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Exercise off the lead is important for a dog's health and well-being but many owners don't give their dogs the freedom they need, in case they run away, get into trouble, are lost or stolen. Dog Tracker Nano is the most effective solution to the problem. It is small, lightweight, strong and waterproof and can be worn every day by all breeds on a collar or harness, for year round protection.

Nano is an always-on 'live tracker' providing a constant location on your mobile - essential when your dog is lost or stolen and you want to find them quickly; essential for detailed tracking of walks, activity and exercise; and essential for accurate geofences - wherever you are in the UK and abroad

The Dog Tracker Nano app

  • Find your dog with real time streetview and satellite maps, viewcam and compass directions
  • Monitor your dog's daily activity and set exercise goals
  • Set safety zones around your home or current location, with audible alerts on your mobile phone to tell you when your dog goes astray
  • Track your favourite walks with details of time spent, distance and average speed
  • Enter your dog's details and get advice to keep them fit and well

What people are saying

I cannot praise Dog Tracker enough! We used their Plus collar to track our journey around the UK. It never let us down, no matter the weather, or how remote the location. We certainly gave it a workout! The new Nano is perfect for Oscar to Wear every day on our next adventure.

Maggie and Oscar


The Dog Tracker Nano and free app is available on two tariffs like your mobile phone :
Choose either £99 up front plus £6 a month or get a free Nano when you pay £12 a month

Both tarrifs give you unlimited usage in the UK and abroad with a SIM and all fees included,
a 14 day money back guarantee and a no quibble 1 year warranty.

Order before 14th December and get a free Roaming SIM worth £48

A Roaming SIM will give you the best signal when you are in remote areas or travelling abroad. Select the tarrif you want and enter code DFR1412SIM at the checkout. Shipping will start in late November.

  • Fits any dog

  • Weighs only 70g

  • 14 day battery life

  • Audible Alerts

All Nano smart trackers come with a 14 day money back guarantee and a no quibble warranty