groomers with him before I found Alyson’s, none of them could groom him as he was so frightened and I did explain if I stayed he would be ok but they wouldn’t let me stay. All groomers should be like Alyson’s, kind & patient, thank god I found them

MichaelYs Fox, November 2022

Us and Mitzi are ALWAYS greeted with smiling friendly faces. They both nake a fuss of Mitzi before starting her grooming.We are always welcome to stay and watch the grooming. Tho on times we leve Mitzi in their capable hands knowing she will be looked after.

They always put the dogs well being at the forefront grooming.

The fact that NO RESTRAINTS are ever used was a massive plus in our decision on who would groom Mitzi.

Andy Sinclair, November 2022

Fantastic groomers for nervous pets

Griff Morrison, November 2022

Really good groomers. Very kind

Tess Goody, November 2022

Lovely people always very welcoming. Iv been taking my 2 dogs to Alyson for 8 years now. I would never take them anywhere else. Everything is focused around trying to make the dogs feel less stressed.

Judith James, November 2022

Would never trust anyone else to groom milo Alyson is always patient and understands how he doesn't like the dryer on him service always with a smile ☺

Leanne Jones, November 2022

We have used Alison for years, sadly our dog started having anxiety issues. Alyson was very patient with us and very helpful. She goes above and beyond her duties and always makes animals welcome and with a great environment in her salon.

Lucy Owen, October 2022

Lovely place and great with my nervous dog

Sharon Dawson, October 2022

My first time at this lovely groomers last week. I loved it, very friendly and very happy with the groom and care they showed my dog

Nyree Davies, October 2022

My dog really doesn’t like grooming but he is not too bad with Alyson and she lets me stay with him

Laura Henderson, October 2022

Very well deserving of this award. They can’t do more to make dogs and humans more happy

Stacey Flack, October 2022

Lovely people and a lovely place. Very welcoming and great with my dogs

Carol Driscoll, October 2022

I have a very difficult dog. He hates the groomers. Lots of people have failed to give him a groom. He comes back from Alyson looking fantastic. And happy.

David Franks, October 2022

A very impressive business which has got bigger and bigger over the years, Alysons openness & honesty is astonishing. Highly recommended after 9 years of monthly visits

Betty Lowe, October 2022

Alyson helps my very old dog. She has a lot of patience

Fiona Brent, October 2022

The most friendliest groomers Iv been to with any of my dog’s. I have been taking my Jack to Alyson & Gareth every 6 weeks for the last 5 year, ever so friendly and caring. No cages and to tying him up to the table, lovely

Ellie Thomas, October 2022

I love my dogs visits, we have such a laugh. Very nice people

Michelle Jones, October 2022

Excellent care and patience of a saint!

Louisa Owens, October 2022

What dog groomers should be like! Used many in the past and they are definitely nowhere near the care level of this groomers.

Jon Abraham, October 2022

Friendly people and my dog always looks great

Tess Fleming, October 2022

Honest groomers, it makes a refreshing change. Caring and friendly. My dogs feelings are actually taken on board

Hannah Evans, October 2022

My dog had a horrible experience a few years ago with the restraints at a groomers. Alyson doesn’t use restraints so when I found her I was over the moon and I can stay with my dog when she grooms him

Len Edwards, October 2022

Unlike any other groomers who used to groom my dog. Excellent

Helen Matthews, October 2022

If they win this award again this year, it’s very well deserved.

Brian Trent, October 2022

I always used to get let down last minute with my old groomer. Alyson and her partner are very reliable and punctual

Rhian Jennings, October 2022

9 years of grooming my shitzu and I’m always happy with her groom. She also doesn’t mind going in for grooming which is nice. I know she doesn’t like the hair dryer and alyson never makes her have her face dried which I really appreciate. I drop her off and go to do some shopping and if I am early coming back to collect her they always allow me to come in and sit and watch her being groomed. I feel really lucky to have such lovely dog groomers for my dog

Martin Chase, October 2022


Chantelle James, October 2022

1st class care

Joan McMurry, October 2022

I wish I had found these lovely people when i first had my dog 6 years ago. So so different to 3 others who used to groom her. She has become so much better thank goodness, can’t thank Alyson enough for her patience

Catherine Yemm, October 2022

Alyson & Gareth are so patient and friendly! Love that they spend one to one time with the dogs 🐶

Katie Stevens, October 2022

Kind, caring, professional.

Seb Nelson, October 2022

Friendly and caring. My dog does ok going for grooming here, much better than when I tried him at other places

Holly Yale, October 2022

Amazing with my timid dog

Flo the Cavachon Jones, October 2022

I go to Alyson and Gareth for my bath and hair cuts. They always talk to me and fuss me and they seem to love me lots and tell Mummy I've been a good girl. They don't tie me up and I feel good about this. I get all the attention too as usually its just me there. Mummy tells me I smell so good leaving there. Not as good as the fox smelly mud but hoomans don't like that for some reason. Love Flo ❤️

Richard James, October 2022

Lovely place excellent service

Leon Fitzgerald, October 2022

Most caring dog groomers I'v ever used

Kathryn Jones, October 2022

Both Alyson and Gareth are so gentle and understanding, you can tell they really care for the dogs.

Helen Evans, October 2022

Alyson absolutely loves dogs. I know that my dog Wilf is safe with her and she always gives him the best groom. I have been a client of Alyson for 9 years and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Georgina Davies, October 2022

Fantastic care of the dogs, each dog individually tailored to the grooming situation, excellent groomer,

Sharron Cuthbert, October 2022

Grooming with dogs needs put 1st.

5⭐️Alyson & Gareth are amazing with our Rottweiler.

Alison Jenkins, October 2022

Shadow loves coming to Alyson. He's quite an anxious dog and Alyson and Gareth are so patient with him. He comes home looking and smelling a million dollars 🐕😍

Susan Morgan, October 2022

Friendly caring atmosphere, Alyson and Gareth 's love and gentleness is always foremost and my little anxious shitzu always greets them with lots of kisses. Wouldn't trust anyone else...

Sarah Trick, October 2022

Alyson’s K9 Grooming always put the dogs first.

Laura Hermyt, October 2022

Amazing!! Patience of a saint!!

Victoria Gear, October 2022

I have a nervous ex breeding cocker spaniel who doesn’t take to many people. Alison and Gareth have so much patience with her and it really makes the grooming process so much easier.

Michelle Moroney, October 2022

They are very friendly and caring and do a fantastic job

Leanne Evans, October 2022

I take my dog there and they are so good with him. They're really kind and friendly and never force him.

Sarah Rees, October 2022

They are so friendly and loving towards the animals, such a lovely place to go, they don’t use harnesses and you can stay if you like with your dog

Aimee Howells-Butt, October 2022

Most friendly dog groomer I have ever been too, my dog has the best treatment from them and is well looked after when he is in their hands. So down to earth and loveliest people and you can see how much they care for animals too.

Gaynor Griffiths, October 2022

First class love and care each and every time

Rob Greenway, October 2022

My wife and I are always very happy with the way our dog’s are groomed, they always smell amazing also. But knowing they are in such good hands is the most important thing for us.

Leanne Bell, October 2022

Very caring would never trust another groomer with my 3 dog’s

Thomas Kent, October 2022

Friendly and professional

Dylan White, October 2022

My dog loves them

Hayley Evans, October 2022

They are just amazing with my 2 dogs. So loving and patient with them at every visit

Hannah Piper, October 2022

Unlike other groomers. Friendly and caring

Louise Jenkins, October 2022

One word - AMAZING

Hilary Andrews, October 2022

Recommended to me by friends a few years ago. Well known in Swansea for her care and patience with dogs. She’s a breathe of fresh air when it comes to dog grooming. So many problems in the past with other groomers. Other groomers should take note

Esther Neave, October 2022

Best groomers Iv ever had. The dogs feelings matter to them

Phil Cantrell, October 2022

It’s nice to have an honest and caring groomer.

Fiona Cantrell, October 2022

Honestly can not fault Alyson. She is so honest and open about grooming it’s very refreshing.

Mel Chanting, October 2022

Excellent service and I know I’m always allowed to stay with my dog if I want to, they make you feel so at ease. Nothing like other places Iv tried

Fern Mayhill, October 2022

I love these guys!!! They have been so good with me extremely nervous dog over the last 5 years. I can’t thank them enough

Vicky Smith, October 2022

No cages. Great grooms. Friendly owners. Punctual. Professional. Caring. Allow owners to stay. No restraints. Need I say more.


Gail Trust, October 2022


Sophie Jefferson, October 2022

Fantastic groomers, I would never trust another groomer with my dog. The way they do things is a lot kinder than a groomers I used to help out in a couple of years ago. The way they run their business is how ALL groomers should be. It’s all about the care with Alyson and her partner. Lovely people too

Rachel Jeffreys, October 2022

Most patient and caring groomers Iv known and Iv had a lot of dogs through my life. No one has ever let me stay with them whilst they are being groomed before and they used to be put in cages and come out traumatised. Completely different experience at Alyson’s. I can stay, they don’t put them in cages, they don’t tie them up, list goes on they are just amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Laura Pinick, October 2022

Fantastic care

Naomi Rees, October 2022

The best groomer my 10 year old Labrador has had. We found Alyson’s about 5 years ago and we have been taking Charlie to her and her partner every 5 weeks ever since.

Tracey Yates, October 2022

The Patience and care is excellent at Alyson’s. It’s very different to other groomers Iv been to. I am always amazed at how easy she makes it look. I love that I am allowed to stay when they groom my Betty

Sandra O’Leary, October 2022

Alyson has been my dog groom for the past 9 years. I couldn’t ever imagine another groomer grooming my poochon. He adores Alyson and Gareth, they are so kind to him and me, I’m forever grateful to them for making what could be a nervous experience to a joyful one.

Sharon Cole, October 2022

I love the grooms they do on my dog he always looks and smells amazing and I know he’s taken care of well when he is there, when I pick him up he’s always happy and not stressed at all.

Glen Davies, October 2022

The only groomers that can groom my crazy spaniel. Patience and care is outstanding

Christine Sulivan, October 2022

My dog used to be so scared of being groomed. I was so glad when I found Alyson and her husband. They are everything you could want in a groomers

Aimee Pritchard, October 2022

Amazing with my nervous dog

Diane Lowe, October 2022

All my family have been taking their dogs to to a alyson for years. Her and her partner are amazing

Sian Treharne, October 2022


Sara-lee Cai, October 2022

Lovely place

Lisa Naylor, October 2022

First class service and friendly people. Different to other groomers I have used over the years.

Francis Grove, October 2022

Definitely the best groomers Iv been to. Very friendly and professional. I’m also always welcome to stay when they groom if I so wished

Kelly Stuart, October 2022

No other groomers like them

Margaret Griffiths, October 2022

They are brilliant with my dogs and I can stay with them whenever I want

Loraine Jones, October 2022

Alyson and Gareth have been grooming Hartley for years they are both amazing. They go over and beyond to make sure the dogs have the best grooming expiration possible

Mihaela Neagu, October 2022

You are The best❤️❤️

Eirlys Howells, October 2022

Alyson and Gareth are amazing, caring and very professional . Excellent service.

Sarah Clarke, October 2022

My dog is not very happy about the hair dryer and that’s putting it mildly. Other groomers would never mention this and I always wondered why he hated going in so much. I took my dog to Alyson and they kindly let me stay with my dog and I soon realised that he goes mental with the dryer at the groomers. This was never mentioned in 3 years at the groomers. I feel so guilty for putting him through that every 6 weeks. We have now got my dog settled at Alysons and now avoid the dryers and he is much better going for his grooms. It’s taken about a year to calm him a bit. Thank god I found Alyson.

Kayleigh Cunningham, October 2022

Caring and kind

Lewis May, October 2022

Lovely people and very caring. They are the only dog groomers to have ever asked us if we want to stay when they groom our dog

Linda Payne, September 2022

Lovely people and the care they show dogs is nothing like iv known from other groomers. 5 years Henry had been going here and il never take him anywhere else now.

Hannah Williams, September 2022

We have been taking our dogs to Alyson for 9 years now. Fantastic service & very friendly, they have become more like friends than just a groomers we take our dogs to.

Rachel Dennis, September 2022

I love taking my two dogs to Alyson and Gareth. They look forward to our visits and when I collect them they don’t want to leave

Lowri Benson, September 2022

Only groomers who have allowed me to be with my dog during their groom. Very friendly and excellent grooming skills

Road Sinclair, September 2022

The care these guys provide for your dogs is like nothing iv ever come across when taking my dogs to other groomers.Outstanding service

Vicky Daley, September 2022

Lovely groomers. Iv been taking my Lewi here for 7 years. They always let me stand by the table with him when he’s being groomed. Very different to groomers I used to take my other dogs to. Very grateful for their patience with my Lewi

Georgina Porter-Lake, September 2022

My dog loves going to see Alyson and her partner, they have been grooming him since he was a puppy and he’s 4 years old now. He is quite a handful but they are very patient with him.

Caitlin Carter, September 2022

Exceptional service

Lynne Griffin, September 2022

Fantastic groomers very friendly and unlike other groomers iv used in past

Carl Burchal, September 2022

1st class

Leona Fawkes, September 2022

Alyson and Gareth are fantastic with my very timid Tasha, she’s a German Sheperd and is not overly fussed on having baths but I’m allowed to stay with her and she does so much better than she used to when I had taken her to other places. Iv been taking her here every 3 months for 2 years now and I wouldn’t take her anywhere else.

Lucy Kent, September 2022

Amazing service

Kath Moore, September 2022

Excellent groomers and very friendly. And I know I’m always welcome to stay with my dog if I want to. I would never take him anywhere else

David Fencock, September 2022

The best groomers we have ever used

Shelley Fencock, September 2022

Very Friendly and we always know we are leaving our dog in hands. The way they groom is very different to others we have used in the past, we love it and so does our dog

Hayden Lewis, August 2022

Very friendly people and they always do what’s best for my dog, can not fault the service

Caitlin Hills, August 2022

I love Alyson & Gareth’s grooming ways. It is a refreshing change to the normal run of your mill dog groomers. They show such care and patience and they don’t mind me standing right by my dog the whole way through his groom smoothing him and reassuring him and feeding him chicken. They are amazing

Hayley Evans, August 2022

Absolutely amazing with both my dogs. Always well looked after, loved and cared for while they are being groomed. Excellent service always

Hugh Ford, August 2022

Fantastic. All the reviews already say it all

Sarah Dennis, August 2022

Lovely place, always clean in there and the grooms on my dogs are always really great. I love the fact I can always stay if I want to whilst they are being groomed and they are one to one so it’s only my dogs there. I know they also feel more at ease with their no force policy, they are not very happy about being dried but Alyson doesn’t force them to get dried and they are much calmer without the restraints around their necks too I’m sure, highly recommended

Carole Farrell, August 2022

I have used Alyson for many years for my dog Mitsy who doesn't like the groomer after a traumatic experience as a puppy before I used Alyson. Alyson and Gareth are so patient with her I know she is in safe hands. This week I took my new dog I've adopted a 14 year old blind llasa apso who doesn't like her paws touched and is scared of sudden movements. Alyson spoke so gently to her and she thoroughly enjoyed her groom she was like a little puppy when I picked her up I cannot recommend them enough.

Clive Gregson, August 2022

I have a lot of time Alyson and Gareth, they are always chatty and smiley, they are excellent with my dogs too.

I am very particular about who looks after my dogs, but I know they are always in good hands. They look and smell fantastic every time and the care provided whilst being groomed is outstanding

Terry Rogers, August 2022

Best care and friendly service,always got time for owners too,makes a nice change to other groomers

Leon Rogers, August 2022

Always have a good laugh with these guys and their grooming skills are superb!

Jan Stewart, August 2022

At Alyson’s they both show compassion and friendliness towards both owner and pet. Our Alfie feels so welcomed and happy when hes there which is a relief when you have an anxious dog, especially as we/he recently lost his best friend of 13 years Millie, that Alyson also groomed. Would highly recommend anytime Thank you Alyson .

Carole Egan, August 2022

Milo has never liked being groomed but since attending Alyson’s K9 grooming the patience and calm natures of both Alyson & Gareth have changed a very stressful situation into a better experience for him. They are so caring taking Milo’s care as the main priority

Alison Brown, August 2022

Alyson has groomed our furbaby, Hugo, for a number of years. His first experience at a different groomers had not been great and he was terrified. Hugo was immediately put at ease by Alyson who is so kind and attentive. She knows all of her clients and what they need. Hugo loves going to the groomers now and its all because of Alyson.

Jonathon Bainbridge, August 2022

Always friendly, welcoming, and accommodating

Gemma Haley, August 2022

They are amazing with my anxious pom Roxi

Judith James, August 2022

Milo had previously had a bad experience with a other groomer who I was t aware at the time used to use a drier on him and was distressed when I picked him up and they never made me aware when Allison first opened I took him there and she made me aware stairway and has never forced him to be dried and he is so happy now when we drop him off and pick him up will never go anywhere else and Highley recommend her

Gethin White, August 2022

Outstanding care & very knowledgeable. Always a pleasure to talk to both Alyson and Gareth. They always put the dogs feelings first. Well done both for an incredible business that is different to normal groomers. Your like a breath of fresh air which is needs to be seen in more groomers

Maria Trace, August 2022

I take my Tilly every 5 weeks for her groom, she loves going to see Alyson & Gareth. Iv been taking her here for the last 5 years. They are the most caring groomers Iv taken her to, she’s 10 now, just wish I had found them before

Laura Harries, August 2022

Excellent grooms and fantastic care

Donna Woodvine, August 2022

Excellent, caring and professional service

Christine Evans, August 2022

Extremely patient and very caring and kind with our very energetic and very challenging cocker spaniel

Catherine Nutt, August 2022

The dogs best interests always matter the most. No cages and lovingly cared for whilst groomed.

Tracy Ruggles, August 2022

Charlie and Bosley get the best treatment and grooming.

They make the boys feel completely safe. The get the best grooms. Happy always.

Andrew Woodvine, August 2022

Cannot be faulted in any way. Caring professional and friendly to both owners and pets.

Andrew Cunningham, August 2022

The best care Iv ever known from a groomer, I’m 67 and had dogs all my life. This is the way all dog groomers should be, they are so busy and obviously they can’t fit everyone’s dogs in but there should be a chain of Alyson’s groomers all over the country so everyone can have their dogs treated this way when at the groomers. Amazing service

Alison Hole, August 2022

Alyson & Gareth take care of my trio like they were their own, following my surgery they went above & beyond to make sure the dogs were well taken care of while I wasn’t able to drive. Always recommend them to friends

Jane Lingham, August 2022

It feels like I’m taking my dog Riley to a family member, always so loving and gentle and he always looks so amazing after 🐶

Gill Morgans, August 2022

My dog trixie loves going there and has a good relationship with them

Andrea Moruzzi-Jones, August 2022

Very caring and excellent service!

Wouldn’t want my dog to go anywhere else!

Chris Jones, August 2022

Very good and caring to our dog and he enjoys going there

Lyn Murphy, August 2022

Alyson is the best that there is in the Grooming business and looks after dogs very well she deserves this award and more thankyou from me and Rex

Vanessa Vaughan, August 2022

Alyson & Gareth are amazing they are so good at their job! They literally love are fury friends. Every groom they are so friendly, warm & welcoming to Marlow. This makes his experience the best it can be. Thank you guys.

Ian Smith, August 2022

Alyson and Gareth are so patient and caring with my dog (she's a rescue and very nervous). We stay with her during her groom and they really go the extra mile to make sure she's OK.

Joanne Yeates, August 2022

Rocco is very nervous with the dryer, but Alyson and Gareth have so much patience - they hold him in their arms and take so much time to dry him slowly. Lovely to have the opportunity to stay with him. Wouldn’t take him anywhere else.

Emma Rees, August 2022

Me and my pooch love coming here. My dog is not a lover of being groomed but she have grown to like coming here bit by bit. They are brilliant wouldn't go anywhere else.

Sandra Williams, August 2022

My dog Lottie gets quite anxious but Alyson and Gareth both comfort and encourage her while she is being groomed which results in her coming away ( not only well groomed) but happy.. thank you

Paula OConnor, August 2022

Murphy has been groomed by Alyson for years and he loves to go especially being able to see little Simba recently. Absolutely recommend Alyson from me and Murphy.

Vanessa GUARNERI, August 2022

Alyson and Gareth make a great team, total trust between them and dogs resulting in no restraints needed while being groomed, happy owners happy dogs, counting down days till my two are in next.

Tammy Churchill, August 2022

Excellent experience for my dog , super friendly, very caring . They always put the animals needs first wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.

Hannah Evans, August 2022

They take such good care of my dog, she hates the dryer so they always manage to avoid the dryer and still make her look and smell lovely

Michael Downing, August 2022

Alyson and Gareth are absolutely brilliant, they deal with Boris’ anxiety problems so well. Nothing is a problem in dealing with difficult or frightened dogs. Boris can’t wait to go there and runs and barks all the way down the street to the shop as he is so excited. Well done to both of you for offering such a good service, thank you!

Debbie Whitehouse, August 2022

Alyson and Gareth are so caring and we wouldn’t go anywhere else. Charley is always made to feel comfortable and even though she is an anxious, nervous dog they go out of their way to make sure she has a pleasant experience.

Allison James, August 2022

They always put my dog at ease, kind and caring groomers wouldn’t go anywhere else !

Julie Thomas, August 2022

Very friendly and caring towards my elderly dogs, wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Sally Rowlands, August 2022

I've been taking my dogs to Alyson for years, she's absolutely amazing with them wouldn't take them anywhere else.

Lisa Morris, August 2022

Our cavachon Sully doesn’t like a groom in the slightest!! He’s terrified of the dryer and he’s a nightmare.

Alyson and Gareth don’t force sully to be dried yet he always has the best cut and comes home smelling beautiful. He always has the best cut and looks so handsome.

I love the fact that there are no cages in the shop and each pet has quality one to one time for the entire appointment.

Alyson and Gareth are so kind and caring and love their fur-clients which is plain to see.

Sully is 6 now and has been going to Alyson’s K9 grooming since his very first cut. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with him.

Susan Morgan, August 2022

Friendliest, most caring groomers, always putting her doggy client's needs first . I would never consider going anywhere else. My little nervous dog knows the love and empathy that she's always shown.

Kay Evans, August 2022

Always friendly, no restraints or cages, you can stay if you wish to. When your dogs are there they are the only customers. They always put your dog first and are so caring. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get my dogs groomed.

Cerys Evans, August 2022

1st class service

Karen Williams, August 2022

Alyson always thinks about how the dogs feel in each situation and grooms them to their individual needs. Teddy is cared for and looked after whenever he goes for his groom.

Karen Davies, August 2022

Charlie is a rescue and very very nervous of everything. I know he’s not the easiest dog to deal with but Alyson and Gareth have so so much patience with him and I couldn’t ask for anything more

Lee Abbott, August 2022

We tried a few groomers with our dogs Ronnie and Jasper. Ronnie was a very fidgety spaniel and most groomers weren't fust on making the effort. Alyson's k9 Grooming however have always been excellent with the dogs and they enjoy going there. We sadly lost Ronnie last year but we continue to use Alyson with Jasper and can't wait until our new pup Loki is big enough to join him.

Pauline Kenvin, August 2022

Been to a few over the years.but believe me Alyson,s is the best.from customer kindness to their dog care.

Rhian Howells, August 2022

Always makes our Taffy feel calm and relaxed

Jacqueline Williamson, August 2022

They do an amazing job on my Daughter’s cockapoo, Hendricks and he gets so excited when he goes for his pampering, he loves it.

Sally Carpenter, August 2022

We can’t walk past without my dog Bonnie wanting to go in she really loves going there . Thank you both so much x

Helen Freeman, August 2022

Always a friendly caring service for my lovely dog. And I get to play with their puppy!

Joanne Tucker, August 2022

Max loves going for his groom he is totally spoilt he is not stressed and Alyson and Gareth treat him like part of the family ❤️

Debbie Gough, August 2022

Excellent service

Kim Elliott, August 2022

Super friendly and professional. My dog is completely safe when left with Alyson

Lindsay Croucher, August 2022

My dog Daisy loves coming to Alyson’s. She jumps up at the window to get in there! Daisy needs a groom around every 6 weeks and after trying a couple of local groomers, I’ll always go to Alyson’s now. Always happy with the groom, how daisy is treated and the price. Daisy hates the dryer so runs about to get dry instead. X

Gaynor Mackintosh, August 2022

Always happy to see the dogs and spend time with each of them to make sure they are happy , fantastic service

Suzanne Angelow, August 2022

It's a great place for my westie, Grace to go. Alyson and Gareth always make her feel instantly relaxed. I love the fact that they don't use harnesses.amd only ever have your dog or dogs in at any time, so no crating while they wait.

Grace is always in a fantastic mood when I collect her.

Rhiannon Taylor, August 2022

Alyson & Gareth always make mylo & myself feel welcome. They are not just groomers, they look out for any changes in the dogs skin or fur & mention them straight away.

Sarah Davies, August 2022

Best groomers around, so friendly and have such an obvious passion for what they do. Will only do what a dog is comfortable with which is rare in itself.

Michael Brereton, August 2022

Both of my dogs love Alyson and the groom is more of an event for them than a chore. For us as owners I have never once questioned or worried about my pets safety or happiness while in her care.

Lisa Alves, August 2022

My dog Teddy doesn't hate it lol. They understand what Teddy likes and doesn't and arrange the grooming around him, such as not using the drier on his head.

Annabelle Seisun, August 2022

The best groomer in Swansea, very friendly couple, they work great with the dogs, no restrains, they don't force the dog if it don't like the blower and the best thing is you are welcome to stay and watch while your dog is being pampered.

Sarah Howells, August 2022

Alyson & Gareth are amazing at what they do. Always make us welcome and my little dog loves going to see them.

Danni de Kerckhove, August 2022

We have been visiting Alyson’s K9 Grooming since Buzz was a puppy. The most friendly, caring, and gentle groomers I think I have ever come across. Alyson’s K9 Grooming is so popular and was definitely worth the wait to get Buzz booked into, I wouldn’t take him anywhere else! Thank you for all of your hard work, you are both wonderful at what you do!

Julie Williams, August 2022

My dogs aren't the best behaved, but she still shows them love and patience, use to take them somewhere else and they hated it, but now they come back gleaming and smelling so fresh

Aimee Bond, August 2022

Alyson and Gareth are so friendly and you can tell they have a real passion for dogs and their feelings. Arthur absolutely loves them and I love that I can leave him there care free. They also happen to trim his hair really well which is a bonus!

Kieran Clarke, August 2022

What’s not to like about these guys

They let people stay with their dog if they want to when they are grooming them. They don’t tie dogs up to groom them. They don’t put them in cages. One to one grooming. And the most important for my dog is that they don’t make her get dried, my Frank hates the hairdryer. Such a friendly environment and lovely people

Danielle Rowe, August 2022

I have been bringing our Cavachon to Alyson and Gareth for a number of years. Most importantly they always put our dog first and make sure he is happy and settled all the time. As he is getting older now they take things at his pace and help make him more comfortable. Having experienced other groomers I would never take our dog anywhere else again. Thank you both

john rodda, August 2022

very friendly and the dogs are very well looked after

Samantha Phillips, August 2022

Best groomers EVER

Julie Jones, August 2022

They are the kindest most patient dog groomers I have ever seen, the dog comes before anything else and that gives you complete confidence that your beloved pet is having the best care they can get.

Louise Russ, August 2022

I've taken my Toby to alyson since he was a puppy and do not trust anyone else with him, she is so patient and thinks of his wellbeing before anything else. She is so professional and Toby always comes out looking like a new dog she is the best groomer and I recommend her to all my friends and family.

Patricia Ann Ball, August 2022

They are extremely kind to my three dogs, my shihtzu’s love going there they are so excited to have a visit. I’m happy to leave them there

Zoe Peters, August 2022

By far the friendliest and kindest dog groomers! Very patient with my anxious dog. Would never go anywhere else.

Madelene Kostromin, August 2022

The best dog groomers I have ever been too , they put my dogs welfare first, they are so friendly and kind. They are really reassuring to me too as I worry about how timid lola is on times x

Katy Allen, August 2022

Amazing with all my dogs, very kind and understanding. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Joanna Williams, August 2022

Very freindly and caring would never go and else

Megan Jones, August 2022

Treats our dog with all the kindness and respect in the world :)

Melanie Bradley, August 2022

The most friendliest and caring groomer I know of. I wouldn't think of taking my dog anywhere else

Karen James, August 2022

My dog is happy and safe here whether I stay or not! Alyson and Gareth are lovely to dogs and their owners! No restraints, one dog or household at a time and no doing anything the dog doesn't want!! 100% dog led care!! Amazing !!

Michael Fox, August 2022

A caring groomer who does everything that suits the dog. No force used. Dogs that hate the drier are towel dried. No restraints used its always 2 groomers to 1 dog. They both care as much about your dog as if they were the owners...

Emily Ayres, August 2022

We wouldn’t take our 2 cavs anywhere else. Alyson & Gareth are so wonderful with them & clearly love what they do. Couldn’t recommend them more.

Emma Thomas, August 2022

Both so friendly and accommodating. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!

Jayne Govier, August 2022

I've been taking my dogs to Alyson since they were pups she never does nothing they don't like I wouldn't take them anywhere else they are so friendly and so lovely with my dogs

Ryan Purchase, August 2022

Exceptional every single time. Groomers who genuinely care for your pet(s) as if it were their own. Nothing is ever too difficult for them and the dogs are happy to return

Kelly Pym, August 2022

Best around would never use anyone eide

Gloria Brown, August 2022

Always happy to see dog s and clients

Marilyn Jones, August 2022

Both Alyson and Gareth always treat my pet like their own and treat us like their friends. We have total trust in their practice and the way the dogs feel at home and safe, with no stress, just kindness. I would not take Bob anywhere else.

Geraldine Hendricks, August 2022

To see Bailey's excitement when we arrive at K9 says everything. Bailey thoroughly enjoys his visits which is very reassuring as owners to know he is well cared for in his visit.

Gemma Williamson, August 2022

Hendricks loves going to see Alyson and Gareth, he is always so well cared for and comes out looking and smelling amazing!

Sarah Webster, August 2022

I wouldn’t take Daisy anywhere else. She is always so excited to see Alyson she doesn’t even notice me leaving. Alyson genuinely cares for each and every dog, always doing what’s right for them to ensure they are at their happiest whilst being groomed.

Hayley John, August 2022

Amazing service putting the dogs wellbeing first every time. As stress free as a groom could possibly be. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you!

Mair Owen, August 2022

I would only ever recommend Alyson’s k9. The professional approach, quiet, calm attitude and understanding and knowledge of canine behaviour Alyson has is outstanding. Each dog is familiarised to washing, drying and clipping according to their needs and anxieties. She’s also great with anxious owners.

Anthony Wilson, August 2022

Always takes an interest in our Doug and our lives. Doug has always nervous but he’s well looked after and I wouldn’t consider taking him anywhere else. Have rolling appointments throughout the year for him and I’ve never been cancelled on or have been left waiting outside, always on time.

Chloe Sainsbury, August 2022

Dennis is so comfortable with Alyson and I love seeing videos of him on Facebook having his groom and playing with simba! It makes me feel at ease knowing he’s not stressed and in good hands.

Alyson has been so friendly and accommodating since I’ve started taking Dennis and I couldn’t ask for more.

Also, he looks so smart when he comes out!

Rhian Smith, August 2022

Excellent groomers. Been taking my Milo here for 9 years. Very caring ways, very different to other groomers

Danny Thomas, August 2022

Can't say enough about this groomers not like any other. They should open right across the country so everyone can benefit from this service.

Dion Thomas, August 2022


Brian Welfield, August 2022

Friendly and professional.

Marian Neagu, August 2022

Always the best 👌!

Dominique Harvey, August 2022

Very friendly and they allow me to stay with my dog if I want to, The only groomers Iv come across that would allow this. Been going here for 3 years now and il never go anywhere else

Helena Cartwright, August 2022

I would only use the best groomers for my dogs and Alyson’s is most definitely that, I can’t fault them.

Louise Hatton, August 2022

Excellent service and extremely friendly to my furbaby.

Sara Kennedy, August 2022

First class, very friendly, force force free grooming

Nigel Dawson, August 2022

Outstanding service

Jess Dennis, August 2022

The only groomers Iv come across who don’t refuse you if you ask to stay with your dog. Such a friendly environment

Claire Rees, August 2022

Grooms on my dogs are always brilliant. And they love going to see Alyson and Gareth.

Liz Stratton, August 2022

I vote every year for Alyson and Gareth. Lovely people doing their best to make dog grooming a more friendly and stress free environment for dogs

Sandra Tovey, August 2022

Very professional,1st class service. They let you stay with your dog,they don’t put your dog in a cage,dogs have their own appointments and they don’t tie them up to groom them. Now if that’s not friendly I don’t know what is. Not enough stars

Marie Tovey, August 2022

No restraints - AMAZING

Greg Davies, August 2022

A lot of Patience, my dog is very naughty but they always manage to make him look amazing without stressing him out too much too.

Lewis Williamson, August 2022

Great people and great groomers

Sally Williamson, August 2022

We would always highly recommend Alyson’s. Most amazing care and patience

Rhian Manning, August 2022

Very caring groomers

Phil Grove, August 2022

Always Professional and their love for dogs shines through

Anna Grove, August 2022

Friendly service and the dogs are always well looked after. The only groomers Iv ever known who would allow us to stay if we wanted to stay.

Hazel Charles, August 2022

100% the friendliest groomers

Katie Fritz, August 2022

Lovely place very friendly. My dog doesn’t mind going there either which is great as he used to hate the last place and be shaking when I picked him up

Brian Lowe, August 2022

Without a doubt the friendliest groomers we’ve ever been to

Sandra Lowe, August 2022

Lovely friendly people and excellent with my dogs

Ben Trust, August 2022

Excellent service

Rachel Kenvin, August 2022

Allowing the dogs owners to stay during their grooms goes to show they are confident about how they conduct their business. The care and patience they have is lovely to see

Liz Trust, August 2022

Patient caring and trustworthy, with amazing haircuts. Plus my dog loves them

Kelly Davies, August 2022

Very busy & popular salon, I was on the waiting list for a couple of months to join them. I’m so glad I am now with them with my Coco, Alyson and Gareth are amazing with her. She hates everything about grooming but they have so much patience with her and they also let me stay with her when they groom her. There really aren’t enough stars for this business. They also don’t use the restraints to tie them up which is much better , il never go anywhere else. Very professional,friendly & knowledgeable

Michelle Griffiths, August 2022

Only place that will allow me to stay with my dog, very friendly people and fab grooms

Sian Lewis, August 2022

Excellent groomers, very caring

Alison Peters, August 2022

My dog Mabel always looks and smells amazing. I know she’s always well looked after. Alyson & her partner run a very professional and very friendly groomers. 3 years of using them and I’m always impressed with the service

Jane Sullivan, August 2022

4th year in a row Iv voted for Alyson and her partner in these awards, hope they win again this year. They deserve it

Anna-Lee Hughes, August 2022

The only groomers that would let me stay with my little Benji. Amazing service and amazing groom

Claire Richards, August 2022

Alyson & Gareth always take such good care of my dog, I’m always allowed to stay if I want to and they don’t tie him up. I really think this is something that all dog groomers should be doing

Hannah Martin, August 2022


Jan Trundle, August 2022

Excellent groomers. Everything thing do is 1st class from the welcome into the salon to the groom and collection. Can not fault them

Justin Morgan, August 2022

Nearly 10 years Alysons been grooming our 3 dog’s. Always a great service

Fran Morris, August 2022

1st class service every time

Helen Pritchard, August 2022

Friendly calm and stress free environment just right for my little boy

Chris Jones, August 2022

Nice to know our dogs are in such good hands

Leanne Selwyn, August 2022

Nothing is too much trouble. One dog at a time too which I love,no cages,no tying them up to the table and they don’t make my dog get dried which is great as my dog hates the dryer. They deserve this award

Kiera Daniels, August 2022

My dog really enjoys going to see Alyson & Gareth. She scratches the door to go in. I stay with her during her groom too, she’s so much better when I’m with her but the last groomers she was with would never let me stay with her and she never liked going there. But for past 2 years we have been using Alyson and she’s come to not mind being groomed and can’t wait to get in to the salon.

Lisa Daniels, August 2022

The most genuine caring groomers Iv ever been to. They can’t do enough for you and your dogs. And the grooms are always really lovely. Most definitely deserve the most friendliest groomers award once again.

Jen Staples, August 2022

Lovely people with the dogs feelings at the forefront of their business. Fantastic groomers

Tess Bennett, August 2022

Only groomers who will ever let me stay with my dog. I don’t always stay but I know if I want to then I can.

Carl Bennett, August 2022

Never got a bad word to say about them. A lovely couple running an amazing friendly dog business

Derek Manning, August 2022

Excellent and very nice people. My dog doesn’t mind going and looks great after his groom

Mark Lowe, August 2022

Friendly and caring people. Our dog always looks great

Sarah Henson, August 2022


Kathy Bright, August 2022

These groomers are by far the most friendly, caring and compassionate groomers. They deserve to win this award again. Good luck guys

Helen Lowe, August 2022

Mine and my daughters dog have been going here for a few years. We would never take them anywhere else. The love and care from Alyson & Gareth is fantastic

Kelly Henson, August 2022

My dog loves them. There isn’t enough stars

Mark Selwyn, August 2022

They deserve this award again. They really are the most friendly groomers and very nice people

Carley York, August 2022

Friendly, caring, professional

Mike Jennings, August 2022

Alyson and her partner groom our dogs, my sons dogs, both neighbours dogs, friends dogs, the list goes on, very popular in Swansea and further a field, easy to see why too. Everything they do is focused around trying to keep the dogs happy and less stressed. They are without a doubt the best groomers we have ever used

Sadie Lowe, August 2022

Caring and professional

Peter Davies, August 2022

5 stars. Highly recommend

Ryan Curtis, August 2022

The best there is

Scott Davies, August 2022

Ned my dog hates being groomed but they are amazing with him and they let me stay with him

Lucy Chat, August 2022

Friendliest groomers award deserved again most definitely

Mel Davies, August 2022

My dogs are not the easiest to handle, they are a difficult groom, but since going to alyson they are a lot less stressed when I pick them up than they used to be where I used to take them, probably be because they don’t force dry them and they don’t restrain them

Courtney Jefferson, August 2022

Lovely people and my dog is always treated well

Dave Thomas, August 2022

Charlie our spaniel is completely bonkers,they are the only groomers who have managed to groom him. We stayed with him the first couple of times but now we leave him in their professional hands,he really is mad but they always manage to groom him (on the floor as he won’t stand on the table) and they leave him dry off naturally cause he goes totally bananas with the dryer. Honestly they deserve a medal

Rhiannon Daley, August 2022

Always very nice to my family and my dog. Standard of grooming a also excellent

Kirsten Taylor, August 2022

Exceptional service every time. Unlike any other groomers we have ever tried. Allowing dogs owners to stay, there’s nowhere else like it

Stacey Miles, August 2022

Great place and amazing groomers

Rachel Saunders, August 2022

Alyson has been grooming my Jess for 8 years she absolutely loves her. Alyson and her partner are very friendly and their love for dogs shines through,my dog always look amazing and smells great too

Tracey King, October 2021

Best groomers Iv used

Nick King, October 2021

What a lovely couple running this groomers I have tried a couple but my boy has taken two alyson and Gareth wish I had found them sooner

Chloe Staddon, October 2021

Alyson and Gareth are amazing, they care so much for all their clients. They always go above and beyond what is expected

Bethan Davies, October 2021

You just have to read all these reviews to know this is the friendliest groomers. The way Alyson and her partner groom the dogs abd run the business is how it should be done in all groomers

Sandra Jenson, October 2021

I’m very fussy about who Iooks after my dog, this groomers is the only groomers I will leave my 5 year old King Charles Sophie with. She’s been going here since she was 16 weeks old. No restraints . no cages . Letting customers stay . And one to one grooming it’s a first class service and my Sophie only has the best of everything

Carl Harries, October 2021

Alyson is the only person that can cut my dogs nails without making them bleed. Fantastic

Richards Jayne, October 2021

Always great with my furbaby, Allison is a true professional

Hannah Yemm, October 2021

Alysons has been running the most friendliest groomers since she opened in 2013. Why can’t all groomers be the same,everything is focused on the dogs feelings,just amazing

Nicki Thomas, October 2021

Really good service and best grooming service.

Anne McNeil, October 2021

There is nowhere else that grooms your dog when you sit and watch, with no cages, on a one to one basis and with no restraints. Friendly and caring on top of all of that too

Kim Elliott, October 2021

Alyson is so good with my dog who hates being dried. I wouldn't take him anywhere else

Kelly Davies, October 2021

All I got to say is wow

Emma Mullins, October 2021

They are so friendly, gentle and loving with my dog. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

Abigail Connor, October 2021

Such a great service,very different to other groomers, my Jess loves going for her groom, they spoil her rotten and they don’t force her to have the dryer which she hates so she is also very happy when I pick her up. The best groomers we have used, by a mile

Edward Thomas, October 2021

Brilliant that’s all I have to say

Hayley Punchard, October 2021

Alyson and Gareth are amazing with my Pugs. They love going for their bath and I can stay with them. I'd never allow anyone else to groom my Pugs.

Julie Williams, October 2021

She's very welcoming, she takes the time to have a chat not only about the dogs but about ever day things, it's a joy to visit.

Jamie Slee, October 2021

Alison is awesome with my pugs !!! Wouldn't go else where.

Dawn Edwardd, October 2021

A lovely friendly safe and kind environment. Excellent customer service providing advice and nothing is too much trouble. It’s like taking our family dog from home to home. Fantastic place would never go anywhere else.

Hayley Evans, October 2021

Absolutely amazing with buster and daisy. Love knowing that both my dogs are safe and well looked after

Julie Thomas, October 2021

So friendly and caring with my three elderly dogs and caters to each of their individual needs

Melanie Bradley, October 2021

My little Scruffball was ill treated before coming to live with me and Alyson is so caring with her, I wouldn't dream if taking her anywhere else

Nicola Jones, October 2021

They are absolutely fantastic. Alyson & Gareth have shown their love and understanding to our doggie family for many years and our doggie family has consisted of different needs due to background issues and they have excelled every time. The ONLY place to trust our beloveds with.

Gamela Musrati, October 2021

Isabelle hates being groomed! She would leave groomers stressed for a few days. At Alyson’s They are so patient with her and never force her into anything she doesn’t like. She is never stressed leaving there. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, neither would Isabelle. They are amazing!!

Matthew Walters, October 2021

Friendly and Excellent Service

Gaynor Mackintosh, October 2021

The dogs love going to see Alyson and Gareth and they always look fantastic after their grooming.

Morgan Susan, October 2021

The best. My little anxious shitzu warmed to Alyson straight away and has been our only and favourite groomer for the past four years. Groomers with care and lots of love and cuddles. Would not trust my pheobe with anyone else....

Hill Kathryn, October 2021

Alyson’s k9 grooming we’re absolutely amazing with my dog Honey. It was her first time there and they treated her so well and she was a very happy dog when I picked her up. They will not do anything that will upset or stress out the dog and they treat all the dogs as if they were their own. Highly recommended.

Vanessa Powell, October 2021

Amazing place to have your dog groomed would love to see them win, well deserved recognition for two caring people who love the dogs they groom ❤️

Ian Smith, October 2021

Our dog is a rescue and is very nervous. Alyson and Gareth are so gentle and caring with her. After 2 years she is finally relaxing and enjoying being pampered.

Brian Fletcher, October 2021

First class groomers

Bennett Caroline, October 2021

Becauae they make house calls for my elderly boy who cant travel these days and they are so patiwnt and lovely with him. Thanks for your service guys! Bugsy and Caroline x

Sharon Watkins, October 2021

Great service and very friendly

Hole Alison, October 2021

Friendly and cares for every pet as if they were her own

Madelene Kostromin, October 2021

So friendly to me but more so to my little lola, kind and caring. I trust them 100%

Williams W, October 2021

Amazing care and attention

griffiths gaynor, October 2021

The very best two are very timid and get lots of love and cuddles and fuss each and every visit .

So friendly they're more like family

Jones Julie, October 2021

They are so kind and loving towards the dogs, the dogs always come first 💗

Chris Bennett, October 2021

We have been using Alyson for 8 years, the best care we have ever encountered from any other groomers we used with our last dog. What a difference in the way they run things, it’s something which can’t be learnt or copied. Alyson is just naturally in sync with animals,it’s amazing to see how her and her partner groom the dogs

Howells Eirlys, October 2021

Alyson and Gareth are both caring and friendly. They really care about all the dogs well-being and work so hard to gain their trust . They deserve the dog friendly award.

Rebecca Hiscock, October 2021

Excellent groomers loads of patience with the dogs wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Shelley Sinclair, October 2021


The way this business is run is all focused on making the dogs feel more relaxed about having their grooms. The way all dog groomers should be

Helen James, October 2021

Iv tried many groomers over the years. Alysons is the only groomers who allow customers to stay with their dogs

Helen Thomas, October 2021

Very good service not enough stars

Charlotte Rees, October 2021

Alyson and Gareth are great with my dog George. Sometimes I stay with him and sometimes I don’t if I’ve got somewhere to go, but it’s always nice to know I’m welcome. They don’t tie him up to groom him and there’s never any other dogs there at the same time. He loves the fusses but he isn’t too pleased about being dried,so they only do what he allows, they don’t like to stress him. His groom takes an hour, but at the old groomers I used to take him to he would be there all day waiting his turn in a cage, terrrible. Without a doubt Alyson is the best groomers Iv ever taken my dogs to

Seren Matthews, October 2021

No other groomers allows the customers to stay when their dogs are being groomed, outstanding

Chantelle Rowe, October 2021

Fantastic service. The only groomers Iv used that actually listens to what you want.

Lauren Bartllett, October 2021

Exceptional service every time

Rachel Row, October 2021

The most genuine caring groomers. Anytime I want to stay with my Jack I know I can, other groomers Iv used would never allow it. They also don’t tie your dog up. First class service, this is how all dog groomers should be.

Ben Stanton, October 2021

The most friendliest, caring, professional & knowledgeable groomer we have ever used

Carl Thomas, October 2021


Hannah Dennis, October 2021

Amazing groomers

Alison Hole, September 2021

Treats my trio as if they were her own always know they are safe & well looked after

Alison Hole, September 2021

The dog always comes first & are treated as if they were Alyson’s own

Samantha Barnfather, September 2021

Doesn’t use the dryer if dogs don’t like them. Doesn’t tie them up or stick them in cages. They are loved like I love them when they are there.

Jess Marywell, September 2021

Alyson and her partner are the best groomers Iv used for my 2 spaniels

Steve Harries, September 2021

Top groomers

Ruth Manning, September 2021

By far the friendliest groomers

Helen Daniels, September 2021

Everything this groomers does is all focused around your dogs feelings. They don’t restrain them,they don’t force them to get dried,there’s no cages and owners can stay. They are just the best

Hayley Johnson, September 2021

They let owners stay if they want, and that’s says it all. No other groomers like them

Michael Willis, September 2021

My dog goes here every month and they always do a fantastic job. Very happy bubbly people and they do things so different to other dog groomers it’s fantastic. They deserve huge recognition for what they do

Cherie Lewis, September 2021

The nicest people who do the their utmost to ensure all customers, dogs and humans, are happy

Elise Bray, September 2021


Iv used a number of groomers, Alyson is by far the best, the care and her patience is outstanding

Kate Harwood, September 2021

Alyson and her partner are amazing with my lunatic dogs, so much patience and compassion,. I would never trust anyone else with my dogs, 7 years Iv been going to Alyson and the service never fails to impress. A dog groomers that doesn’t restrain your dogs and let’s the owners stay, there is nowhere else like it, this award was made for them. Alyson is a real inspiration

Michelle Harries, September 2021

Exceptional service. Everything is so run well, these guys are amazing . Definitely the nicest groomers I have ever used

Lyn Murphy, September 2021

I love alyson she is so good with dogs and also so good with my dog rex we just love her x

Melanie Trotman, September 2021

Outstanding service nothing is ever too much

Tracy Evans, September 2021

I take my 2 Cockerpoo’s for grooming here every 6/7 weeks. They are not crazy about grooming and they really don’t like being dried. They have been going to Alyson for the last 6 years now and for 2 years previous to that they tried other groomers. Alyson & Gareth have so much more patience and show so much more care, they care more about how the dogs are feeling, it’s the way all dog groomers should be but unfortunately they aren’t

Danielle Rowe, September 2021

Alyson is absolutely amazing. Cubby is always put first, and is treated like royalty there. He is never put through drying when he doesn’t like it, and is given extra treats like ice cream or a meat board along with a bit of pampering. Most importantly he is cared for as if he was part of their own family.

Marilyn Jones, September 2021

Personal touches, in tune with every individual dog's needs and preferences, genuinely caring, makes my dog feel so comfortable and secure by not being restrained, one to one attention, and dedication to every pet. The best experience for both dogs and owners.

Jennifer Evans, September 2021

I am always so impressed with the amount of care and patience Alyson & Gareth have with our dogs, they totally deserve this award

Mark Hodges, September 2021

The no restraints no cages and letting people stay with their dogs is how grooming should be

Pauline Kenvin, September 2021

Been to a few in my time,but never a couple like Alyson so caring .

Michael fox, September 2021

Always puts the dogs welfare first..They treat the dogs as if they were their own pets.

Joanne Tucker, September 2021

I am voting for Alyson's k9 Grooming her and Gareth are amazing with Max he is treated like one of the family when he goes to be groomed we are very lucky to have found them Max used to be very stressed coming out after a groom until he met Alyson and Gareth now he can't wait for his pamper session they deserve all awards because of their genuine love for the animals they groom and all their hard work 👍

Margaret Griffiths, September 2021

Alyson is. a brilliant groomer and all the dogs love her and Gareth they are treated like babies.She really deserves this award

Joanna Williams, September 2021

Alyson groomers are the most friendly living people who care for all the dogs they groom. My two are well cared for when they go there. Alyson is so patient with my two and I can't thank her and her partner enough x

Caroline Smith, September 2021

Such a lovely couple who are totally committed to making grooming the best possible experience for all their furry customers. The fact they are currently fully booked until next May and have a waiting list for new customers says it all. We are so lucky we found them in time!

Sarah Davies, September 2021

Alyson and Gareth are always so friendly and great with Archie and Stan they always look great coming from their groom. Very accommodating with appointments. Best groomers I have taken my dogs too.

Tracy Davies, September 2021

Both of our dogs are happy going for their groom. They are fussed and made welcome every time. The dogs well-being is the priority of Alyson’s k9 Grooming.

Debbie Griffiths, September 2021

Such lovely people with the dogs happiness priority.

Russ Fuller, September 2021

The care and dedication Alyson's K9 Groomong shows to the dogs is phenomenal and Alyson is so gentle whilst grooming them.

Amy Abraham, September 2021

I wouldn't consider taking our dog hugo anywhere else. Very friendly and so patient with our dog. I love that the dogs are not constrained by any way and that they do not push dogs passed a level they are comfortable with. So with our dog they leave his ears damp as he doesn't like the blower on them. They are always happy for you to stay with your dog for the appointment which shows they ha e nothing to hide and always happy to spend 5 minutes playing or smoothing your dog so the dog feels relaxed and happy. Our dog is always happy going in and usually we don't stay but he is just as happy with us there or not.

Anthony Wilson, September 2021

I would not think to take my dog anywhere else. Doug my pug has been going here since he was a pup. They both look after him, as if he was their own Dog and personally, we have become friends too, as they both always ask how we are and what’s going on in our lives. Great peopleC great service and comes highly recommended.

Leanne Jones, September 2021

Alyson has to be one of the best groomers around. She treats the dogs like one of her own, there's no cages or restraint and it's all taken at the dogs pace. They are very patient with the dogs and won't do anything they are nervous or don't like having done.

Susan Morgan, September 2021

Most caring groomers. Has a special gift, my Phoebe is in love with Alyson. Being a very sensitive shitzu is a blessing to have found her.

Rebecca Hiscock, September 2021

Excellent place puts the dogs first. No restraints used which is better for the dog my little one loves going here.

Gemma Ward, September 2021

Just amazing!! Alyson and her husband absolutely love each and every animal, they take such great care of my dog coco and always help me with advice, I’ve recommended them to everyone since coco started going there in 2019

Nicola Jones, September 2021

I have been lucky enough to have these wonderful groomers for all my dogs they have even spotted health issues, which is truly amazing. They build relationships with the dogs and us hooomans so there is only trust and respect and no unpleasantness for our pooches

Brenda Pride, September 2021

I don’t have a dog anymore. I had many in my younger days but I’m too old for one now. I walk past Alysons shop everyday, they are always very busy and they always wave and smile. Very nice people, if I had a dog I would definitely take it to Alyson and her team

Julie Thomas, September 2021

So kind and caring with my 3 elderly dogs ,wouldn’t go anywhere else

Gemma Williamson, September 2021

Hendricks loves going to Alysons! He is so well looked after there and always comes out happy, wagging his tail!

Vanessa Vaughan, September 2021

Amazing service Marlow looks forward to seeing them every 3 months. Alyson & her team are so friendly, kind and loving to the pooches with no restraints or cages used. They run around freely have a good time & eat some delicious snacks!!! Thank you guys. 😊

Hannah Thomas, September 2021

The most friendliest groomers we have been to with our spaniel, they go above and beyond

Kay Evans, September 2021

The perfect groomer. Cares for animals as if they were her own. Friendly, kind and caring grooming with no restraints or cages. I wouldn’t take my two anywhere else.

Madelene Kostromin, September 2021

So wonderful with the dogs, nothing too much trouble and they put doggy mummies and daddies at ease to know that theirs fur babies are being well cared for.

Alison Hole, September 2021

Alyson & Gareth care for every pet as if they were their own, wouldn’t trust anyone else with my trio, who absolutely adore their pamper time.

Phil Howells, September 2021

Alyson’s K9 grooming puts the dogs first, in the recent heatwave they decided to close the shop for a few days as they were concerned about the dogs health both getting to the shop and being in the shop. To ensure appointments were kept in the week they worked 9 days 9am-7pm straight to catch up.

Jayne Govier, September 2021

Very friendly make my dogs feel so relaxed never restrain the dogs and never do anything the dogs don't like I wouldn't take mine anywhere elese

Hayley Evans, September 2021

Amazing job from alyson & Gareth. Always make Buster and daisy so welcome and take care of them so well

Stephen Charles, September 2021

Alyson and Gareth really care for all the pets, they treat every pet individually depending on each pet's needs. These groomers cannot be recommended highly enough!

Emma Davies, September 2021

Of only I could vote a thousand times! Alyson and Gareth are truly amazing. They genuinely love all their customer's dogs and great each one as an individual. They assess each dog's needs and play before even starting the bath/groom. They respect that my George can get anxious at times and that he hates the dryer. He is now so relaxed going to them that he'll happily walk there and sit patiently until it's his turn. I also have to commend how they have adapted during the covid pandemic and heatwave, doing all they can to keep everyone safe. Definitely a 5 stars from us.

Louise Russ, September 2021

I trust alyson 100% with my toby, I even travel 10 miles just to keep her as my groomer so much so I'm moving soon closer to her just so the journey is more bareable for my dog in the summer months. Love her and Gareth and I can't recommend them enough.

Emma Thomas, September 2021

Amazing at what they do!

Eirlys Howells, September 2021

Excellent 5 star service

Sarah Rees, September 2021

Very friendly service and amazing with our dogs wouldn’t go anywhere elae

Marni Edwards, September 2021

Wonderful service , so friendly and kind, I would highly recommend and wouldn’t take Teddi anywhere else.

Jane Cummings, September 2021

So very kind and gentle with our elderly spaniel who had many complex needs ❤🐾

Catherine Yemm, September 2021

Your pets come first! Lovely friendly, caring groomers, really take in to consideration what your dog does and doesn’t like!

Paul Jackson, September 2021

An award they deserve, been using them around 7 years and wouldnt go anywhere else, rosie (our shihitzu) is very relaxed there and that didnt happen anywhere else, they have become more like friends now and always go the extra mile for rosie.

Loraine Jones, September 2021

They are wonderful Groomer’s and they put dogs happiness and safety above everything

Carole Farrell, September 2021

Alyson is always so patient and friendly when grooming my dog as

she is very scared of grooming after an incident with a different groomer.

Karen James, September 2021

Because dogs come first!! Alison and Gareth genuinely care about how dogs feel! They are so friendly and welcoming every time!!

Lisa Morris, September 2021

Sully has been going to Alyson’s since he was a puppy. He’s 5 yrs old.

He’s definitely a handful and as sorry as I am for that, there is no other groomers I would trust.

Alyson and Gareth are amazing with him.

They care above and beyond and treat their paw customers as if they were their own.

By far the best around x

Shelley Vaughan, September 2021

Our dog was so nervous of groomers, then we found Alyson. She and Gareth take such great care of our dog, I would recommend them to anyone. They are kind, generous, friendly and put you at ease.

Jess Rogers, September 2021

Lovely people and lovely place

Shaun Barrett, September 2021

By far the most friendliest groomers Iv taken any of my dogs to.

Marian Scott, September 2021

Wouldn’t go anywhere else, been using Alyson since 2014

Allison James, September 2021

Fabulous dog groomers so kind and friendly always makes my dogs visit so calming, very professional team.

Rachel Riley, September 2021

Most definitely the most relaxed & friendliest groomers Iv ever taken any of my dogs to.

Kirsty Daint, September 2021

Awesome place

Josie Hill, September 2021

My Samoyed loves visiting these guys every month for his pampering, we’ve been taking him here for last 3 years. Fantastic

Michelle Lewis, September 2021

Highly recommended. Alyson has been groom my dog for 7 years, the care she offers is outstanding

Courtney Stevens, September 2021

Always a 1st class service

Rhian Davies, September 2021

My dog always looks amazing. she doesn’t like the hairdryer so they don’t dry her fully which is great as other groomers all frightened her. She’s much better going to Alyson & her partner

Chris Hammett, September 2021

All the other comments say it all. Very knowledgeable & Professional yet extremely friendly too, great service

Greta Hinders, August 2021

Lovely people and amazing with our dogs

Theresa Phillips, August 2021

Outstanding service

Mari Clarke, August 2021

My dog hates the dryer and is a bit of a nightmare being groomed but Alyson is amazing with him and they let me stay with him

Denise Kenton, August 2021

Lovely people, very friendly place, my dog loves going there

Trisha Darby, August 2021

You just have to read all these comments to see how great these guys are. Pity more dog groomers aren’t the same

Sophia Thomas, August 2021

My dog is definitely not the easiest to groom but Alyson & Gareth are great with her, they have really great ways of working with nervous dogs

Mike Harwood, August 2021

The best groomers hands down

Rhiannon Daley, August 2021

Amazing groomers

Shannon Fisher, August 2021


Molly Francis, August 2021

We love taking our dog’s to see Alyson & Gareth, they always make them look so lovely and they allow us to stay with them when they are being groomed. They don’t use restraints which we ate happy about too .

Louis Fritz, August 2021

Amazing groomers

Tess Day, August 2021

Friendly happy and genuine people . Dogs always look amazing abnd v well looked after

Natalie Price, August 2021

Alyson & Gareth are so kind and welcoming, my dogs are always so well looked after. I know if I decide to stay during the groom they are always happy for me to do so. I really like the fact they don’t force my dogs to get fully dried as they hate the dryer, also the way they don’t tie the dogs to the table is brilliant. Just all round an amazing experience

Trisha Watkins, August 2021

THE BEST GROOMERS, there is nowhere else around who let you stay with your dogs when being groomed and they don’t tie them up . The service they provide is amazing

Tori Manning, August 2021

The best groomers Iv been to with my dog, only groomers that will let owners stay during the groom

Carol Borthwick, August 2021

I have been bring my dog Brian here for years. They are brilliant with him and I wouldn't take him anywhere else.

Lauren John, August 2021

Lovely friendly place, just right for the number 1 in my life

Melanie Bradley, August 2021

I have been bring my dog Scruff here for years and they are very patient with her. I wouldn't take her anywhere else.

Lesley Avery, August 2021

The kindest and most patient groomers Iv ever taken any of my dogs to

Ruth Evans, August 2021

I take my dog here every 3 weeks for a bath, tidy, & brush through. Alyson & Gareth are amazing with him. He’s a German Sheperd so he’s a big boy, they let me stay when they are

Grooming him too which keeps him calm knowing I’m there as he can get a bit snappy. They are so good with him, been going here for 2 years and would never go anywhere else with him, glad I found them

Paul Roberts, August 2021

I don’t understand why all groomers don’t run things the way these guys do, if they ever stop grooming il groom my dogs myself rather than take them to another groomers

Lauren Bowden, August 2021

We love these guys, such a warm welcome, no cages and we are always welcome to stay with our dogs. They don’t tie them to the table like other groomers and they don’t dry them fully which we love as our dogs hate the dryers. Much more relaxing atmosphere than groomers we have been to in the past

Liz Jermain, August 2021

Iv had many dogs over my life time and been to many many groomers. Alysons is the only place that has let me stay whilst my dog is being groomed. That in itself speaks volumes about the business and it shows how much care and compassion Alyson (& now her partner too) has to be able to groom different dog’s with different temperaments and not blink an eye that the owners are watching every move she makes whilst grooming their beloved pets. Outstanding service, unlike anything Iv come across before.

Catrin Blake, August 2021

I follow them on Facebook, I’m on the waiting list to take my dog to them

Philip Jenkins, August 2021

The best there is, my dog always looks amazing and you can’t beat the way they look after him, just all round superb

Lucy Rees, August 2021

All the other reviews say it all. Fantastic

Trinity Fisher, August 2021

Not enough stars

Mick Shore, August 2021

The best groomers who give the very best experience for all your pets.

Mataeo Gomez, August 2021

My family use alyson groomers very highly recommend

Chloe Jackson, August 2021

So much patience and care and my dogs always look amazing too

Leanne Faulkner, August 2021

The only groomers that I know of that allows people stay

Steph Morris, August 2021

Alyson and her partner are amazing, so much patience with my dogs

Pamela Allen, August 2021

Alyson and Gareth are absolutely amazing with all three of our dogs and our four guinea pigs. They are so friendly and welcoming and always do their absolute best for the animals. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you both.

Shona Daniel, August 2021

I don’t know any other dog grooming salons that allow owners to stay with their dog’s, it’s fantastic, also the no use of restraints it’s amazing, first class service

Tracey Andrews, August 2021

There’s many groomers closer to where i live but I travel 45mins to Alysons every 6 weeks as my dog had a really bad experience at another groomers a few years ago. Alyson does things completely different to all other groomers and I’m also allowed to stay with him when he’s being groomed which isn’t allowed in other groomers either. They are fantastic

Ian Danks, August 2021

Everything said in all of these other comments are 100% accurate. Just wish there were more groomers like this one. We moved location last year and it’s 3 hours away from Swansea so unfortunately we had to find a new groomers. They aren’t a patch on Alyson and Gareth.

Laura Matthews, August 2021

Such a lovely place would never take my dog anywhere else

Janet Davies, August 2021

100% the way all groomers should work, friendly & calming atmosphere, my dogs are so much better going here than they used to be in other places

Sonia Sommers, August 2021

I am actually not a customer yet but hope to be soon, though I do follow them on FB. The staff at Alysons K9 grooming are obviously passionate about their furry customers, giving 1st class service. The reviews and personal recommendations show what a top class, personal service they offer.

Nina Murphy, August 2021

Can’t pass the salon without my dogs wanting to say hello, they love them

Kelly Everett, August 2021

They are the friendliest people I know

Natalie Fletcher, August 2021

Fantastic service. Been going here for a year now with our 4 year old shitzu. Before here we tried 5 other groomers, none of them and the patience and care that these guys do. Will never take him anywhere else now

Becca Mills, August 2021

Alyson and her partner are so good with our dogs.. and she grooms 3 of them at a time! We have always loved the way our dogs look when they leave, the special touches that make their groom a real treat for them and just how lovely she is herself!❤️

Michelle Turner, August 2021

Outstanding care

Kaylee Rees, August 2021

Friendly & caring, my dog loves them but not the grooming as he isn’t a fan of the dryers but they only dry him a bit, and I’m allowed to stay with him

Dan Fletcher, August 2021

First class. Friendly, caring & knowledgeable, nowhere else like this place

Lisa Saunders, August 2021

Very caring and patient, my dogs always look amazing too but most importantly they are always well looked after and not put in cages for hours like our last groomers used to do to them

Sarah Horton, August 2021

Our dog is very difficult to groom he hates everything about it. Other groomers wouldn’t touch him and used to call us to pick him up as he was going mad. Started taking him to Alysons about 6 years ago and what a difference between then and now, he is like a different dog. After the first few visits he started to relax, knowing I was with him made a difference and we got to realise what he didn’t like and worked around things to make him feel more at ease. I really can’t thank them enough for their patience and understanding

Gillian McCarthy, August 2021

My dog sadly passed away 2 months ago, at the age of 12. Alyson was amazing with her, she had been grooming my Lola for 7 years, she was by far the best groomer I had taken her to

Neil Evans, August 2021

By far the friendliest groomers around

Jen Turner, August 2021

Lovely people, also very knowledgeable, caring and patient with my 2 friendly but nervous German shepherds.

Hallie Sleeman, August 2021

They are the most friendly & honest groomers, all my friends and family use them for their dogs too. Just the nicest place

Rhiannon Snell, August 2021

First class

Maisy Howard, August 2021

The best groomers, they really care about the dogs feelings, my dog always looks and smells amazing too

Kian Thomas, August 2021

Other dog groomers should take note of how these groomers work, never been to a groomers like them, outstanding service

Wendy Goodridge, August 2021

My pup recently had his very first grooming appointment and it was a very positive, rewarding experience for both of us! They were both so caring and friendly to my nervous pup who responded with licks and cuddles! We will be back soon!

Tina Walsh, August 2021

Not only the best groomers but the best run small business I think Iv ever come across. Very professional yet very friendly too. Everything is run so smoothly and they always make you feel very welcome, and nothing is ever too much trouble. Lovely people and the best care for my dog that I could ever ask for, there aren’t enough stars

Rebecca Davies, August 2021

My dog loves them. Best groomers she has been to

Julian Thomas, August 2021

Getting into this groomers takes a while but we waited nearly a year on the waiting list and no we are in with them we can see why there’s such a wait, not your normal groomers, these guys are amazing

Kate Mort, August 2021

Very friendly, 6 years Iv been going to them with my 3 dogs and would never go anywhere else now, so much different to the normal groomers, fantastic

Julie Williams, August 2021

Because I wouldn't trust my 2 boys with anyone else, my dogs blue, and Charlie mean the world to me, and Charlie is a very nervous dog, but will go and have his hair cut no problem, very friendly couple, like them a lot x

Geraldine Hendricks, August 2021

From the first puppy visit it was clear Bailey was in good hands with the care they show. He thoroughly enjoys his visits

Gemma Long, August 2021

My dogs are always very well cared for and look amazing

Jessica Jones, August 2021

Outstanding levels of care

Ceri Patterson, August 2021

My dog stops to look through the window every time we walk pass, she loves going to see Alyson & Gareth. Only place I would take her, she’s very relaxed there and they never make her have her hair dried as she isn’t keen on the dryer

Scott Mainwaring, August 2021

Our dog hates being groomed but Alyson and Gareth are so patient with him, he is so much better than he used to be and we will always be really grateful to them for all they have done for him

Karl Edwards, August 2021

The best Iv come across for their care and love to dogs

Katrin Evans, August 2021

They allow owners to stay, this is a first that I have ever known and I have had dogs who have needed grooming all my life, never have any allowed me us to stay. They also don’t make a big deal about drying them which is fantastic as mine hate the dryers and the no restraints and one to one grooming makes dogs feel a lot calmer. So after 6 years of using Alyson I would say other groomers need to learn a thing or two about how she runs such a friendly groomers. Outstanding

Jane Morgan, August 2021

Lovely people just the best with our 3 dogs

Tracy James, August 2021

Can’t say enough about alyson been to various other groomers but alyson is totally different

Amy Price, August 2021

Without a doubt the most friendliest groomers I’ve ever taken any of my dogs to. Iv been taking my dog Stan here for the last 4 years and every time we go here they are always so welcoming and happy, they are fantastic with my dog, I just wish all my other dogs over the years could have come to this groomers, they are most definitely head and shoulders above the rest

Kirsty Johns, August 2021

The best Iv ever known

Helen Jenkins, August 2021

Lovely place

Lee Staples, August 2021

Not a normal groomers, these guys care, they are the best there is

Charlie Young, August 2021

All my family take their dogs to alyson highly recommended

Rhiannon Thomas, August 2021

We love taking our dogs to see Alyson & Gareth. There’s not enough stars

Dave Jackson, August 2021

1st class

Carley Andrew’s, August 2021

We would never take ours anywhere else

Kate Howells, August 2021

Been coming here for 5 years won't go anywhere else very different from other groomers

Sian Griffiths, August 2021

Iv lived in a few parts of uk and these are by far the most friendliest and caring dog groomers Iv had

Karen Fletcher, August 2021

Such friendly people and they do whatever they can for your dog to help them feel more relaxed. We love the fact there’s no other dogs there when ours is there and that they don’t restrain them, also our dog hates the dryer so they let us bath him in house night before and take him in just for a cut. Amazing place

Diane Smith, August 2021

Alyson & Gareth always look after my dogs as if they are their own, I have been going to them for 3 years, outstanding service

PhilippaPilot Pilot, August 2021

caring and kind attitude shown to our dog always very gentle and welcoming on every visit. our dog looks forward to her regular groom and the one to one attention she is given.

Sally Carpenter, August 2021

My dog loves Alison she is always very patient and kind with her . She gets so excited whenever we get near her premises.

Joanne Evans, August 2021

The most caring and trustworthy groomers

Elizabeth Bushell, August 2021

So patient and kind.

Elaine Williams, August 2021

Very caring towards our two dogs who hate being groomed. We are able to stay with them, which helps, and there are no other dogs present. Excellent grooming, too. We wouldn’t go anywhere else now, and have tried many others in the past. Alyson and Gareth are fabulous with the dogs!!

Patricia Ball, August 2021

I have x3 shihtzu and they all go together, I know I can leave them safely and that the individual personalities will be catered for, there’s always feedback and photos. Most of all my dogs are excited when I mention going to see Alyson even before getting in the car, they know the journey and one starts to sing. Best ever groomers

Nicole Griffiths-Murphy, August 2021

Absolutely amazing place , my dogs Molly and Flossy wag their tails with excitement when they go in, they really care for each and every dog , wouldn’t go anywhere else , highly recommend Alyson K9 Grooming ❤️

Melanie Tovey, August 2021

We have been using Alyson for about 5 years, her and her partner always put the dogs feelings first

Lorraine Phillips, August 2021

Alison and Gareth are so kind and caring nothing is too much trouble and always do what’s best for my dog

Stacey Gill-rowe, August 2021

So kind and caring, wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere else

Alison Jenkins, August 2021

Alison is amazing with my dog Shadow. He is such a nervous dog, but she just talks to him and cuddles him and he doesn't even notice that he's being groomed. I have no worries at all when I leave him there.

Christine Davies, August 2021

Unbelievabley friendly and so kind and caring to my dog Seren. Goes above and beyond. Wouldn't go anywhere else

Kevin Price, August 2021

Best groomers there is and they always provide a friendly service. One to one grooming with no cages and no restraints plus allowing me and my wife to stay with our dogs, just amazing

Rhian Davies, August 2021

Tried other dog grooming businesses in Swansea and they’re not a patch on these... my shih tzu absolutely loves going ❤️

Jennifer Evans, August 2021

They treat the dogs humanely. I can trust my nervous pup to be treated gently.

Carly Lake, August 2021

Friendly, caring, amazing hair cut for my dog…rolling appointments so need to worry about booking another…

Sharon Richards, August 2021

Always put cymro's wellbeing first with five star treatment in a very relaxed atmosphere wouldn't take him anywhere else nothing is too much, X X X 😘

Georgina Davies, August 2021

Fantastic service excellent dog care and grooming

Ryan Purchase, August 2021

Easily the best groomers I’ve been too. Understanding of each dog and their needs and requirements to make the groomers as pain free as possible

gaynor LP griffiths, August 2021

Simply the best .....I have two very timid little yorkies and the love and tenderness shown to them each and every visit is amazing.....they have the freedom and are treated the way you treat your fur babies xxxx 💖

Jemma Beynon, August 2021

Lovely people that care about the dogs feelings

Rhiannon Taylor, August 2021

At alysons k9 grooming they are not just your standard groomer. They are friends to owners & dogs. They take time & patience with our 4 legged babies and treat them like their own.

Lyn Murphy, August 2021

Because they are really good with all the dogs they see and takecare of them really well wouldn't take my dog anywhere else

Emily Ayres, August 2021

They are amazing with our dogs-we had a bad experience at a previous groomers & one of our dogs became very nervous but he is now comfortable going here (let’s face it, he’s never going to love it!). Our other dog gets super excited when we get near there!!

Samantha Barnfather, August 2021

Have a very anxious Bichon so when we moved needed to find a suitable groomer. At this groomers they don’t pressure her and reassure and love her as I would. Worth the extra travel to get there.

Aj Hughes, August 2021

Alyson and Gareth are just brilliant. They always put the welfare of your pet over anything else. They make a visit to the groomer a great experience

Lisa young, August 2021

Great. Service not enough stars

Chelsie Wiltshire, August 2021

They are always so patient and understanding with my dog Bear. They go above and beyond for him and are so friendly. They always make sure to spend time playing with Bear and they give him lots of treats, he always comes out smelling and looking amazing too. Bear had a bad experience with a past groomer and we had to drag him into the shop with him crying but at Alysons he pulls us to go in and cries when he has to wait outside, he's always so excited to see her and his head tilts when we mention her name!

Katy Booth, August 2021

Alyson is the best dog groomer I have ever come across

Hayley John, August 2021

Amazing, friendly groomer. Always puts the dogs emotional needs first.

Michael Downing, August 2021

Incredible service, nothing is too much trouble. They always are thinking of the dogs well-being and always totally professional.

Sammy Jo Moriarty, August 2021

Alyson and her husband have been grooming my puppy and even though my Doris can be a nightmare they are absolutely amazing with her. Totally different to regular groomers.

Sian Jones, August 2021

Alyson and her husband Gareth are so patient and caring with every dog they groom. They have a passion for the dogs welfare, not just their appearance. I wouldn’t use another groomer, I know my dog is 100% safe when with them both. Amazing service.

Hazel May, August 2021

Lovely place

Cheryl Jenkins, August 2021

Very friendly people and extremely kind to my dogs

Sara Flannigan, August 2021

Amazing service every time

Louise Lythgo-Thomas, November 2020

Both mine and many friends take their dog’s to Alyson. It’s a very calming environment highly recommended

Beth Marsh, November 2020

Our dogs have been going to Alyson for the last 2 years and I’m so happy we were recommended to her, my dogs are nervous but they do really well with Alyson and Gareth

Fran Bryant, November 2020

Lovely caring people who really do all they can to accommodate you and your dogs

Michael Porter, November 2020

Professional and knowledgeable highly recommended

Josie Philips, November 2020

Fab groomers

Sally Dennis, November 2020

Friendly people who really look after your dog

Clive Philips, November 2020

My dog Jules enjoys visiting Alyson and Gareth

Tracey Jones, November 2020

Lovely people very clean and can't do enough

Katie Jennings, November 2020

Alyson and Gareth are great with my dogs

James King, October 2020

My dog hates to be groomed but Alyson and Gareth are very patient with him when other groomers gave up. Getting an appointment with them is very difficult though so I always prebook for the year

Robert Manning, October 2020

Exceptional service every time

Helena Jones, October 2020

Great place for dogs and owners alike

Dion Staffordshire, October 2020

My dog sadly passed away last year but alyson used to groom him every 8 weeks. He loved going to see her, her and her partner are just amazing with all the dogs that go there.

Kate Green, October 2020

Honestly the most trustworthy and professionally run groomers Iv used

Rosie Willis, October 2020

Friendliest groomers I know

Donna Brady, October 2020

My dog goes here to have his haircut every month. Lovely place and very different to other groomers

Jenny Jones, October 2020

Lovely people and my dog loves them

Mary Meredith, October 2020

nice and friendly and so good with my dog Lulu.They make her look beautiful

Rita Harding, October 2020


Pam Whitehead, October 2020

I dont trust anyone with my dogs. Alyson and her partner are an exception, they run an amazing service

Heidi Peters, October 2020

Alyson and Gareth are 2 of the most caring and friendly people i have ever met. I love taking my dog every month to visit them and I get to stay and i enjoy our chats we have whilst my dog Sadie is being groomed.

Berenice Losey, October 2020

Suzie my cavashon and Daisy my Cavapoo love going to see Alyson and Gareth. They always get lots of fusses and treats plus a lovely pamper and haircut. They don’t like the dryers but they never force them to get fully dried which i prefer as I know how much they dislike it when I used to try to dry them in the house. All other groomers would dry them regardless of them being frightened. I really appreciate Alysons honesty and the love and care she has for each of her customers pets shines through

Josh Allen, October 2020

Always very friendly to me and my dog

Rosemary Blystone, October 2020

The most caring groomers Iv been to

Cheryl Irvine, October 2020

Happy. friendly. caring. kind. reliable. welcoming. professional

Christine Evans, October 2020

Lovely honest people who really care about your dogs. My dogs hates the dryers, no other groomers told me about this problem. When I went to Alyson for the first time she rang me to come back and showed me what he was like, I was shocked. When I take him to be groomed with Alyson now he never gets fully dried and he is much happier for it

Belinda Gibbs, October 2020

100% CARING & FRIENDLY. Nice to have a dog groomers that actually care about how the dog feels not just about how they look

Ruby Lovemore, October 2020

My parents take their dogs to Alyson every 5 weeks. They are always very happy with the service

Tina Roe, October 2020

I would never think about taking my dog to another groomers. I would rather groom him myself before I did. I have a huge amount of trust and admiration for Alyson. She runs her business in a very honest and professional way with the dogs feelings as the most important aspect

Dianne Houldsworth, October 2020

Really kind and very welcoming people I love taking my dog to see them and they always make him look and smell divine

Sarah McGlynn, October 2020

My dog only goes about twice a year she doesn’t need much doing but I always prebook them at the beginning of the year to make sure I get in with them. Lovely people

Stephanie Shaw, October 2020

No restraints and being able to stay with them is a massive plus for me. I never used to take my dog to a groomers before Alyson started grooming and after I was told about her 7 or so years ago I haven’t looked back

Billie Fletcher, October 2020

There are NO reasons why you would not want to take your dog here. They are amazing and they do things so much different to your normal dog groomers. I love them and so do my 3 furry babies

Jay Jay, October 2020

My dog loves going to see Alyson

Kevin Crawford, October 2020

The best there is

Rhiannon Crawford, October 2020

Very caring and friendly and without a doubt the best groomers we have taken our dog to

Lisa Dresia, October 2020

Would not leave my dog anywhere else. They really are all about the care of your dog

Katrina Povey, October 2020

Alyson and Gareth and amazing with my dogs and my mothers dog. We have been taking our dogs to Alyson for 6 years now. We have an enormous amount of trust and reassurance leaving our dogs to be groomed here as we know we are always allowed to stay with them while they are being groomed if we wanted to. That means heck of a lot. In previous years before we found Alyson no one else has ever allowed us to stay. That to me straight away puts doubt in my mind about leaving our dogs with them. What do they do to them that they won’t allow you to see ? Alyson is so open in the way she works and her honesty and professionalism has paid off, Everyone I meet with dogs uses Alyson.

Claire Davey, October 2020

Excellent reliable service

Harry Thomas, October 2020

Very nice friendly not like any other I have seen

Sophie Arenas, October 2020

Great place with very friendly owners who let people stay with their dogs and use no restraints or cages

Lianne Davey, October 2020

Highly recommended kind caring genuine people

Michelle Rees, October 2020

I love taking my little Pom to visit Alyson every month. She loves her and Gareth. She gets so much fuss and I love the fact she is the only dog there when it’s her appointment and she doesn’t get restrained when being groomed. Highly recommended

Mel Caffrey, October 2020

Alyson has been amazing with my dog over the last 2 years. Can’t thank her and her partner enough

Michael Tovey, October 2020

Fantastic place. I used to use a groomers where the dogs all wondered around together waiting to be groomed. Terrible. Especially as my dog is afraid of other dogs. Alysons is great as each dog has their own appointment and I get a time to collect before the next appointment is in. I recommend to everyone I meet

Rhian Maloney, October 2020

5 star service

Adele Neil, October 2020

The nicest people you could ever wish to leave your dogs with

Belinda Southby, October 2020

I have taken my 2 girls to Alyson every 4 weeks for the past 2 years after being recommended by a lot of people. They are both nervous of other dogs and so the environment Alyson provides is exactly what they need. They are at the salon for their appointment for about an hour with no other dogs. I sometimes stay with them but I know if I need to go to do anything they are always in good hands as Iv seen it for myself from staying on numerous occasions. They are the best groomers for care and patience and making my dogs look amazing. I would recommend them to everyone

Ross Matthews, October 2020


Tracey Logan, October 2020

Honey loves getting pampered by Alyson. She always looks amazing. They are so friendly and welcoming

Lisa Evans, October 2020

They always do their best to accommodate you. My dog is a nightmare to be groomed and no other dog groomers have been able to do him but alyson and her partner let me stay and we manage to get him groomed between us all. They have so much patience

Rachel Coles, October 2020

Lucy my King Charles loves Alyson and Gareth. She comes out looking amazing and smelling beautiful which lasts for days after. She is the only dog with them at her appointment so she gets their full attention and lots of treats. I would never take her anywhere else

Joanne West, October 2020

Fab groomers, very knowledgeable, friendly and reliable. Would highly recommend them

Philippa Hanson, October 2020

My dogs are always happy there and look amazing

Rhiannon Lowry, October 2020

My dog isn’t keen on being groomed so she can be a handful but she gets on better with Alysob than anywhere else Iv tried. Alyson has patience of a saint

Mair Thomas, October 2020

This is the only groomer I have been to that doesn’t mind if you stay with your dog. No restraints are used and your dog is the only one there at their appointment. Absolutely amazing service

Marcus Fisher, October 2020

Great place our dogs love them

Grant Fisher, October 2020

Friendly polite and nothing is too much trouble

Hannah James, October 2020

Lovely people. My dog has been here 3 times now and he is much calmer not being restrained

Kate Joseph, October 2020

Highly recommended. No cages or restraining dogs and allowing people to stay. fantastic!!

Tracy Wilson, October 2020

Very well run and such friendly happy owners.

Seren Howard, October 2020

I forgot to make rolling appointments and I can’t get an appointment now, absolutely gutted. I’m on the waiting list so hopefully something will come. Iv been to other groomers but they aren’t the same. Alysons k9 are amazing

Cynthia Healey, October 2020

I take my 3 year old cavashon here every 7 weeks after a lot of recommendations. They get fully booked quickly so I always have all my appointments booked in for the year ahead. They are extremely caring and my dog is always happy to go in to see them.

Susan Harlow, October 2020

Very friendly and welcoming been going to Alyson for many years

Dan Stokes, October 2020

Bob my westi loves going to see Alyson & Gareth. He always gets spoilt and looks great when I pick him up

Bonnie Lovell, October 2020

Fab service very caring and professional and lets me stay, well before coronavirus!

Frank Menezes, October 2020

My elderly neighbour takes her dog to Alyson & co every 8 weeks. She asked me to do a review for her and she asked me to say they are lovely

Ian Barton, October 2020

No restraints and no cages. Superb

Shelley Barton, October 2020

Alyson grooms all the families dogs. They all love her and her partner

Carl Burton, October 2020

Great place

Sian Burton, October 2020

Best groomers Iv ever been to. Caring and friendly

Michelle Kenny, October 2020

They are so kind and gentle with my fur baby and I have complete trust in them.

Lucy Jones, October 2020

Lovely place my dogs love it

Dawn Short, October 2020

Every one of these reviews say it all. They care about your dog not just about their haircut . This is how groomers should be

Sophia George, October 2020

5 stars is not enough!!

Hilary Mercer, October 2020

The most kindest, honest and hardworking person Iv ever met. Alyson runs her groomers with such passion it’s been amazing to have been a customer of hers since 2013 and watch her become more and more successful over the years. She’s put up with a lot of backlash for doing things differently to other groomers from others in the industry but she’s stuck to her goals of creating a stress free and calm environment for dogs and boy has It paid off. Alyson & her partner are fantastic at what they do and I’m thrilled to be one of their many many many customers.

Charlotte Elliot - Thomas, October 2020

The most friendliest and caring groomers I’ve taken my girls to, my dogs visit Alyson & Gareth every 8 weeks, they always look and smell lovely and above all else they are always well looked after and they are always happy playing when I pick them up, not sitting in cages like in other groomers Iv taken them to. They have an appointment space to themselves with no other dogs and the door is always locked until I get there to collect them. Highly recommended

Alicia Boyce, October 2020

The BEST groomers I’ve taken my boy to. And I’v tried a lot!

Sarah Booth, October 2020

Alyson grooms dogs with their well being and their feelings as the most important part. She never uses restraints, never puts them in cages and always lets people stay if they want to. If a dog doesn’t like the hair dryer they never make them them get dried. Unlike other groomers who just think about making them look pretty Alyson cares about each dog individually and grooms them all differently to suit them. My dog won’t stand on the table so they groom him on the floor and he hates the hair dryer so they don’t make him get dried. This is how all dog groomers should operate.

Jemma Rowden, October 2020

Dog welfare comes first

Helen Steele, October 2020

Great people and great place. The ways all dog groomers should be run

Laura Barnes, October 2020

Very difficult to get an an appointment with these guys they are always booked up, so I try to book a few appointments in ahead as much as my work rota allows. Just wish Alyson could clone herself to make more spaces and they are nearly an hour away from where I live so more Alysons groomers are needed everywhere :-) you just need to read all the reviews to see how popular they are, not enough stars *********

Jamie slee, October 2020

alyson is amazing !!!!. Wouldn't go no where else. Loves the dogs and treats them like her own. Best in the UK ?

Chloe McGuire, October 2020


Kim Elliott, October 2020


Andree Wastell, October 2020

I’m not going to lie my dog hates going to the dog groomers. He’s 6 years old and has to be groomed every 6 weeks. He’s tried attacking numerous groomers in the past. But thank god I found alyson last year. We figured out it’s the dryers he hates so Alyson now cuts him before his bath and then towel dries him after the bath and I take him home damp. I’m also allowed to stay with him. Wouldn’t know what I would have done if Alyson and her partner hadn’t been recommended to me last year. They are amazing

Marni Edwards, October 2020

Most kindest groomer I've ever met, always a smile and a wonderful welcome. Teddi is very happy there and comes out looking and smalling beautiful.

Emma Lewis, October 2020

Always does such a good job, with my nervous dog.

Simon Jones, October 2020

Both my puppies adore going for a groom, they are always looked after so well

Catherine Yemm, October 2020

Best groomers around! Feel more than happy leaving my fur baby with Alyson!

Chris Ponting, October 2020

Only groomers who don’t force dry my dogs

Phil Dobbs, October 2020

Friendliest people Iv literally ever met, and best groomers by far with their different ways of grooming, they are so popular and you can see why by all these reviews . Highly recommend

Mary Evans, October 2020

Very friendly and professional, wouldn’t go anywhere else

Gamela Musrati, October 2020

They are the most patient groomers I have ever taken my dog to. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. She is amazing!

Amanda Gray, October 2020

Alyson lets me stay with my dog and they never force him to get dried. Fantastic place

Amie Barnett, October 2020

Such a lovely place my dog loves it there

Stephen Byrne, October 2020

Very professional yet in a friendly caring way. They are amazing with my dog and definitely the best groomers Iv ever taken her to.

Rose Gallagher, October 2020

My Dog Jess is not a fan of grooming at all so I’m so glad Alyson is so patient with her. She’s 9 years old and she’s been going to Alyson for a year now, wish I had found Alyson before, she’s much less stressed about it all than she used to be. Highly recommended

Denise Freeman, October 2020

Lovely people and fantastic at what they do

Louise Mckibben, October 2020

What I can’t understand is why all dog groomers don’t operate this way. Fantastic friendly caring with the dogs feelings coming first

Paul Jackson, October 2020

Have used others in the past 20 years not one of them come close to the professionalism and caring Alyson's have for our loved ones. Always goes above and beyond.

Sarah Davies, October 2020

Best groomers my dog has had by far. Lovely friendly people, excellent service.

Tracy Davies, October 2020

Friendly service

Jayne Govier, October 2020

She is so good with my dogs I wouldn’t take them any where else’s

Emma Davies, October 2020

What an amazing grooming team. They treat my dog ike he is their own family member. Respecting his dislike of the drier, they play and cuddle to settle him and groom in his timeframe. I wouldn't take him anywhere else. Highly recommended.

Shannon Wilson, October 2020

Would never take my dog anywhere else, my dog loves Alyson

Joanna Hicks, October 2020

Amazing with their clients

Rose Goodridge, October 2020

The only groomers who have ever let me stay with my dog when she is being groomed. My dog is very nervous so this means the world to me and as they don’t restrain her too it’s much more humane. Plus they are so friendly and welcoming I feel like I’ve known them for years.

Mair Taylor, October 2020

I don’t like seeing dogs being restrained to be groomed and my other groomers wouldn’t let me see how she groomed them, which is very strange and I know most groomers are like that. But at Alysons we are always welcome to stay (bit more difficult with coronavirus at the moment) so this shows she has nothing to hide. Great place!!

Nadine Dobbs, October 2020

Friendliest dog groomer without a doubt. The way this groomers is run so differently to other groomers is fantastic. I used to hate taking my dog to the groomer but knowing the way he is looked after so well with Alyson I actually look forward to his appointments every month

Paula Rowe, October 2020

My dogs are petrified of the dryers, so the way Alyson doesn’t make a point of drying them fully is great. The only groomer Iv ever been to that thinks about the dogs feelings

Steven Roberts, October 2020

Genuine people who love what they do and my 3 dogs love them. Every 12 weeks they do a fantastic job on them, granted they don’t stay clean for long as they love the outdoors but their coats benefit from it so I keep up with it and they love all the fuss they get with Alyson & Gareth

Mark Fry, October 2020

Friendly and all about the dogs well being

Marie Davies, October 2020

Excellent service every time

Kendra Truman, October 2020

Alyson has groomed my dog for a few years, I am always happy with her cut and she’s always really well looked after

Lucy Nelson, October 2020

Best groomers I've ever taken my dogs to.

Elly Thomas, October 2020

They are a league above anyone else do things so different from your normal groomers. No cages no restraints and no dogs waiting around.

Karen Hughes, October 2020

My dogs Marley & Charlie love Alyson and her partner. Would never take them anywhere else. I’m allowed to stay with them if I want to and they don’t put them in cages or use restraints. And both lovely people

Fiona May, October 2020

Superb service and very friendly which is what you want when you trust someone with you dog

Sophie King, October 2020

Been using Alyson for 6 years my dog loves her

Peter Fisher, October 2020

Great place to take your dogs and no restraints or cages used

Zoe James, October 2020

Very welcoming and caring groomers. my dog hates the dryer so they don’t dry him much and I take him home wet, he’s much happier with that

Ellen Rees, October 2020

Alyson is the only groomer I know of that allows customers to stay with their dogs. Outstanding service

Gregory Patterson, October 2020

Alyson & her partner are just the best, all these comments prove it. They go above and beyond to make sure your dogs are happy when they are with them

Sarah Morgan, October 2020

This is the only place I have ever been welcomed to stay with my dog.

Tyler Bradbury, October 2020

I drive 45mins every 6 weeks to take my dogs to Alyson. They had a bad experience at another groomers with regards to being retrained. Alyson & her partner groom together and so they don’t use restraints. They also allow me to stay. I highly recommend

David Parry, October 2020

Excellent groomers with the well-being of your pet as their main priority.

Jenny Hyatt, October 2020

My little Henry loves to Alyson & Gareth. They are very popular around the area and by all these great reviews it’s not hard to see why

Isabelle Harries, October 2020

My dog hates the dryers at groomers but alyson managed to cut him and leave him damp, much better. I don’t see why groomers have to scare dogs with dryers, it’s like a form of torture if they aren’t keen on them

gaynor Griffiths, October 2020

So loving and caring, I would never contemplate taking my tiny fur babies anywhere else and believe me I've tried a few..this lady is the best you could ever wish to handle your precious babies xxxx

Gary Barnfather, October 2020

Alyson and Gareth are dog lovers through and through and it shows in the way they look after our pets as if they were their own, they don't tie dogs up for grooming and are more than happy to let owners stay all the time their pet is with them (pre Covid). Their books are always full which is testament to just how good they are.

Dave Anderson, October 2020

There is nothing not to like about these guys, Alyson & her partner are amazing. My dog waits outside their shop when on walks until they give him a treat, he loves seeing them and always looks amazing and smells great for days after his groom. Getting a space there is tricky though we make sure he is prebooked for the year

Sarah Woods, October 2020

They are both so lovely and friendly.. My dog absolutely loves them and always looks fresh and clean. I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else.

Christine Buckland, October 2020

Our Bonnie is a old girl and they take their time with her and all her hair. She is quite scared of having a bath so they groom her dry and its all with no bother. She is starting to like going, thank you.

Helen Jones, October 2020

Lily’s first time at a new groomers and she looks beautiful. First time she has come home relaxed and content, I will definitely recommend Alyson to everyone.

Karen Davies, October 2020

My little rescue Charlie is not a fan of the dryer but Alyson is always so patient with him I would never go anywhere else

Samantha Phillips, October 2020

Best groomers around wouldn't go anywhere else

Sally Adams, October 2020

Alyson and her partner have a true calling in grooming our beloved pets. Our dog Bella always comes back smelling devine and perfectly groomed, nothing is too much trouble and the show love to all animals. I recommend Alyson to everyone that has a pet that needs grooming or anything that needs doing. Alyson has become a good friend along the way, and our Bella loves going there.

Harriet Bennett, October 2020

Lovely people and lovely place for dogs

Vanessa Powell, October 2020

Amazing groomer Charlie loves going there, such a friendly place 100% recommend

Lisa Mort, October 2020

Alyson is brilliant with my bella 'little Yorkshire terrier' she gets so excited when we are just by the shop she always gets a warm welcome with such love always amazing cut and smells lush when I pick her up.

Grace Griffiths, October 2020

My mini schnauzer hates a groom and becomes a nervous wreck. Over the years we have taken her to many different places. Since finding Alyson’s k9 grooming I have peace of mind that Mili is in safe and loving care. Mili is still nervous but she’s getting much better and I know this is down to the trust she has for her groomers. True dog lovers

Sarah Robinson, October 2020

My dog has never liked being groomed but at Alyson’s k9 grooming they take such good care of him . They are so welcoming and friendly and care about the dogs above all else. He always comes out tail wagging looking and smelling wonderful.

Lynda Coleman, October 2020

They are always so welcoming and my dog loves them. Friendliest groomers without a doubt

Maureen Brooks, October 2020

I’m 75 and these are Best groomers I've ever used with all the dogs I've had through my lifetime

Maisy Griffiths, October 2020

Fantastic groomers with the dogs wellbeing and happiness as their main concern. My dog is always well looked after, Restraints aren’t used, they don’t use cages and Im always welcomed to stay if I wanted to do so. This place goes above and beyond.

Lisa Dennis, October 2020

Very friendly, no restraints or cages and they let me stay with my dog

Andrew Reynolds, October 2020

Alyson and Gareth are great with my spaniels. Would never take them anywhere else

Helen Maroon, October 2020

Very welcoming and kind caring people. My dog comes out happy

Mike Francis, October 2020

Excellent job every time and friendly

Rhiannon Salisbury, September 2020

Lola has been a few times now and she never shows a problem going to Alyson. She gets lots of fuss and pampering, just they way it should be

Kimberley Howell, September 2020

My dog always gets treated so well when he visits Alysons, they don’t tie him up to groom him and they play with him and make it a fun experience. Very reliable and very friendly

Kieran Bell, September 2020

Nice people and great with my dogs

Kelly Reynolds, September 2020

They are such genuine caring people. I have been taking my dogs to them for 7 years, the no restraints and no cages is excellent and I can stay if I want to.

Gregory Davies, September 2020

Friendly and reliable

Aimee Harries, September 2020

My dog enjoys going to see these guys as he loves all the food and treats he gets, which is great as he hates being groomed. Brilliant place

Andrew Lint, September 2020

First class

Joe Thomas, September 2020

Well run business, had to wait a while for an appointment but can see why, very knowledgable and the care they show the dogs is truly outstanding

Bethany Benton, September 2020

My dogs love going

Maria Benton, September 2020

This is how all groomers should run their business. Lovely kind caring people too

Karen Scott, September 2020

Lovely people very caring and my dog enjoys it there

Helena Miles, September 2020

Very welcoming and fantastic with my dog

David Francis, September 2020

Very accommodating and groom my 2 with a lot of patience and care. I stay every time and so they also have me to put up with. Couldn’t wish for better

Danielle Rowep, September 2020

Alyson’s K9 Grooming is by far the best groomers in the area for so many reasons, most importantly they put my dog first, his happiness and his safety. Plus he always comes out having been groomed exactly as I ask and smelling amazing. He is well and truly spoilt rotten there !!

Naomi Job, September 2020

Animal lovers and compassionate. They live your dogs and treat them like their own . They will put your dog first and it’s a stress free environment

Anthony Evans, September 2020

I can’t find a bad thing to say about caring and loves the animals that come to her...the animals come first always and in every way...

Natalie Richards, September 2020

Absolutely amazing, can't recommend them enough.

Rachel Ball, September 2020

There’s about 5 groomers nearer than Alysons that I know of and probably more but I take my Dennis to Alyson which is 45mins away, because she doesn’t tie him up and she allows me to stay with him, he hates the dryer so she doesn’t fully dry him and treats him really well. They do all my appointments months ahead so I can definitely be there every 6 weeks as they get booked up and my Dennis would never go anywhere else.

Kirsten Lovell, September 2020

Brilliant groomers, best by far. Always happy, always welcoming, they always let me stay and they are so patient with my dog it’s lovely to see

Mike Donaldson, September 2020

Only groomers that will let you stay and who don’t make your dog get dried

Mark Thomas, September 2020

Wouldn’t take mine anywhere else and she does my cats and rabbits nails too

Pam Wright, September 2020

Fabulous people who love what they do

Julie Thomas, September 2020

Very friendly, my 3 dogs are always happy and well cared for there, lovely groomers.

Kelly Rees, September 2020

The best groomers I've been to for friendliness and compassion shown to my dogs

Dan Kiley, September 2020

Can not fault them

Mel Bryant, September 2020

Friendliest and most caring groomers

Lucy Harries, September 2020

Alyson and her partner are amazing with my little dog. She is so nervous but she loves seeing them.

Sharron Cuthbert, September 2020

They care for my dog just as much as I do. No cages just as it should be

Allison James, September 2020

Most friendly dog groomers, they made my nervous dog very calm and feel very loved

Lisa Riley, September 2020

Alison is the most caring friendly loving person. I recently lost my dog and Alison has given me so much support during such a difficult time.. she is not only a dog groomer she is an amazing person!!

Linda Riley, September 2020

They go above and beyond to make you feel welcome, and they look after my dog so well he loves them

Angela Davies, September 2020

Very friendly and fantastic groomers

Lisa Jones, September 2020

Really great service can’t fault them

Jason Dunn, September 2020

They are the kindest people I've met. Great service

Fern Piper, September 2020

The best care you could ever wish for

Louisa Nicholls, September 2020

The only groomers that I have been to that allows owners to stay. They also don’t tie your dogs up or put them in cages. Iv been to a few groomers as Iv lived in different areas in uk and none of them have been like these.

They are so upfront and honest about everything and that’s what you want when it comes to caring for your babies. They look great and smell divine too

Julie Gough, September 2020

Not enough stars been coming here for 3 years and we get the same experience and groom all the time fantastic service.

Holly Anttern, September 2020

My 2 dogs really really hate the dryers, and who can blame them. Alyson doesn’t force them to be dried, which is fantastic and my dogs are so much happier because of it

Josh Kilpatrick, September 2020

Amazing with my dog

Anne Hattering, September 2020

This is what all dogs groomers should be run like

Judith Thomas, September 2020

My dog loves it here they are very friendly caring patient knowledgable people I can’t say enough

Greg Taylor, September 2020

First class professional caring

Corey Todd, September 2020

Our family dog has been going to Alyson for 7 years.

Leah Marsh, September 2020

Love these guys!

Beverly Long, September 2020

Great service friendly and knowledgable staff.

Rosalin Bekin, September 2020

Helpful and very kind people

Helen Bekin, September 2020

First class friendly service

Jack Peterson, September 2020

Excellent excellent

Phoebe Ball, September 2020

My little Betty hates the groomers but she tolerates Alyson & Gareth which is amazing, as she has bitten all the other groomers I tried before. So I’m so happy they can groom her, she’s been going here for 4 years now

Rees Eves, September 2020


Lucy Day, September 2020

Amazing groomers

Joanna Sykes, September 2020

Best groomers Iv used, so welcoming and very caring with my dog

Melanie Hinkerman, September 2020

These should run a training school for more dog groomers to learn their ways as Iv got friends living in England who would love for their groomers to do what they do . My boys are always so well looked after I stay with them sometimes. Always happy leaving there too

Rhiannon Manson, September 2020

Wish they would open one in Cardiff . I live up that way but My mum lives in Carmarthen so every 8 weeks I stop off in Swansea for my little Lou to have a groom, I have been doing this for the last 4 years. I would never use a groomers that cage Lou or tie her up on the table she would be petrified

Lisa Jacobs, September 2020

Can’t recommend enough great service friendly.

Ian Donald, September 2020

Great service and happy dog

Marie Pinder-Thomas, September 2020

We have an Alaskan malamute & a German Sheperd. They are always well looked after and they take videos and photos of them being groomed. Sometimes we stay with them. We love that they don’t make them stand on a high table. They groom them on the floor which they much prefer and they lay down stretched out whilst being brushed out. They are not fans of the dryers so they do what they let them do and leave them slightly damp which is fine as I would never want them stressed just for the sake of getting dry. They always look and smell fantastic. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth Snell, September 2020

My 4 dogs don’t mind waking in to see alyson & Gareth and they are always happy playing when I return to pick them up. Glad I found them

Sharan Davies, September 2020

Lovely people

Lara Johanson, September 2020

Professional and very caring. My dog enjoys going

Cheryl Bentley, September 2020

If these guys ever finish grooming when my dog is still alive I would end up grooming her myself, there would be no way after past experiences at other groomers would I be taking her anywhere else.

Adele Jones, September 2020

They so deserve this award again. This is how a dog groomers should be run

Kath Evans, September 2020

They make you feel very at home and relaxed. The atmosphere is calm and friendly. I bring my dog every 4 weeks, sometimes I stay and sometimes if I have things to do I leave her and come back, I know she is always well looked after and they only take an hour. No cages and no restraints is a genius idea. There’s 2 of them that look after each dog and there are no other dogs there apart from yours. This is the way dogs should be treated with the live and respect they deserve. Well done guys you deserve another year as the uks friendliest groomers without a doubt

Tina Dean, September 2020

I stay with my 2 dogs when they are groomed. This is the friendliest environment I have ever been in. Such lovely happy people, and my dogs always look great

Hollie Rogers, September 2020

Wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere else. Been going here for 6 years

Lucy May, September 2020

Charlie our shitzu hates the bath but I know they look after him well when he’s with them as he’s always fine when I pick him up. Other places when I used to pick him up he would be shaking

Mark Weekes, September 2020

Lovely people and they do a great job grooming my dog

Denise Adams, September 2020

The only groomers EVER to have asked us with we wanted to stay with our dogs

Kirk Adams, September 2020

I’m blown away every time at how professional, welcoming, happy and caring people they are! There needs to be more people like this in the world, they love their job and it shines through. Also The attention and kindness they show my dogs is amazing. They both hate the dryers but I would rather take them home wet than take them to a groomers where they get stressed out cause they tie them up and dry them regardless.

Ceri Dodd, September 2020

They genuinely care about your dog. These guys should start a chain of groomers. They have created the future for dog grooming

Luke John, September 2020

I agree with the rest of the reviews. This is the way dog groomers should be

Russ Fuller, September 2020

Alyson's K9 grooming is all about the dogs coming first.

Eddie and Carly Kenrik, September 2020

We love taking our dogs to alyson, they always get really spoilt with treats and food and they always come home smelling and looking amazing. But More important than anything they are always happy coming out and not at all stressed

Kat Germin, September 2020

The best

Sean Bright, September 2020

Only dog groomers we will go to, book our dates ahead for the year

Rachel Malpus, September 2020

Amazing place. Very patient and caring also very clean for a dog groomers too

Kirsten Bell, September 2020

Lovely people and lovely to the dogs that visit. All the other reviews say it all really

Gemma Jones, September 2020

Excellent with my dog no cages no restraints

Rob Carter, September 2020

This is the way all dog groomers should operate. Fantastic

Hanna Martin, September 2020

They are extremely patient with my 2 nutty dogs

Huw Williams, September 2020







......list could go on and on

Laura Summers, September 2020

Lovely friendly service and fantastic groom for my dog

Denise Barrett, September 2020

My dog used to hate the mobile groomer coming he used to run and hide and be shaking when they came to collect him. But he walks into see alyson & her partner with no problems or any shaking. They have so much time for your dog, they are the friendliest groomers most definitely

Gill Lowe, September 2020

Our 3 dogs love them

Grace Hughs, September 2020

Always such a lovely caring experience.

Wayne Trueman, September 2020

The best groomers we have taken our 9 year old spaniel to

Rachel Moore, September 2020

Excellent & very kind service. Alyson and Gareth amazing with my old lab

Rhian Barrette, August 2020

Lovely place great service friendly staff.

Caroline Fisher, August 2020

Superb service

Melanie Bic, August 2020

Lovely friendly people and my dogs love them. We can’t walk past without them wanting to go in and see them

Mike Dodd, August 2020

Very professional & reliable

Kirsten Dodd, August 2020

Love them, the way they are with the dogs is fantastic

Sharon Davies, August 2020

The only groomers I will take my dog to

Steven Collins, August 2020

These guys are brilliant

Alanna Collins, August 2020

A very unique groomers. Alyson has such a connection with dogs which it really is amazing.

Margaret Griffiths, August 2020

Brilliant groomers and treats our dogs like babies,they get really spoilt there.Mabli loves them both

alison Job, August 2020

Iv tried quiet a few dog groomers around Swansea and llanelli area . And i definitely recommend Alyson k9 grooming . They are the best and will continue to go back every 6 weeks . You can tell that they not in it for just the money they love their job and our pets are in good caring hands . 100%

Marilyn Jones, August 2020

Patient, caring, attentive to dog's individual needs and traits, offers lots of advice and help for looking after the dog's coat too.

Joanne Tucker, August 2020

It's such a caring groomers no cages or restraints Max loves going there because he is spoilt!! They are so lovely with the dogs I'd never go anywhere else x

Mair Owen, August 2020

Alyson is our very own dog whisperer. The connection and intuition she demonstrates to each dog and their needs is wonderful to witness. Alyson would be an amazing role model for many, many groomers, to the benefit of their doggy clients.

Michael Fox, August 2020

Top class service.

Nothing is too much for them to do.. dogs welfare comes first..always advise owners what they believe is best for the dog..Mitzi always comes away happy and well groomed and cared for.

Lorna Coates, August 2020

Max didn't like been groomed until he came to you but I can see how happy he is after been with you thanks x

Madelene Kostromin, August 2020

Alyson is really friendly, kind , caring and patient with my little lola who is always a little anxious . She comes out happy and looking beautiful x

Albert Palm, August 2020

They treat every animal with love and care and even the human family gets treated nicely.

Alex Smith, August 2020

So incredibly patient

Mark Steadman, August 2020

Lovely people, they are so caring, my dogs love them

Patricia Long, August 2020

We love going to see alyson & Gareth with my German Sheperds. They always look and smell amazing after and the treatment they have while they are there is top notch. Best groomers my boys have ever been to.

Anthea Phillips, August 2020

Always a friendly welcome and cuddles for Honey (the dog)

Sheila Johns, August 2020

First time at this groomers last week. I had heard great things so I waited for an appointment for 3 months. I’m so glad I waited, I was allowed to stay with my little dog. I found out He wasn’t keen on the dryer as I stayed and saw first hand for myself and I was never told this at other groomers. He was happy I was there and after the groom he was fine, normally he ignores me for a couple of days after a groom but he was fine this time

Peter Jones, August 2020

Taken my boy to alyson for the first time. What a difference to other groomers clean friendly and caring.

Kelly Bambra, August 2020

Very helpful and caring

Peter Silick, August 2020

Really well run and they look after your dog exceptionally well

David Treharn, August 2020

First class friendly caring & knowledgable service

Francesca Rowlands, August 2020

We first used alyson 3 years ago and it was the best thing we have done. Our dog loves going to see her and Gareth, we stay with her and she is so much calmer. She used to sulk for days after being groomed before.

Jack Walton, August 2020

Fantastic service

Kirsty Fisher, August 2020

My dogs are very nervous so the environment alyson provides is perfect

Natalie Huggleston, August 2020

Friendly & professional

Michelle Stevens, August 2020

Highly recommended, they are the best groomers Iv used

Helena Paton-ayre, August 2020

The amount of support these guys have got is unbelievable, they are loved for what they do and their professionalism and care shines through. Our whole family, brothers sisters, parents, grandparents all take our dogs to Alysons, there’s 15 dogs in total. Also neighbours with dogs and friends plus everyone we speak to all seem to take their dogs here too. We all have to prebook appointments for the year. But once you have met them and been there you understand why they are so popular. Fantastic people and fantastic service, they shine far above the rest

Graham Hill, August 2020

Nicest people you could ever meet

Linda Hill, August 2020

We take our rescue dogs to alyson & Gareth every 8 weeks. Why don’t all groomers run things like them ? We stay with our dogs whilst they are being groomed, there’s no other dogs there and they are soooo friendly it’s unreal. 5 stars is not enough

Tom Smith, August 2020

Great people and great service

Glyn Davies, August 2020

Very friendly and nothing is too much for them. Alyson & Gareth are just the best

Haley Thomas, August 2020

My nervous Millie has come to alyson after a bad experience in another groomer. Alyson is very gentle and I like the fact there no dogs waiting around in cages she doesn’t tie them up as well which is a big plus .

Lynda Davies, August 2020

Great people

Ryan Walters, August 2020

Excellent customer service and really clean.

Harry Paton, August 2020

Professional caring and reliable, oh and extremely friendly

Mike Osbourne, August 2020

Myself and my wife live in Cardiff and we take our 2 dogs to alyson every 8 weeks. We have been using her services for 4 years now. She is the kindest and most honest person we have met and only want the best for our dogs

Angela Osbourne, August 2020

First class professional service, yet extremely friendly, helpful & reliable

Andy Williams, August 2020

No cages. No restraints. They let owners stay. They are always happy professional and caring

Sophie Williams, August 2020

No other groomers run their business like Alyson does, but they should.

Lyn Burrows, August 2020

The reviews speak for them selves. Not enough stars

Hilary Parish, August 2020

Very happy friendly people . Definitely deserve to win the award again

Gemma Henderson, August 2020

Myself and my partner take our dogs here as do all of my family and my partners family. We are are tremendously grateful for the patience and love this woman shows our dogs. She’s amazing

Adriana Banik, August 2020

Clean, smart & fresh salon, lovely kind caring people. Wouldn’t take our dogs anywhere else.

Jayne Evans, August 2020

Been going to alyson for 5 years she’s amazing with my dogs

Michelle Jones, August 2020

Both Alyson and Gareth love to dogs and have a gentle and caring approach, you can even stay while.your pet id being groomed which is great if they are very anxious, they dont tether the animals either and do one pet at a time.

Elsa Partridge, August 2020

My Shitzus love them

Anthony Ricco, August 2020

Friendly polite and caring

Ian Curtice, August 2020

Fantastic place been using alyson for years

Will Pinder, August 2020

Myself and my wife love taking our chow chows Meg & Mog to see alyson & Gareth. We are soon getting a 3rd chow chow so hopefully they will have room to fit another one in

Geriant Huggleston, August 2020

Friendly and welcoming, I love going to see them as much as my dog does

Staffano Ricci, August 2020

We all LOVE Alyson

Kelsey Sparrow, August 2020

By far the best in the area

Loren Davies, August 2020

Excellent professional service

Hilary Bateman, August 2020

Best groomers I've ever taken my dogs to. They don’t tie them up or put them in cages, they are just the best

Jemma Lowry, August 2020

The best and the most patient groomers we have been to

Clair Roberts, August 2020

Alyson is so great with my dog misty who hates being groomed. She's a lovely person with a real love for all animals.

Sophie James, August 2020

Highly recommended. Our dog is always well looked after. And we are always allowed to wait with him

Bethan James, August 2020

Our 15 year old dog goes for his groom here. He’s blind and deaf, they always take such good care. Lovely people

Sarah Thomas, August 2020

Lovely place, they take very good care of our old dog

Mel Knipe, August 2020

The BEST groomers I've ever taken my dogs to. No cages, they don’t tie them up and only one dog in at a time unless they are from same family. They allow people to stay with their dogs too. All dog groomers should take a leaf out of their book! Just amazingly thought out

Kath Knipe, August 2020

Friendly and caring

Becky Rees, August 2020

Excellent groomers

Rosa Ricci, August 2020

Family groomer,,,,excellent

Jane Keeping, August 2020

Alyson’s k9 Grooming goes above what is expected of a groomer you can stay and look first hand what goes on .

Simone Harvey, August 2020

The only groomer my dog walks in to see with no problem. He’s hated going to every other groomers we have tried, but loves seeing alyson

Joseph Peters, August 2020

We travel from Bristol to alyson for our dog to be groomed every 8 weeks. And have been going here for 6 years

Grace Andrews, August 2020

My dog always looks and smells amazing coming out and HAPPY which is great cause he’s very nervous normally and hated going to other groomers but at Alysons he is much better

Ollie Collins, August 2020

Most friendliest people I've ever met

Hallie Weekes, August 2020

Fabulous groomers would highly recommend. Very friendly and compassionate

Kelly Knipe, August 2020

We have been taking our family pet to alyson for a year now , we are happy with the service provided

Hayley & Sharon Howells, August 2020

We love it here we always wait with our dogs

Matthew Webb, August 2020

My dog always looks great and enjoys going and rest of my familys dogs go here too. Wouldn’t go anywhere else

Sandra Webb, August 2020

Great service every time and friendly staff

Samantha Davies, August 2020

My dog hates the dryer and this is the only dog groomers I've been to that doesn’t force him into getting dried

Marilyn Price, August 2020

The best groomers I've used, patient beyond belief

Tanya Morris, August 2020

What can I say ....these people are so so very good at what they do! I wish they were my vets, very professional, extremely patient, caring & friendly

Christina Clarkson, August 2020

Our cocker spaniel Loves going here they are so patient and treat her like their own

Carol Jones, August 2020

Alyson treats our 5 dogs like her own they absolutely love her

Helen Knipe, August 2020

My dog is always happy going there

Denise Horton, August 2020

Lovely place my dog enjoys going

Rhiannon Morgan, August 2020

Excellent service and kind people

Sam Philips, August 2020

So kind to my dog he loves them

Mike Gough, August 2020

Fantastic service friendly staff very clean . In fact spotlessly clean

Josie pryor, August 2020

Our 2 yorkies enjoy going to see alyson which is lovely to see and they always leave happy, that’s never been the case with last groomers we have used. Been going here 6 years and the service is still of a very high standard

Kaylee Wright, August 2020

Love it and so do our dog

Phil Pride, August 2020

Great place and great people

Karen Wright, August 2020

Such an amazing environment. No other dog groomers like them anywhere

Sean Wentberth, August 2020

We always prebook for the year as they are always fully booked. A our friends and family use them. Great place

Jack Evans, August 2020

Very nice to bring our dog here clean and staff are really friendly

Angelo Rossi, August 2020

Been using alyson for 7 years. We are always very pleased with our dogs. They always come out very happy too

Billie Jones, August 2020

Really great place

Rachel Evans, August 2020

The best groomer we have used. We have been taking our 3 cavashons to alyson for 2 years now. They come out looking lovely but best and more importantly of all they come out happy. They used to come home petrified and out of sorts for hours after other groomers. Alyson and her staff are amazing

Gary Peters, August 2020

My dog is so relaxed coming here it’s not like any other groomers around .

Hilary Donovan, August 2020

We love them and the dogs love them

Aimee Jones, August 2020

Lovely to us and our dog

Steve Fisher, August 2020

Excellent service every time

Danni Davies, August 2020

We love going there and watching our dog being groomed

Gary Fielding, August 2020

Very pleasant, knowledgable, patient, caring and highly skilled

Lee Webber, August 2020

My dogs always look great coming out and are always happy

Danielle Rowe, August 2020

My dog has been going to Alyson for a number of years. Firstly he would not stay at any other groomers without crying! Now he comes out of there relaxed and excited. I am happy leaving him there knowing his needs are being put first and there is nothing Alyson will not do for him

Additionally Alyson has only ever had one dog in the salon at a time with the doors always locked so he is safe and secure. Pre covid there were loads of toys etc for cubby to play with. Not there are extra treatments if we wish to add to a basic groom too, blueberry facial, paw scrub, to name a few. Alyson also offers a platter of dog treats now now which cubby devoured. As I say it’s all about cubby, which is how is should be x

Melissa Jones, August 2020


Rita Evans, August 2020

Lovely people

Helen Fisher, August 2020

They take very good care of my dog

Carley Evans, August 2020

Alyson is the most amazing groomer, patient kind and caring

Gaynor Thomas, August 2020

Friendly people with a real love for dogs

Emma James, August 2020

My favourite groomers ever

Karen Warner, August 2020

Best groomers Iv used

Linda Jones, August 2020

Alyson doesn’t do enough for you taut me how to trim my dog on lock down over the net

Helena Graham, August 2020

Lovely lovely people

Charlee Morgan, August 2020

Very kind to my dog

Anna Davies, August 2020

No cages & no restraints

They let customers stay

Each dog has own appointment

Caring and patient

Gino Giovanni, August 2020

They take very good care of my dogs

Tina Quinn, August 2020

My dogs love going to Alyson she’s so good with them

Tom Gwinnett, August 2020

Fantastic service and really great people

Eirlys Howells, August 2020

Very friendly and Happy place .

Love their jobs too.

Alison Hole, August 2020

Wouldn’t trust my dogs with anyone else, they are given the same amount of attention, fuss & cuddles as if they were their own pets and with one who loves mud & anything stinky and another that follows her big brother Alyson & Gareth have their hands full.

Leanne Ashford, August 2020

Best groomers I've ever taken my dogs to, been going here 4 years now. Lovely people

Louise Landek, August 2020

The friendliest and most patient groomers I’ve met in the last 8 years. My dog has been terrified of grooms after a bad experience and they’ve made it incredibly calming for him & he comes away very happy and looking amazing!

Gemma Watkins, August 2020

We visited alyson after a bad experience with groomers and she has fully restored our faith. She is so good with our boy and he loves her. Good luck alyson you deserve this x

Susan Morgan, August 2020

Professional, kind, most friendly. My little shiztu the most nervous dog ever, loves her groom and special treatment. Alyson is a godsend..

Holly Mathias, August 2020

They are so kind they deserve this award again

Sylvia Jones, August 2020


Grace Pinder, August 2020

They are so accommodating they let me stay in the salon when they groom my 2 chow chows, lovely people

Grant Evans, August 2020

Great people and they can’t do enough for you

Jodie Llewelyn, August 2020

They let us stay with our dog and watch him being groomed, they don’t tie him up or force him to be dried as he hates it. Absolutely deserve this award

Collette Lowry, August 2020

Alyson is the most caring & patient person I think I've ever met. She deserves a medal putting up with my 3 dogs

Ronnie Griffin, August 2020

Been taking my dog there for many years excellent service

Jamie John, August 2020


Millie Scott, August 2020

Brilliant groomers and such nice caring patient people

Megan Weekes, August 2020

Great place my dog loves going

Carley Lane, August 2020

Very very patient and caring

Tracey Davies, August 2020


Anne-marie Huggleston, August 2020

We have been using Alyson every 6-8 weeks for the last 7 years. She is amazing with dogs so much patience and totally deserves to win this award again

Emma Rees, August 2020

First time i took my very anxious and clingy dog there they were brilliant. At the end my dog let alyson hold her which is a first

Louisa Smith, August 2020

Excellent service every time and my dogs always look & smell amazing

Hannah Evans, August 2020

We take our dog to alyson every 6 weeks. They are always so spoilt when they are there they love it

Amy Abraham, August 2020

We have taken our dog here since he was a small pup. They are also so friendly and care so much about the dog. There are no harnesses or restraints. They spend time talking and playing with the dog too. He enjoys going and it's lovely to be able to stay while he's being groomed too

Helen Hopkins, August 2020

Patience care and attention they take to each dog is wonderful to see. They bring out all their little personalities and take time to make each dog feel relaxed and happy.

Elsia Newman, August 2020

She is so loving towards all the fur babies. Mine was very nervous but Alyson was so loving and caring he was like a different dog. She took the time to play with him as well.

Natalie Evans, August 2020

Alyson is amazing! Caring and passionate about her job! She treats my dog like she was her own. No cages, harnesses or massive dryers! The best there is.

Hayley Punchard, August 2020

I wouldn't take my Pugs to anyone else. Alyson and Gareth are amazing with them. My dogs actually enjoy going there to be groomed whereas my male Pug used to get very stressed going to other groomers. My female Pug has been going to them since she was 11 weeks old. I couldn't rate them highly enough.

Rhian Howells, August 2020

So friendly and helped my very nervous dog x

Kevin Mort, August 2020

We love going here with our dogs

Rhiannon Faulkner, August 2020

My dog was so nervous having anyone around him after being unwell. Alysons dog groomers made him at ease and he absolutely loves going there for his pampers.

They even offer gourmet treats !

Stephen Charles, August 2020

They are simply, very very good!!

Vanessa Vaughan, August 2020

They are so lovely, friendly, welcoming and they treat our dogs like their own. No restraints or cages. If the dog isn't happy about something during the grooming process. Alyson will adapt to make sure they are not stressed out or unhappy. The pooches smell absolutely gorgeous coming out of there too. Thank you.

Karen James, August 2020

Super friendly welcome! Innovative ideas including a menu for dogs!! The nicest people who really care about the dogs they groom. Simply pawfect!!

Paul Collins, August 2020

The guys are amazing at what they do, and always put whatever dog they are with to the top of their priorities the atmosphere is amazing for Doug especially when Joey is putting a shift in. thank you guys for everything x

Gemma Williamson, August 2020

Hendricks loves going to see Alyson and always leaves looking and smelly delicious!

Anthony Wilson, August 2020

Always been the place I have used and always will be. Doug is so relaxed there and with them allowing us to stay with him, makes the experience pleasant for both parties. Both of them working there speak to you as friends and always ask how you are. Pleasure supporting not only a local business but a groomer that really does care.

Caroline Bennett, August 2020

My dog cant travel in the car, we think he has ptsd after an accident... Alyson came to our house to clip his claws.. he's a busy playful boy but she was so patient with him and let him do his thing at his pace.. Im very thankful to have found her.

Anna Staddon, August 2020

Fantastic groomers I’d never take our dog anywhere else

Judith Fisher, August 2020

Lovely clean place, excellent grooming skills and very friendly and caring

Sarah Joseph, August 2020

One to one grooming. No leads or restraints. Very friendly and great people. You can tell instantly that they are dog lovers and take pride in their work. They also offer pamper sessions and more x

Louise russ, August 2020

she always goes above and beyond and I feel at ease everytime I leave him there as she looks after him so well, he looks amazing everyime he leaves. shes the best.

Stacey Gilll-rowe, August 2020

Best groomers around so kind and caring!!

Beverley Evans, August 2020

Alyson's K9 Grooming is the best , my boy use to shake and refuse to go inside other groomer's that he's been too , but with Alyson he walks in and I have no problems with him foaming at the mouth and 100% no shacking. They treat him like 1 of their own ... highly recommend them

Kay Evans, August 2020

Patient, kind and caring. No cages, no drying boxes, nobody else in the groomers with you (human or canine). Can stay and watch if you like (social distancing permitting).

Loren Evans, August 2020

Friendly kind and accommodating

Rhian Jones, August 2020

Amazing service

Martin Coleman, August 2020


Emily James, August 2020

We’ve been using them with our dog the last 3 years and they are amazing. You can tell that they are animal lovers

Jane Cummings, August 2020

Alyson and Gareth are so gentle with my 14 year old, blind spaniel. We are so lucky to have found them.

Carolyn West, August 2020

Wouldn't take my boy anywhere else. Very friendly and extremely understanding of his nervous nature. Highly recommend.

Angharad Aspland, August 2020

So friendly and nothing is to much for them my dogs go in happy and come out happy looking great

Julie Jones, August 2020

They are amazing, genuinely care for your beautiful fur babies

Caroline Smith, August 2020

Very patient, professional and kind people, no restraints used, only one dog in at a time and we can stay with our dog. Only do what the dog is happy with. Our rescue dog had a tough start in life but she trusted them straight away. We wouldn't go anywhere else. Great communication via their Facebook page too.

Emma Graham, August 2020

They are fantastic with my dogs, other groomers couldn’t groom them, patience of a saint . Just amazing

Anthony Lake, August 2020

When we take our Casper to her Alyson is totally amazing

Kyle Mitchell, August 2020

My dog loves them

Harmony Stevens, August 2020

Excellent service and lovely caring people

Carol Davies, August 2020

Very very very patient young lady

Jess Mainwaring, August 2020

They allow people to stay with their dogs when they are being groomed. They don’t cage or use restrains. They are always so patient and happy. Amazing people

Luke Williams, August 2020

Amazing place

Emily McCarthy, August 2020

Friendly and caring my dog enjoys going there and looks amazing leaving

Paul Hiscock, August 2020

So compassionate with the dog and very friendly.

Ruth Saunders, August 2020

Patient and caring

Kelly Richards, August 2020

Brilliant service, our dog loves it there.

Carole Farrell, August 2020

My dog isn't a lover of a groom but Alyson is so patient with her I am amazed at the results.

Shelley Vaughan, August 2020

We have a very nervous dog and we have had difficulty finding a groomer she likes. Well we found Alyson's k9 Grooming and bingo all sorted. Piper has been going there approx 1 yr now and they are excellent with her. They offer a huge range of services and make sure your dog is happy and relaxed at all times. Never go anywhere else now.

Judith Evans, August 2020

They are fab with our little Ruby, she always comes home smelling lovely and looking just perfect

lena Ali, August 2020

Friendly ...kind and caring my dog loves going for a groom with alison she spoils the dogs .

loraine Jones, August 2020

Alyson has always been a fantastic groomer but she excelled during lockdown with her hints and tips on how to keep our fur babies groomed and happy until we could get back to her

Leanne Jones, August 2020

They are excellent with all their doggy clients, dogs can roam free as no cages are on site, makes the dogs feel relaxed and welcomed.

Rhian Beetlestone, August 2020

Amazing with my dog who suffers with anxiety!

Phil Howells, August 2020

Simply the best, treats every dog with so much care. Alyson’s approach is like no other and a look at her previous Facebook posts will tell you everything about Alyson. No harnessing, no cage dryers.

Hallie Thomas, August 2020

The best there is

Emma Thomas, August 2020

They are amazing! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Nicola Broadbent, August 2020

Alyson, is friendly caring & very attentive. She is literally the best!!!

Leanne Lok, August 2020

They're so good with my rescue terrier, Max and have been so caring in getting him used to being groomed. They're so knowledgeable, professional and friendly.

Sally Rowlands, August 2020

I've been taking both my dogs to be groomed by Alyson for a couple of years .She is absolutely fantastic, cuts are always fabulous and I know my dogs are 100% safe with her .

Ian Smith, August 2020

They are brilliant with our very nervous rescue dog. They always take time and make sure she is happy. They are very happy to let us stay with our dog.

Debbie Griffiths, August 2020

So friendly and happy to help. Great with dogs of all breeds.

Pauline Kenvin, August 2020

The 2 of them are soo kind.the dogs have 5star treatment and surroundings.

lisa morris, August 2020

alyson and Gareth treat the pets as if they are their own.

The groomers is immaculate, they don't cage the dogs and they don't force the dogs to be dried by a hair dryer if they are frightened.

I wouldnt take my dog anywhere else

Hayley Evans, August 2020

Both of my cavachons go to Alyson every 8 weeks. She is amazing with them both, she has all the patience in the world with them as they aren't too keen on being groomed. She gives them all the attention and proper care, amazing service

Gemma Ward, August 2020

Just fantastic, being a new puppy owner last year, Alyson made me and my puppy at ease when getting groomed, couldn’t recommend them enough, they seem to love each and every animals that goes in to the shop which is so lovely to see, many groomers are doing in for the money but not them

Kirsty Allen, August 2020

Always go above and beyond for my nanna and her two gremlins ?

joanna williams, August 2020

alyson has and is the best groomer in swansea. She has been so patient with my two dogs cant thank her enough

Sarah Rees, August 2020

I take my dog Cali there and they are so professional and lovely and care so much about the dogs

Rhiannon Smith, August 2020

The most amazing dog groomers I know! So gentle and loving with my dog, and no restraints or giving him to be dried if he doesn't like it. Would never go anywhere else !

Lisa Lewis, August 2020

Alyson and Gareth are

amazing, the love they have for each animal clearly shows in the way they treat our fur baby, heck I might even go there for a groom myself, service and snacks worthy of a mitchelin

Abi Rice, August 2020

Super friendly, accommodating, reassuring and so dog focused! They love our dogs just as much as we do... they always give the warmest most loving welcome and our dogs always leave pampered, cut beautifully and most of all calm because of the environment Alyson provides. Would recommend to anyone!!

Rebecca Hiscock, August 2020

Very friendly, compassionate about the dogs goes the extra mile x

Sarah Howells, August 2020

Fabulous groomers

Nicola Jones, August 2020

Genuinely the most friendly pet loving groomers. I will not go anywhere else

John Stilwell, August 2020

Impressive place

Tracy Morgan, August 2020

Fab groomers

Kelsey Dodd, August 2020

All my family take our dogs to Alyson. There’s about 12 dogs all together between us all. Alyson is the most patient caring person I have ever met

Melanie Staddon, August 2020

Alyson is amazing. She is the only groomer I know of who lets people stay.

Mike Bates, August 2020

Very reliable and professional. Dogs always look amazing coming out and they are always happy.

Caroline Moore, August 2020

Lovely caring people I would never go anywhere else

Catlin Edwards, August 2020

My dog always looks lovely

Chris Edwards, August 2020

Great people and great service

Ron Davies, August 2020

friendly People and always do a great job, And always very welcoming you can tell they enjoy their job which is nice to see not many people like that around

Rachel Phillips, August 2020

My little shitzu loves them

Sarah Cole, August 2020

Friendly and caring they are the only dog groomers that will allow customers to stay

Helen Lowe, August 2020

Very friendly and always look after my girls really well

Simon White, August 2020

They are 100% the friendliest groomers. Caring people

Sharon Carter, August 2020

They always allow me to stay with my dogs. Lovely people

Kirsten Roberts, August 2020

Where do I start ! They are very friendly , reliable, caring, professional, fantastic groomers, I can’t recommmend enough

Sue Collins, August 2020

They look after my little dog very well he loves going there

Kieran Dodd, August 2020

My dog loves them

Caroline Morgan, August 2020

Friendly people working at Alysons and the best care provided for our dogs

Chris Dodd, August 2020

Our dogs usually hate the groomers but they don’t mind going to Alysons. They are definitely the friendliest groomers and deserve to win for another year

Mary Benjafield, August 2020

Lovely people always a pleasure to take my dogs to them

Jill Watkins, August 2020

I take my 3 dog’s to Alyson every 5 weeks, they love going and they always get spoilt with treats and cuddles. Amazing place

Neil Harries, August 2020

Fantastic . service with a smile and amazing with dogs

Greg Fisher, August 2020


Barbara Davies, August 2020

Lovely people

Ruth Thomas, August 2020

So caring and reliable, always a great service and my dog loves them

Steve Avery, August 2020

Very friendly groomers, always a first class job done and my dog doesn’t mind going there

Mike Bambra, August 2020

Very nice people

Lucy Staddon, August 2020

My dog loves them

Martha Traynor, August 2020

Fabulous groomers very friendly

Sharon Howells, August 2020

They are amazing. They don’t tie your dog up to groom them. They don’t cage your dog. They look after them so well and let you stay with them if you want.

Alison Lewis, August 2020

First class service every time

Carol Fitzgerald, August 2020

They take such good care of our dogs and they always smell and look fantastic

Helen Pride, August 2020

Friendly caring people highly recommend

Melissa Cleaves, August 2020

Lovely people

Emily Traynor, August 2020

My dogs love her

Leigh Webb, August 2020

Best there is

Philip Knipe, August 2020

Always the best service given and dog is always very well looked after. Can't fault them

Mark Davies, August 2020

Great place

Helen Thomas, August 2020

Best groomers I’ve taken my dog to. Extremely friendly can never do enough for you

Denise Howells, August 2020


Rees Mainwaring, August 2020

Friendly and caring

Louise Neil, August 2020

Amazing and very very friendly & Caring

Anna Cartwright, August 2020

I love taking my dogs to Alyson, They are never caged and they are always the only ones with her with the door locked. They love it there and i know they are always safe, they always look fantastic coming from there too.

Helen Evans, August 2020

The friendliest groomer in the UK last year and certainly deserves it again this year. Fantastic service every time

Hannah Thomas, August 2020

Best groomers i've ever been to

Sarah Connor, August 2020

Such a friendly place

Zoe Taylor, August 2020

No cages or restraints,one to one, lets customers stay, offers meals, a range of dog pick n mix and to top it all off they are lovely caring people and my dogs love it there

Lauren Hall, August 2020

Such a friendly groomer, always let's me stay with my dogs